Chapter 51 : Fluffy But Deadly


「Uwaaahー! They’re so cute!」(Hart)

Hart’s bright voice echoed through the eastern grassland.

There were more horned rabbits than usual.
Perhaps because they knew that there were people coming.

「Haa… Surely they are kind of cute, but…」(Sara)

Saying that, Sara looked at them with a face as if she was fed up with them.

「There are also horned rabbits near the royal capital, right?」(Vince)

「Yeah, but I could only see them from afar, and I came to Roza by carriage, so I couldn’t see them either when I was on the way.」(Hart)

「Hmm… it seems that only the horned rabbits living here are growing in number.」(Vince)

Vince folded his arms and made a troubled face.

「They are the main problem why people can’t safely go to Demon Mountain. They might be cute, but they can kill you easily if you’re not careful.」(Vince)

「Don’t worry, don’t worry. Ahh~ I wonder if I can tame them~」(Hart)

Being attracted by the rabbits, Hart stepped out of the town barrier.

「Oーi~ Cute Rabbiーts~!」(Hart)

「Oi, Hart! Where are you going!?」(Vince)

As soon as Sara saw him running toward the rabbits, she hurriedly tried to cover him with her barrier, but she couldn’t make it in time.


However, Hart immediately used body strengthening on his arms and made a soft barrier to cover his body.
Then, he hugged the rabbits who tried to attack him.
He turned around to the other party members with a big smile.

「Everyone, look! They’re so cute!」(Hart)

If he only used body strengthening, he would surely be blown away by the impact, but because he also used a soft barrier to cover his body, he could easily catch the rabbits that jumped at him.

「Sara, Allen, you guys wanna hug them? They’re so fluffy!」(Hart)

「No, no, no. Look closely! They’re biting your arms! They are carnivorous, you know!?」(Sara)

「Oi, don’t yell at them too hard! ……Dear, dear~ There’s nothing to be scared of~」(Hart)

「No, no. They’re not scared at all! Rather, they’re angry because you’re holding them.」(Sara)

「A, Ahh… Maybe you’re right…」(Hart)

In the end, Hart released the rabbits after he saw them rampaging.

At that time, everyone except Sara was taken aback and didn’t do anything.
Of course, if Hart seemed to be in danger, they would definitely help him, but he looked so happy when he hugged the rabbits, so they just watched over him without doing anything.

「Hahh….. ‘Invited people’ are crazy…」(Vince)

「I know, right…?」(GM)

Guild Master replied to Vince who was amazed.

「Oi, Hart, don’t get out of formation! If you can’t do what I say, I won’t give you permission to go to Demon Mountain!」(Vince)

「’Kay~ Understood~」(Hart)

「Hahh… The road is not covered by barriers, so the horned rabbits will attack from every direction. Be careful.」(Vince)

「Roger that~」(Hart)

Vince looked at Hart with eyes full of suspicion, wondering if Hart really understood or not.

Then, he looked at Sara and Nelly.

「First, we will walk fast and see if Allen and Hart can keep up with us. Sara, you okay with that?」(Vince)

「Whatever. Even if I say I don’t wanna do this, you will keep persuading me, won’t you?」(Sara)

「Well, yeah.」(Vince)


After smiling to Sara, Vince stood next to Guild Master and looked back at Chris, who was at the very back of the group.

Vince nodded, then he started walking out of the town barrier, leading the group.


Immediately after they were outside the barrier, the horned rabbits attacked them.

Since they were not hunting right now, everyone except Sara and Hart just knocked the rabbits down with their hands.

As for Sara and Hart, they were using their own barrier, so they just have to focus on walking.

Vince’s walking speed was fast, but Sara and the two boys could keep up easily.

「Hart, that’s a barrier, right?」(Allen)

「Barrier? Well, yeah… but ‘barrier’ is a somewhat lame name…」(Hart)

「Huh? So, what do you call it, then?」(Allen)

Hart stretched his arm and made a cool pose.

「Invisible Wall!」(Hart)

「It’s the same thing!」(Sara)

Sara spontaneously launched a tsukkomi.

「But ‘Invisible Wall’ sounds cooler, right?」(Hart)

「No, no. ‘Barrier’ is shorter and easier to say!」(Sara)

「Geez. Name doesn’t matter, right? In the first place, you guys don’t have to say the name to use it.」(Allen)

While having such a conversation, they proceeded smoothly for the first hour, and decided to find an area with an active barrier to take a break.

For Sara, who had been training for more than two years with Nelly, walking fast for an hour was nothing.
But for Hartー

「Hahh… This is… hahh… nothing…」(Hart)

Said Hart as he sat down on the ground while breathing heavily.

Seeing Hart’s back from behind, Sara remembered the first time she trained to walk long distances with Nelly.
At that time, her body was heavy, her feet were in pain, and she got blisters on her heels.

Even though Hart was an ‘invited person’ just like Sara, he still felt tired because he wasn’t used to walking a long distance in the first place.

That’s why it took a full two years of training for Sara to be able to get to Roza.

Moreover, Hart’s way of walking was a little sloppy from Sara’s point of view.
His upper body was leaning forward and he didn’t raise his thighs at all.

What kind of things does he usually do?

「Hart, by the way, how do you usually work as a hunter in the royal capital?」(Allen)

Apparently, Allen also has the same question in his head.

「Umm… I dove into a dungeon with my friends almost every day. Trying various magics there was fun. Other than that, I helped the royal capital kill dragons during the dragon migration season.」(Hart)

「Hooー You participated in the dragons subjugation, huh?」(Vince)

Vince suddenly raised a voice of impression.

「Yeah. And that’s when I became friends with Onee-chan.」(Hart)

「We didn’t become friends, we just worked together.」(Nelly)

As usual, Nelly was cold towards Hart.

「The dungeon in the royal capital, huh…? Did you go to the one outside the town?」(Allen)

「No way. Why do I have to go to a dungeon for beginners? I usually go to the southern dungeon.」(Hart)

「Ah, that one, huh? But it’s far from the city, right?」(Allen)

Since Allen has been in the royal capital, he seems to know the geography of that place.

「Yeah, but I went by carriage from my mansion.」(Hart)

「I see…… Wait, how many hours did you usually spend in that dungeon?」(Allen)

「I went around noon and came back in the evening. Even though I’m an ‘invited person’, using big magic repeatedly makes me tired too, you know?」(Hart)


It’s true that Hart was an ‘invited person’ and had a lot of magical power which was very useful as a hunter.

However, he was still just an aristocratic boy who had never trained his body.

In other words, Hart has no physical strength.

Even Allen, who has a lot of stamina, still trains his body everyday.

「By the way, I never thought there would be so many horned rabbits here.」(Hart)

「I know, right?」(Allen)

The number of horned rabbits following them kept increasing as they got closer to Demon Mountain.

The rabbits surrounding the resting spot, covering the green color of grassland into grey.

「I’ll do something. Leave them to me.」(Hart)

Hart stood up as he said that.

「No, you don’t have to do anything to them. We didn’t come here to hunt them after all.」(Vince)

「Here I go!」(Hart)

「Oi, listen to what people say!」(Vince)

Ignoring Vince, Hart spread his hands to the sky.

Everyone was watching him, but Sara got a little uneasy feeling about it.

What on earth is he gonna do?




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