Chapter 70 : Alter Evil


Hundreds of swords kept coming down like rain from the wormhole-like spaces around Alter Evil.

Each sword was heavy and sharp.

Unlike the previous bombing attack, this one was more rapid and had high power in every shot.

However, the attacks were coming at the same interval, so they could be dodged relatively easily.

You have to move around all the time to dodge the attacks, but it wasn’t an unreasonable attack like before.

「Mallow-san, are you okay?」(Bolg)

After the attack stopped, Bolg rushed toward Mallow.

「Your armor changed. Are you using some kind of transformation skill?」(Bolg)

『Yes, something like that.』(Mallow)

Bolg was a little surprised because Mallow’s voice was echoing.

「…What kind of skill is that?」(Bolg)

『This skill boosts my overall stats and provides me some additional skills, but I’m not sure if I can use them on Alter Evil…』(Mallow)

「I see. How’s your HP now?」(Bolg)

『Don’t worry. My HP has been fully recovered the moment I used this skill.』(Mallow)

「Great. Well then, let’s go back to our position and attack that monster. But keep in mind that you may get killed instantly if you receive Alter Evil’s melee attack.」(Bolg)


Mallow and Bolg nodded at each other.

『【Veil of the Dead】』(Mallow)

「What is that?」(Bolg)

『It’s a protection skill. I think I’ll be more safe with this.』(Mallow)

「You’re right. Okay, let’s go! We better attack that lizard before it launched another troublesome attack!」(Bolg)

『Aye, sir!』(Mallow)

And then, Mallow and Bolg made their move.

Mallow was running straight toward Alter Evil, while Bolg was using her flying skill.

「【Prism Sword】!」(Bolg)

When Bolg activated her skill, three wormhole-like spaces that looked like Alter Evil’s skill just now, appeared around her.

And from those spaces, the same swords as the previous attack were shooted and pierced Alter Evil’s body.

That was probably the skill obtained by equipping “Evil Soul” accessory, the item she got as a reward for defeating Evil a year ago.

「【Lance Aura】!」(Bolg)

When Bolg activated another skill, her spear was wrapped in a black-blue light.

She swung her spear horizontally, then a black-blue slash attack flew toward Alter Evil and hit its body again.

As a result, Alter Evil’s HP was decreased.

『Uwoo! As expected from Bolg-san!』(Mallow)

Mallow didn’t want to lose.

She held her battle axe and sped up.

『【Ghoul Arms】!』(Mallow)

Mallow wasn’t really sure if her Arbiter of the Netherworld skills works on Alter Evil, but she tried to restrain Alter Evil’s movements for now.

Several zombie hands came out from the ground and extended to Alter Evil.

However, the hands couldn’t grab Alter Evil’s body because the scales were too slippery.

『As I thought… Then, how about this!?【Flashing Sword of Void】!』(Mallow)

She could also use【Solo Impact】or【Heavy Lumbering】for more damage, but those skills were slow.

She protected herself with【Veil of the Dead】, but as long as she didn’t know what kind of attack Alter Evil would make, she thought that it would be better to use a quick skill so that she had a better chance to dodge an unpredictable attack.

After it received Mallow’s attack, Alter Evil shook its body for a second, then it uncoiled its tail and swung it to the side.

『ーー!【Rabbit Step】!』(Mallow)

Mallow immediately jumped up high to dodge Alter Evil’s big and long tail.


However, AiAi got killed.

She knew there would be an incoming sudden attack, but she was too greedy to attack Alter Evil and couldn’t dodge in time.

Alter Evil’s attack didn’t stop there.

Its horns were glowing, and then several lightning bolts struck the ground from the black space on top of Alter Evil’s head.

Mallow immediately jumped back and managed to dodge the lightning bolts because they only struck the ground around Alter Evil.

Bolg who was flying over Alter Evil had a hard time dodging the lightning bolts, but then she managed to escape from the attack’s AoE.

「Fiuhh… That was close.」(Bolg)

She had a cool face even though she almost got killed.

That’s the strongest player in the game for you.

They both are safe now, but the battle is not over yet.

After Lux gave a command, her metal dinosaur was attacking Alter Evil with its water cannons and shaving Alter Evil’s HP little by little until Alter Evil stopped its lightning bolt attack.

「Mallow-chan! Bolg-san! Now’s your chance!」(Lux)

『Okay! ーー【Build Up】!』(Mallow)

Mallow used a skill to enhance her attack power.

『【Rabit Step】!!』(Mallow)

And then, she jumped in a straight line at Alter Evil like a bullet.

『【VORTEX BURST】!!!』(Mallow)

Mallow swung her battle axe that was enveloped by a white flame.

Her axe slashed Alter Evil’s body and made a loud explosive sound that shook the entire battlefield.


Right after, Bolg threw her spear and pierced Alter Evil’s body.

But her attack didn’t stop there.

「【GAE BOLG】!」(Bolg)

Bolg launched like a cannon, kicked her spear that stuck in Alter Evil’s body, and made a hole in Alter Evil’s body.


After screaming while looking at the sky for a moment, Alter Evil collapsed to the ground.

Its body began to glow pale, and the next momentー


It shattered to black dust and disappeared into the sky.

Mallow, Bolg, and Lux were watching Alter Evil’s last moment with their eyes rounded.

『We… did it…. We did it!』(Mallow)

「Yeah, we finally beat it.」(Bolg)


The three of them were relieved that the battle was over.




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