Chapter 55 : In The End, It’s All About Monster


Sara left Chris and Vince alone and took a look at Allen and Hart.

「Watch me. This is how you pick herbs.」(Allen)

Looking at Allen teaching Hart about herbs, Sara was impressed.

「There are many tall grasses in this season, so it’s kinda hard to see the herbs, so you have to crouch down like this.」(Allen)

「I see.」(Hart)

「First of all, you should memorize what the herbs look like, then carefully observe your surroundings. The leaves of the herb are slightly whitish on the back side, so you can tell right away when you get used to it.」(Allen)

「Got it.」(Hart)

Instead of crouching, Hart was kneeling on the ground and enthusiastically observing his surroundings.

Sara never expected that Allen could teach others this well.

At first, both Sara and Allen wondered why other people couldn’t collect herbs although it was easy once you get used to distinguishing herbs from other plants, but then they realized that the Pharmacist Guild lacked teaching ability.
Maybe that’s why Tedd began to teach townspeople about herbs.

But actually, not only the Pharmacist Guild, the Hunter Guild was also not particularly teaching people how to fight.
You have to improve yourself before you can be a hunter.

「…Maybe Tedd, who was teaching the townspeople, is unexpectedly a good person…? Nah, no way…」(Sara)

Sara shook her head to drive that idea away.

「Say, Sara.」(Nelly)

While Sara was watching Allen and Hart picking herbs, Nelly called her from where she was lying down.

「What is it, Nelly?」(Sara)

When Sara turned around, she saw Nelly watching Vince and Chris with a wondering face.

「Why can those two freely go in and out of your barrier?」(Nelly)


「Your barrier can repel anything, right?」(Nelly)


Sara just realized that Vince and Chris have been going in and out, checking her barrier.

「My barrier isn’t working? But… the rabbits can’t enter… Hmm…」(Sara)

「Maybe humans can enter your barrier?」(Nelly)

As she said that, Nelly stood up and entered Sara’s barrier without hesitation.

「You can enter….. But it’s weird… if humans can enter my barrier, why were the knights attacking us in Roza repelled, then?」(Sara)

Sara remembered about the knights who blocked Sara and Nelly’s way when they were about to leave Roza.

「Hmm… Maybe because they were enemies? In that case, why don’t we have one person play the role of an enemy to try it?」(Nelly)

「But who? Everyone here is like friends to me.」(Sara)

Sara was troubled.

「But, if I must choose…」(Sara)

Sara glanced at Chris.

「Wait, me?」(Chris)

It seemed like Chris heard the conversation.

「Why me? Even though I cherish Nefー No, your Nelly so much, why do you choose me!?」(Chris)

「Yeah, certainly you cherish Nelly, but it doesn’t mean that you also cherish me, right?」(Sara)

After Sara stated her honest feelings, everyone turned their gazes away, making an indescribable awkward atmosphere.

Chris shrugged and nodded.

「…Can’t be helped…..」(Chris)

「‘Can’t be helped’, huh…? Normally, he should say something like ‘I should care more about Sara’ here. Hahh… I wonder if pharmacists are a little different from normal people…」(Sara)

Looking Sara murmuring to herself, Allen felt sorry for her.

「Alright, now think I’m your enemy! I’ll kidnap you, little girl! Kaahahaha!」(Chris)

Chris went out of Sara’s barrier and acted like a villain.

「It’s disgusting, so you don’t have to act like that… But, enemy… enemy, huh… It’s kinda difficult to see you as my enemy, but I’ll try to remember the sad feeling that I couldn’t rely on you when Nelly was gone… Unreliable person… useless person… mumumuu…. useless….」(Sara)

As she muttered like that, Sara tried to make herself disappointed in Chris even more.

「Uhh, it hurts my feelings, though…」(Chris)

Chris then tried to touch Sara’s barrier.


There was no sound, but Chris’ palm was hit by a shock.

And then, Chris tried to kick the barrier.


This time, his body bounced off, and he fell onto the ground.

「That surprised me… So this barrier is influenced by Sara’s feelings, huh…?」(Chris)


Nelly nodded and tried to get in and out of Sara’s barrier again.

「It looks like Sara’s barrier doesn’t repel everything, but it only repels things depending on Sara’s feelings.」(Nelly)

「Uhh… this barrier didn’t only reject my body, but it also rejected my feelings… Sara, can you stop thinking of me as your enemy now?」(Chris)


Sara tried to think of Chris as a friend.


「Uwa! Why I still can’t enter?」(Chris)

「It must be hard to change feelings.」(Nelly)

「Is that so…? Well, at least Allen and Nelly will always be able to enter into my barrier.」(Sara)

「Honestly, I think a barrier that ‘really can repel anything’ would be better, though.」(Nelly)

Saying that, Nelly looked at Vince and Chris.

However, Sara didn’t think that they would harm her anyway, so she wasn’t worried.

「Well then, back to my original purpose. I want to try deploying a shield that can protect me in all directions like this.」(Chris)

(Wasn’t he said he would pick herbs with us…? This person…) (Sara)

「Wait, Chris. If you want to do that, you have to make multiple shields, you know?」(Vince)

「I intended to do that, though.」(Chris)

「But you will have to manipulate several shields at once, and it will consume your magical power greatly.」(Vince)

Seeing Vince and Chris talking about barrier seriously, Hart talked to them without resting his eyes from looking for herbs.

「I think Sara’s invisible wallー」(Hart)

「ーI told you it’s called ‘Barrier’!」(Sara)

「…..I think Sara’s barrier is more like a capsule or a bubble rather than a shield. So I think you better imagine it that way.」(Hart)

「Capsule…? Bubble is something you can make from soap and water, right? But what the heck is capsule?」(Vince)

Apparently, there were no capsules in this world.

Sara gave another example that resembled a capsule.

「Do you know what fish eggs or frog eggs look like?」(Sara)

「Frog? I know what it looks like!」(Allen)

For some reason, the one who answered was Allen.

「They are amphibian monsters that live in a lake on the west side of the royal capital, right!? I used to hunt them with my uncle! Their eggs were so big, transparent and round!」(Allen)

「Ah! Grey Poisonous Frog, huh? Certainly, I know what their eggs look like. For a pharmacist like me, their eggs are valuable. They have the same effect as poisonous grasses but stronger.」(Chris)

「H, Huh…?」(Sara)

Sara didn’t even know such monsters existed.

But more than that, she was stunned by unexpected information.

「Wait… Aren’t pharmaceutical ingredients only herbs?」(Sara)

「What are you talking about? Of course it’s not only herbs, there are also materials we can only get from monsters to make certain potions.」(Chris)

「I never knew… Not only don’t I want to be a hunter, I don’t think I want to become a pharmacist either…」(Sara)

It wasn’t that Sara was interested in becoming a pharmacist, but she was just shocked that this world is all about monsters in the end.




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