Chapter 54 : Adults Are Useless


「Sara, how about hot soup for lunch?」(Nelly)

「Okay. I bring a pot that already has food in it. Can you lend me your portable stove? I want to boil tea meanwhile.」(Sara)


While being watched by everyone, Sara lined her portable stove and Nelly’s which seems to have been rarely used.
Then, she took out a large pot from her storage pouch.

Inside the pot, was cockatrice tomato soup.

It was not too hot because Sara cooled it down a little before putting it into her storage pouch.
Taking a hot pot out of a storage bag was dangerous after all.

She put the pot on her portable stove, and began to boil water for tea using Nelly’s portable stove.

While watching Sara preparing lunch, everyone took out their cups and bowls.

Hart didn’t know what to do at first, but after he saw everyone, he did the same thing.

After that, Sara poured the soup into everyone’s bowl one by one.
Somehow, it reminded her when she was in charge of school lunch duty when she was at elementary school.

「Sara, when you worked at the guild store, you warmed hunters’ lunch boxes with magic, right? Why don’t you just warm this soup that way?」(Vince)

Sara smiled bitterly and answered Vince’s question.

「Surely I could just use magic… BUT! Since we camp together like this, it would be a shame if I don’t use these cool stuff, right!?」(Sara)

「Exactly! Ahh~! You make me want to buy camping tools! I want to go back to town as soon as possible and buy camping tools like yours!」(Hart)

Hart agreed with Sara. He nodded violently with sparkling eyes.

「Bringing this kind of tools seems troublesome, though…」(Allen)


It looked like everyone except Hart was on the ‘bringing camping tools is troublesome’ side.
When Sara looked at Nelly, Nelly also raised her hand a little.

Nelly too, huh…

「Camping outside is a lot of fun, though.」(Sara)

「Agreed! I’m glad that I’m here now!」(Hara)

「You said you want to go back to town as soon as possible earlier…」(Sara)

「Mmm! Delicious!」(Hart)

Ignoring Sara, Hart started eating the soup.

「Umm~! Sara’s cooking is good as always!」(Allen)

「I ate your soup before, but this one is also good! Could it be… the meat you put in this soup is…」(Vince)

「Yup. This is cockatrice meat.」(Sara)

「So the soup that Guild Master and I ate before is also…」(Vince)

「Yup. Cockatrice meat~」(Sara)

Vince looked at the distance.

「Oi, Nefeltally. Don’t you think it’s a bit extravagant to feed Sara luxurious meat every day?」(Vince)

「Well, talking about fresh meat in Demon Mountain, all you can get is cockatrice or gargoyle.」(Nelly)

「Gargoyle!? Gargoyle you say!?……. Golden trout, cockatrice, gargoyle…. So Demon Mountain is like a paradise where you can eat luxurious meat every day, huh…? Ah, Sara, can I get another bowl!?」(Vince)

「Me too!」(GM)


「Okay, okay…」(Sara)

In the end, everyone asked for a second bowl.

After she refilled everyone’s bowl, Sara checked the contents of her storage pouch.

「Talking about gargoyle, I have roasted gargoyle meat in my storage pouch. By the way, gargoyles are weird monsters, aren’t they?」(Sara)

「The weird one is you!」(Vince)

Vince pointed his spoon at Sara while chewing the meat from the soup.
Such bad manners…

「Gargoyles are dangerous monsters who have injured many hunters! And you usually don’t store roasted gargoyle in your pouch!」(Vince)

「Is that so?」(Sara)

After reacting to Vince’s shout just like that, Sara began to wash the empty pot.

In the first place, Sara and Nelly’s life on Demon Mountain was apparently out of common sense.

「Since we’re already full now, do you want me to serve gargoyle meat later for dinner?」(Sara)



When Sara was serving tea to everyone, the Guild Master made a face as if he just remembered something.

「Ah! I forgot that my wife made us an apple pie!」(GM)

「Oi! How could you forget such an important thing! Now that we’re full already, we can’t enjoy it to the fullest, you know!?」(Vince)

Looking at the angry Vince, Sara tilted her head.

Then, Chris calmly explained why Vince was angry.

「Jay’s wife’s pie is extremely good.」(Chris)

「Ahh, I see.」(Sara)

「I’m full now, but I’d like to have some of the pie.」(Chris)


「Ughh… Dammit! I’d like to have some too!」(Vince)

「Oi, oi. Take it easy.」(GM)

While the middle-aged group were busy eating the pie, the boys group were having an after lunch talk.

「Hart, I’m going to pick herbs, do you wanna come too? Even though your legs are like jelly now, I think you should be able to pick herbs no problem.」(Allen)

「They’re not jelly!」(Hart)

It looked like he was willing to come with Allen.
His legs were like jelly, but his eyes were shining, curious about picking herbs.

Looking at them, Sara smiled a little.

For Allen, picking herbs was just a job at first, but he gradually felt like it was fun.
He wanted Hart to understand that feeling.

「I’ll come too.」(Chris)

Chris stood up, while Nelly, the Guild Master, and Vince were laying down on the grass, relaxing.

「Should I come to and make a barrier for you guys?」(Sara)

「Yeah, please. It will make Hart can focus only on memorizing the herbs.」(Allen)

At Allen’s decision, Sara made a barrier and extended it until it was large enough for four people to move around, picking herbs.

As the barrier swelled, it shoved off the horned rabbits around.

「It’s done.」(Sara)

While Allen and Hart were immediately entering Sara’s barrier, Chris carefully entered as he looked around Sara’s large barrier.

「Hoo… Impressive… 」(Chris)

While muttering so, Chris tried to get in and out of Sara’s barrier as if he was inspecting it.

「The shield that can protect you from all directions, huh…? Alright.」(Chris)

「Oi, wait! You want to try it, don’t you!?」(Vince)

Suddenly, Vince stood up and approached Chris.

「You’re already good at body strengthening, and you still want to learn how to make a barrier!? Chris, you might not be aware but you’re just too talented. Although you could be a hunter who easily surpassed our Guild Master, why did you prefer to become a pharmacist?」(Vince)

「Oi, I can hear you!」(GM)

「Well, it’s because making herbs is fun!」(Chris)

Sara knew that Chris was adored as a great pharmacist, but she didn’t know that he could be a great hunter as well.

Without paying attention to Sara, Chris kept observing Sara’s barrier.

「I see… Making a magical shield is easy, but to make the one that can protect you from all directions requires a lot of magical power, so no one usually does it.」(Chris)

「So Sara can do it because she’s an ‘invited person’, huh?」(Vince)

「Exactly. But this is interesting… I really want to try it.」(Chris)

The two adults began to talk with each other, ignoring the kids.

While watching them, Sara murmuredー

「What’s the point of him coming with us if he doesn’t teach us about herbs…?」(Sara)

Hahh… Adults are useless…




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