Chapter 53 : First of All, You Should Build Your Stamina


Sara kept walking while feeling restless.
She worried that Hart would do something crazy again.
But when she saw him occasionally talking with Allen, she thought that maybe it wasn’t something that she should worry about.

After a while of walking, Allen began to notice that something was wrong with Hart’s feet because he walked a little limp.
Sara has noticed it long ago, though.

Hart might often go to dungeon where there were many stairs, but walking monotonously for a very long time was different.

「Guys, let’s stop for a moment.」(Vince)

When they got to another resting place, Vince told the party members to stop.

Hart dropped his shoulders in relief.
He might be thinking that this is the chance to use a potion to heal his feet.

「Hart, show me your feet.」(Chris)

「Eh? No, it’s okay. I just need a potion and I’ll be fine.」(Hart)

「Just shut up and show me your feet!」(Chris)

Giving up, Hart removed his shoes and reluctantly showed his feet to Chris.

He got blisters on his heels.

While holding Hart’s leg, Chris raised his face.

「Jay, Vince, I think we should stop here.」(Chris)

「I see. Okay, then.」(GM)

Both Vince and the Guild Master nodded without hesitation, and sat down on the ground.

「W, Wait a minute! It’s not even noon yet! I still can go!」(Hart)

「You are thinking you should be able to continue walking if you use a potion, aren’t you? But look at your legs.」(Chris)

Hart’s legs were trembling.

「In the first place, you don’t have enough muscle power in your legs to move for a very long time. You’re still young, so you don’t need to build muscles like Jay. However, you need to build your stamina first.」(Chris)

「Then, it’s better if I keep walking, right!? I’ll use a potion, then we continue walking!」(Hart)

「Don’t use a potion just for mere blisters! Sara.」(Chris)

Sara nodded to Chris and stood up.

She knew this would happen.

「Herbs, right?」(Sara)

「Yeah. Freshly picked is better.」(Chris)


「I’ll help too.」(Allen)

It looked like Allen wanted to come with Sara to pick herbs.

In this season, finding herbs in the middle of grassland was kind of difficult.
However, Sara could immediately find herbs nearby.


At this point, she’s already used to the sound of horned rabbits bumping into her barrier.

After picking up the herbs, Sara and Allen immediately back to the resting place.

「Sara, do you know how to do it?」(Chris)

「Squeeze the herbs and paste them on his feet, right?」(Sara)

「Yeah, try it.」(Chris)

While Chris was watching her, Sara squeezed the herbs, pasted them on Hart’s feet, and bandaged them with two pieces of cloth.

「I think your feet will be cured in half a day.」(Sara)

「Nicely done. You passed.」(Chris)

Chris nodded in satisfaction, while Sara was looking at him with half-eyes.

Passed, he said?
Sara wondered if Chris was testing her or something.

「Sara, really?」(Hart)

「I’ve done it too. When I first trained to walk long distance, I also got blisters on my feet.」(Sara)

「At that time, Sara couldn’t walk for more than an hour.」(Nelly)

Remembering that time, Nelly smiled as she said that.

「Yeah. I had to take breaks from time to time, and after walking for three hours, I got blisters on my feet just like you now.」(Sara)

「I see. You too, huh…」(Hart)

Hart let out a sigh.

「When she saw blisters on my feet, Nelly hurriedly took out a potion, but I immediately said it would be cured with just herbs.」(Sara)

Besides Sara, Allen nodded as he talked to Hart.

「She’s right. It’s not good to rely on potions every time you get hurt, but keep in mind that people like Sara, who knows a lot about herbs, are not many in dungeons. Well, in the first place, there are not many herbs growing in dungeons.」(Allen)

「…Yeah, you’re right.」(Hart)

「Besides, if you buy potions everytime, you won’t be able to make a living as a hunter. Try not to get hurt as much as possible.」(Allen)

「So that’s how the locals do, huh? Since potions exist in this world, I thought I could just use them as many as I wanted.」(Hart)

‘Locals’? Phu,!

Sara giggled unintentionally.

Well, surely they are locals.
*/ locals here means inhabitants of this world. In Japanese, it means “country bumpkin” sometimes. That’s why Sara was giggling.

「I thought Sara was a girl without common sense sometimes. I see, your original world is different from this world, huh?」(Vince)

「Well, you can say so.」(Sara)

「In my case, I didn’t know much about my original world because I was weak and hospitalized since I was born. Bradley knows very well, so if you want to ask about my original world, you can ask Bradley.」(Hart)

「I see. So it’s true that the ‘invited people’ cannot live in their original world for a long time, huh?」(Vince)

Sara remembered the Goddess who transferred her into this world also said that she wouldn’t live long if she stayed in Japan.

Well, right after she was transferred, she was almost killed by the alpine wolves, though.

「And is it true that the ‘invited people’ usually come into this world as 10-years-old children?」(Vince)

「Yup. I came here as a 10-years-old boy. It’s been four years, so I’m 14 now.」(Hart)

Sara was a 28-years-old woman and worked as a member of society before she was transferred.
However, Hart had been in the hospital all the time, so he probably lacked life experience.
Moreover, he was taken over by an aristocrat as soon as he was transferred into this world.
That’s why Sara felt like she was younger for his age.

But even so, Hart looked at Sara with a face of “I’m your senior!”

Certainly, he lives longer than Sara in this world, but that kind of face made Sara feel irritated.


After a while of resting, Sara decided to prepare lunch.

「Alright, let’s boil water first.」(Sara)

When Sara took out her portable stove and pot, Hart approached her with a curious face.

「So you’re carrying these stuff all the time, huh?」(Hart)

「Of course. You need all of these to go back and forth between Demon Mountain and Roza.」(Sara)


Sara was irritated at first but after she saw Hart’s sparkling eyes, her mood healed a little.

Nelly was watching Sara while smiling, then she looked at Vince and the Guild Master.

「Vince, Guild Master.」(Nelly)


「I’ll be watching the kids. You guys should go back to town. Especially Vince, you’re busy, aren’t you?」(Nelly)

「I’m busy too, you know!?」(GM)

「You didn’t ask me means I can stay with you, right~?」(Chris)

Ignoring the Guild Master and Chris, Nelly looked at Vince.

「Nah. I want to relax for now. I’m busy, but I also want to enjoy a day without work, you know?」(Vince)

Saying that, Vince laid down on the grass.

「I see.」(Nelly)

Looking at them, Sara was thinkingー

(Nelly, please ask me! I don’t think I need to be here in the first place…)




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