Chapter 52 : It’s Not Lame!


「There’s a spell I wanted to try, but dungeon is just too small for this.」(Hart)

「Umm… I don’t think it’s a good idea to do that here either…」(Sara)

Sara also told him to stop, but he ignored her completely.

「O’ clouds, gather!… Gather and rise to heaven!… Gather and become a galaxy!」(Hart)

「No no no… Clouds can’t become a galaxy…」(Sara)

As Sara murmured like that, dark clouds began to gather above the resting place.

And then, lightning bagan to flash around the swirling dark cloud.

「Here we go!」(Hart)

「I still think you shouldn’t do it…」(Sara)


Millions of light rained down the area around them, and after a while, there were no signs of life as far as their eyes could see.

「I think it’s more like ‘Shooting Star’, though…」(Sara)

「No, no. ‘Stardust’ sounds cooler!」(Hart)

Hart looked satisfied to be able to do the spell.

However, the grass around them started to burn after a moment.

「Eh? Oh, shoot…」(Hart)

「Hahh… I had a feeling it would happen…」(Sara)

Sara unwillingly stepped forward and spread her arms toward the sky.

「Oi, Sara, what are you gonna do!?」(Vince)

「Don’t worry, Vince.」(Sara)

Then, the dark cloud above them became thicker and darker.


「So lame!」(Hart)

「Shut up!」(Sara)

Just like the spell’s name, rain poured from the cloud like a sprinkler, and it quietly extinguished the fire.

After that, Sara looked around with a little sad face.

「…….Hart, come with me!」(Sara)

「Huh? Where to?」(Hart)

「We have to pick up those rabbits.」(Sara)

Hart was satisfied after firing a big spell, but thanks to that, many horned rabbits were killed.

Horned rabbits were ferocious monsters, so it was okay to kill them to protect yourself.

However, Sara thought that she had to tell Hart about how important life was.


「C, Coming…」(Hart)

「Look at them.」(Sara)

Sara crouched down in front of a dead horned rabbit.

「Their fur was ruined because you indiscriminately fired your spell at them. Perhaps their meat also became inedible. We still can take out their magic stones, but we can’t sell their meat and fur. You might be able to kill them all at once, but you failed as a hunter, you know!?」(Sara)

Sara wasn’t a hunter. She knew she wasn’t in a position to teach others about that.

However, Nelly taught her to value life, so she knew it was very important to make use of everything you can get from the monsters you hunted.

「Surely they’re ferocious monsters, they kill people, but they’re also living beings just like us. They were alive and moving until a while ago. They might hurt us if we didn’t do something about them, but this method is not good at all. You said that they’re cute, but why could you do something this horrible to them?」(Sara)

「U, Umm… I, I’m sorry…」(Hart)

After saying that, Sara started picking up the horned rabbits.

Driven by Sara’s actions, Hart also did the same thing.

They kept the corpses of the horned rabbits in their storage bags for now.
They would sell what they could sell, and eat what they could still be eaten later.

「Sara, you said the same thing as Bradley.」(Hart)


「He’s my senior, and also an ‘invited person’.」(Hart)

「Oh, the other ‘invited person’ you left in the royal capital, huh?」(Sara)

Sara turned to Nelly and saw her nodding.

Looks like she knew about this person.

「He might be an ‘invited person’, but he has common sense.」(Nelly)

「I see.」(Sara)

「Nee-san, you make it sounds like I don’t have common sense…」(Hart)

「That’s exactly what I was trying to say.」(Nelly)

Sara felt a little relieved after knowing that another ‘invited person’ wasn’t crazy like Hart.

「He was a working adult in his previous world, so he often scolds me, treating me like a child, but he’s also a kind person.」(Hart)

「I see. He seems like a good person.」(Sara)

For the Japanese Sara, ‘Bradley’ was the name of a foreigner.
She thought that the ‘invited people’ were all Japanese since Hart looked like one, but it seemed that she was wrong.

She wanted to ask Hart a lot of things about ‘invited people’ and the previous world, but she was a little hesitant because everyone was watching.

「I’ve never seen fluffy monsters like them in dungeon until now. I was wondering if I could keep them, but they’re monsters after all… I’ve killed these cute monsters, huh…」(Hart)

「What? Do you regret it now? Don’t worry, they’re monsters, so it’s okay to kill them. However, what you did with your spell just now was wrong.」(Sara)

Sometimes, even Sara thought that the alpine wolves around the mountain hut were cute, but she knew that she had to draw a line between her and them.

「But my spell was cool, right!?」(Hart)

While putting the horned rabbits’ corpses in his storage bag, Hart said proudly.

「Not really.」(Sara)

「Ehh? Why?」(Hart)

「First of all, the chanting is just too long. It lacks a sense of unity. Also, what the heck is ‘Stardust’? You said ‘Barrier’ is a lame name, but your Stardust is even worse.」(Sara)

Sara didn’t forget about him saying ‘Barrier’ was a lame name.

「Wait… speaking of barrier…」(Hart)

As he picked up the last horned rabbit, Hart realized something.


「I learned how to use it after seeing Nee-san use it in the royal capital… So that means, my ‘Invisible Wall’ is actually the same skill as Sara’s ‘Barrier’? Uwaa… How lame…」(Hart)

「You’re so rude! But in other words, you imitate my barrier, huh?」(Sara)

「I’m sorry, but I’m grateful, you know? At that time, I couldn’t get the idea of making a shield that can protect me in all directions. The name is kinda lame, but the spell itself is great.」(Hart)

「It’s not lame!」(Sara)

Sara looked away and returned to the resting place.

「Nelly, did you use barrier in the royal capital?」(Sara)

「A, Actually… umm…」(Nelly)

Nelly made a shy expression and scratched the tip of her nose.

「You look so cool when you shout , “Barrierー!” to deploy your barrier, so… I wanted to imitate you that time… I didn’t realize that Hart was watching me…」(Nelly)

「Nef~ How adorable~」(Chris)

Ignoring the pharmacist who was moved by Nelly’s cuteness, Sara sat next to Nelly and leaned her shoulder against hers.

「Fufu~ Shouting, “Barrierー!” while making a cool pose was fun, right?」(Sara)

「Haha. Yeah, it was. But I feel a little embarrassed now…」(Nelly)

Sara didn’t care if Hart said her barrier was lame as long as Nelly said it was cool.


After resting for a whileー

「Alright, guys. Let’s move on!」(GM)

The trip to test how far Allen and Hart can go continues.




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