Chapter 69 : Combat Climax


「What the heck is that…!?」(Mallow)

As soon as Mallow arrives at the battlefield, the first thing she should do is to check the safety of her party members.

Since she thought that Bolg was unlikely to die, she looked at Lux to check her condition.

But what she found wasー

「A metal… dinosaur…?」(Mallow)

ーa metal dinosaur that looked like a Spinosaurus.

Gears and blue tubes could be seen through the gaps in its metallic silver body.

The back that looked like the spines of a Spinosaurus was actually missile pods.

In its left hand, was a big gatling gun, and in its right hand, was a long blade.

「Whoa… I’m not a boy, but that looks kinda cool…!」(Mallow)

After seeing Lux standing near the feet of the metal dinosaur, Mallow knew that Lux must have used some kind of skill to create that dinosaur.

「【Hydro Cannon】!」(Lux)

Responding to Lux’s shout, the metal dinosaur opened its mouth and shot a ray of water from a barrel coming from its mouth.

The water pressure seemed to be so high that it looked like a laser.
It hit the Alter Evil directly, making it scream in pain.

The Alter Evil’s HP was shaved off a little, but Lux didn’t stop there.

「【Ice Missile】!」(Lux)

Innumerable missiles were launched all at once from the missile pods on the back of the metal dinosaur.

All the missiles hit the Alter Evil, and covered the surrounding area in cold white smoke.

The smoke froze the water (from the Hydro Cannon) that had soaked the Alter Evil’s body earlier, slowing it down.

It looks like because the Alter Evil was a reptile type, it was vulnerable to cold.

Bolg and AiAi didn’t miss the chance.


「【Gale Thunder】!」(AiAi)

Seeing the Alter Evil’s HP fall below half, Mallow returned to her senses.

(Ahh! This is not good! I haven’t contributed to the fight at all!)(Mallow)

She hurriedly rushed to attack Alter Evil, butー


Suddenly, the Alter Evil screamed, and the air around it changed.
The area was now covered with pale blue mist.

The Alter Evil looked up at the sky and howled again.


Right after, the mist was cleared at once.


And what was spreading right after the mist was gone was a starry sky.

The stars were shining pale blue.
They looked so beautiful and wicked at the same time.

Mallow only had a slightly unpleasant feeling when she saw the starry sky, but the other members were different.
They felt ‘danger’.

Everyone except Mallow had participated in the battle against Evil long ago, so they knew what was going to happen.

「Everyone! I will do my very best to buff our defense! But still, I don’t think it will be enough, so please do something to protect yourself as well!」(Lux)

Immediately after Lux said so, Bolg approached AiAi, forcibly pushed her down, and hugged AiAi’s body to cover her.

「E, Ehh!? B, Bolg-san!? Ahhー! Too bad I’m not streaming right now!」(AiAi)

「Stay still if you don’t wanna die. You have zero points on VIT, right?」(Bolg)

「Un! Please protect me, my darling~♡」(AiAi)

「…Okay, okay…..」(Bolg)

(Aa! AiAi! To be hugged by Bolg like that…! How nicー No, there’s no time to be jealous.)(Mallow)

Mallow, who was watching from afar, was confused. She didn’t know what to do.

(I know something really bad is about to happen, but I don’t know what it is! What should I do!?)(Mallow)

The next momentー


ーThe stars were falling.

No. They weren’t stars.
They were actually glowing blades.

The blades fell from the sky like a meteor shower.

They came down toward all the players in the area including Mallow even though she was far from the others.

Lux was hiding under her metal dinosaur.
Bolg was using a strong defense skill while protecting AiAi.
Therefore, they only suffered minor damage.

However, Mallow was different.
She was directly hit by the blades.

Her【Maximum Protect】could only be used to block one incoming attack, so there’s no way it could block the rain of blades.

Thanks to Lux’s defensive buff, her HP was reduced more slowly.

And thanks to the high number of hits she received, her “Arbiter Gauge” was maxed out.

「Khhhhー! You damn lizard! I didn’t get a chance to show my power earlier, but I’ll kill you nowー! 『The Arbiter of the Netherworld』!」(Mallow)




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