Chapter 68 : Versus Alter Evil


The reason why the raid boss, Evil, gave most players a hard time was its multi-target skill.

Basically, any monster, even boss monsters, will target players before they attack.
That’s why tank roles exist.
The other players could safely concentrate on attacking the monster while the tank players were attracting it.

However, Evil’s multi-target skill can attack all players in the area at once, so attracting it will be meaningless.
Thus, team coordination will be ruined.

At that time, the only way to increase defense was to buff yourself with potions.
In other words, if you don’t wanna die, you have to spend money to buy potions, if you don’t wanna spend money, you will lose your money due to death penalty.
However, the death penalty against Evil was reduced by 90%, so you wouldn’t lose that much money if you die.
Therefore, many people used the ‘zombie attack’ tactic against it.

Compared to Evil at that time, Alter Evil was much smaller and not as aggressive as its predecessor.

In the first place, Evil was a raid boss that was created with the concept of “Even if a lot of players join forces, it won’t be defeated so easily”.
But Alter Evil this time didn’t have such a concept because it wasn’t a raid boss.

Alter Evil is just a normal boss monster which, even though it’s very hard to defeat, if you use the right strategy and skills, you can defeat it normally.
Therefore, although Alter Evil has inherited the name of its wicked predecessor, it can be considered as a different monster.

However, you must not forget that Alter Evil was created with reference to Evil.
So even though it’s inferior to Evil, it doesn’t mean you can defeat it so easily.






They died instantly…

Mallow and AiAi died from the first attack, and now they’re rushing to the flower graveyard after respawning.

「No way! I can understand if AiAi died from it, but my VIT is quite high, you know!? What the heck was that beam!?」(Mallow)

「Well, it’s the second generation of Evil after all…」(AiAi)

They were killed by a thick, bluish-black beam that came out from Alter Evil’s mouth.

「Attacking us with such a deadly beam as soon as the battle began. What a terrifying boss…」(Mallow)

「I don’t think Evil had such a skill at that time, so maybe this was the first time such a beam skill was used.」(AiAi)

「I see. So that means it learned that skill after it became Alter Evil, right? Dammit!」(Mallow)

Mallow said so, but she looked happy for some reason.

Her main purpose of fighting Alter Evil was to get the string material, but she was also excited to fight such a strong boss monster.

「Aiai, you don’t have to run the same speed as me, you know?」(Mallow)

「Well yeah, but…」(AiAi)

They were running side by side, but AiAi actually could run a lot faster.
She spent all her stat points on AGI after all.

「Don’t mind me. I’m sure Bolg-san and Lux need your help right now, so go ahead!」(Mallow)

「Okay, I’ll see you later!」(Mallow)

AiAi then dashed as fast as she could.
Her avatar disappeared from Mallow’s sight in a blink of an eye.
What a terrifying acceleration.

「Uwaa… As expected of a full-AGI player… Alright, I need to run as fast as I can too!」(Mallow)

With that in mind, Mallow put all her strength into her legs and speeded up.





「…….Yes, Mallow?」(AiAi)

「Why did you come from behind even though you ran ahead of me earlier…?」(Mallow)

「Th, That’s….」(AiAi)


「I got killed again right after I arrived…」(AiAi)




Meanwhile, Bolg and Lux were still fighting.

Bolg was attacking while Lux was supporting her from behind.

It was the first time for those two to fight in a party like that, but they have fought together several times at some events.
Therefore, Lux knew what kind of movements Bolg would make, and so did Bolg.

But then…

(Ehh? Why can she fly in the air like that!?)(Lux)

Lux was surprised seeing Bolg flying in the air, fighting the Alter Evil using strange skills.

Information about flying skills has never been announced.
So it was probably a unique skill or a rare skill.
Or maybe it was a skill that was added in a recent update.

(No… that’s probably not the case…)(Lux)

The guild which Lux belonged to was a big guild that was full of veterans and frontliners, and of course there was no information about the game that the guild members didn’t know.

That’s why Lux thought that the flying skill Bolg was using was her special skill.

With an amazed look on her face, Lux watched Bolg fighting Alter Evil while flying.

「Oops! This is not the time to be fascinated. I have to support her!」(Lux)

Lux held her magic staff tightly.

Her job as a rearguard was to support the frontliners while also attacking when she saw an opening.

Now that Bold was alone as a frontliner, Lux couldn’t attack the enemy as well, otherwise she would be targeted and die.

(Uhh… Mallow, AiAi, please come quickly…! Wait, I feel like I saw AiAi a few seconds ago… Was it just me or… she died again as soon as she arrived here…? Oh, please…)(Lux)

Since she couldn’t attack, she had no choice but to doー



She hit the ground with the tip of her staff and activated a skill.

The air around her began to swirl and shine glitteringly.

【Meditation】is a charge skill.
She wouldn’t be able to attack while in meditation, but when she released the skill, her attack power would increase according to how long she meditated.

After a while of meditatingー

「Alright, now I’m ready!」(Lux)

After confirming that the charge was full, Lux released the【Meditation】skill andー

「Come!『The Arbiter of Water』……! 」(Lux)




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