Chapter 67 : Flower Graveyard


After waiting for Lux to calm down, the four of them then headed to the Flower Graveyard.

「Hooー So this is Flower Graveyard…」Mallow

Mallow looked around while standing at a relatively high place.

As introduced on the official bulletin board, the place was a wasteland no matter how you looked at it.
The soil was dark and barren as far as the eye could see, and there wasn’t a single green color from plants.
There were cracks in the ground all over the place. Probably because the soil was dry.
There were only dead trees here which were evidence that plants once grew here, but that only emphasized the terribleness of Flower Graveyard even more.

「There’s a saying, “even dead trees add to the interest of a mountain”, but in this case, it made this place even more lonely.」AiAi

It’s hard to believe that this was once the safest and most peaceful area.
Well, even now, there were no monsters spawning here except Alter Evil, so it was kinda safe tho. Maybe…
Including that, it really was a lonely place.
The area where even monsters avoided it.
Flower Graveyard.
And the goal was in the center of this place.


「By the way…」Mallow

On the way to their destination, Mallow decided to ask the thing that made her curious.

「Lux, what guild do you belong to?」Mallow

「M, My guild?」Lux

「You’re the only one here who belongs to a guild, so I’m curious.」Mallow

「A, Ahh… Y, You’re right…」Lux

「…..Lux. You look so nervous. It reminds me of you back in elementary school. Are you okay? 」Mallow

「I, I’m not nervous. I’m okay, don’t worry」Lux

However, she strongly gripped her golden staff that branched into two like a gazelle’s horns at the tip. She looked unreliable.
Mallow was a little worried if Lux could fight Alter Evil in this condition.

「D, Don’t worry! I’ll fight properly during the battle.」Lux

「That’s good then.」Mallow

Mallow felt like Lux dodged her question, but she thought she didn’t need to know what guild Lux belonged to right now, so she let it go for now.
Mallow thought she would ask her again when they were done with the boss.

And then Mallow asked one more thing that made her curious. This time, her question was for Bolg.

「Bolg-san, I feel like your equipment is different than usual. Did you change it?」Mallow

Bolg always used a silver spear called “Spear of the Supreme God”.
But now, she held a hexagonal black lance with a pyramid-shaped tip, with white lines running all over the place.

「Ah, this lance is called “Judgment of the Netherworld”.」Bolg


「As you probably know, weapons that have “Netherworld” in their names have a special effect if you also equip a soul-type ornament. I wanted to try the effect in this battle.」Bolg

「Ah, I remember reading about it on the forum.」Mallow

Mallow tried to remember what she read on the forum.

If you have “Netherworld” type equipment, you can use a special effect.
If so, Mallow wondered what would happen if she transformed into the Arbiter of the Netherworld while equipping a soul-type ornament…..

「Oh. Looks like we’re here.」Bolg

Hearing what Bolg said, Mallow raised her face.

In front of them, there was a huge crater with a mysterious dark spot in the center.
The dark spot looked quite big even from afar. It was as big as a two-story house, and shaped like an egg.
If the information on the forum was correct, it seemed that Alter Evil would appear when a player who wasn’t participating in the past event approached the dark spot.
And among those four, who hadn’t participated in the past event was Mallow.

「Are you ready, guys?」Mallow


「I, I’m ready…」Lux

「I was born ready.」Bolg

The three nodded to Mallow. (Lux looked a little unreliable tho)

「Well then, let’s go!」Mallow

「Ah, wait. The battle will begin if you approach that black thing, so first, we should move to a good position, and then you may approach.」AiAi

「Oh, you’re right!」Mallow

Convinced by AiAi, Mallow stopped and watched the other three descending into the crater.
And after confirming that the three of them had arrived at their respective positions, Mallow shouted「I’m going in!」and went into the crater.
Suddenly, stairs appeared rhythmically as Mallow went down.
Then she went down the stairs, approaching the base of the crater which was flat and circular. It looked like a giant battlefield.
And when Mallow came to the point where she was about to reach the giant black thing, it made a noise and started to crack.
Mallow thought that this must be the sign that Alter Evil will appear. She prepared her battleaxe and rushed toward the back thing.
And the next momentー


A loud scream shook the air.
The blue sky was instantly wrapped in black clouds.
And a big creature appeared in front of Mallow……..Wait, is that even a living thing?
Although it looked like a living thing, its body color wasn’t the body color of a living thing.
The giant creature coiled its long, slimy, bluish-black body.
It flicked its deep blue tongue while making “ssshhh, ssshhh” noises.
Blade-like sharp teeth were lining up in its mouth.
A weird geometric pattern was drawn on its flattened neck that looked like a hood. Mallow wondered what the pattern meant.
In terms of creatures on earth, it was similar to a poisonous snake called a cobra.
However, there was a difference from a normal cobra. This giant creature had a pair of horns with different lengths.
The horns emitted a pale light and it looked like a crown.

Alter Evil.
The remnant of Evil that once appeared to destroy Area 1 in the past event.
But there were two figures that fearlessly confronted such a terrifying creature.

Mallow and Bolg held their own weapons and activated their skills almost at the same time.

「【Flashing Sword of Void】! 」Mallow

「【Dead・Break】! 」Bolg




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