Chapter 56 : Hart’s Confession


As written in the magic textbook that image is important if you want to use magic, both Chris and Vince succeeded in making a barrier after they imagined it as a frog egg.

However, they couldn’t maintain it for a long time.

「I can maintain body strengthening for a whole day, but why can’t I maintain a barrier for more than five minutes? I don’t think there’s that much difference in magical power consumption between these two spells…」(Chris)

「Yeah, I didn’t expect it would be this hard. Guess we normal people have to train really hard.」(Vince)

Ignoring Chris and Vince; Sara, Allen, and Hart were busy collecting herbs.

Hart was quietly focusing on picking herbs while looking at the herbs encyclopedia he borrowed from Sara.

Sara didn’t expect Hart would be this enthusiastic about collecting herbs.
She thought he was just a noisy and selfish boy after all.

「Guysー how about you take some rest and have some pieー?」(GM)

As soon as the Guild Master shouted like that, the adult group ran back to the resting place at the speed of light.

The children group were also going back there to have some of the Guild Master’s wife’s pie.

「Sara, can you tell me how to use a portable stove?」(Hart)

While cutting his pie, Hart looked at Sara’s portable stove with glittering eyes.

「So you really want to buy one, huh? Okay.」(Sara)

Sara grabbed her portable stove and showed it to Hart.

「Do this if you want to turn it on and off. It’s simple, isn’t it? Ah, and if you want to wash cups and bowls, you can just use water magic.」(Sara)

「I can do it by imagining my hand as a faucet, right?」(Hart)

「Yup. When you’re done washing your cups, you can quickly dry them by evaporating the water.」(Sara)

「Umm… I feel like drying is way more difficult than washing…」(Hart)

Chris and Vince were stunned hearing the conversation between Sara and Hart.
Nelly and Allen were used to Sara so they weren’t that surprised.
The Guild Master also didn’t seem to be surprised.

「Why the ‘invited people’ always come up with strange ideas?」(Chris)

「Yeah, why do you even use magic just for cleaning cups?」(Vince)

When Sara heard from Nelly that everyone in this world has magical power, she wondered why they didn’t use it to make their lives easier.

However, people could just use magic tools to get water and to make fire to cook, so they didn’t have to use their own magical power to do small things like that.

「I only thought about defeating monsters with magic, and I have never done things like washing cups and any other small things with magic.」(Hart)

「Well, people have different ways of thinking.」(Sara)

For some reason, Hart looked down with a slightly dark face.

「Sara, Onee-san, Actuallyー」(Hart)

「I told you not to call me that. Call me Nelly.」(Nelly)

「Un. Nelly… Actuallyー」(Hart)

Sara looked at Nelly with a little surprised face.
She felt like Nelly wasn’t denying Hart, instead, she gave him permission to call her ‘Nelly’.

「I appeared before the king as soon as I was transferred to this world by the Goddess. The king told me he will take good care of me, just like the Goddess said that there would be someone who will cherish me in this worldー」(Hart)

「Hee… How nice of you. In my case, I appeared before a pack of hungry wolves…」(Sara)

「After that, the king prepared me a nice roomー」(Hart)

「Hee… It was Nelly’s dirty mountain hut in my case, though…」(Sara)

「I’m sorry…」(Nelly)

「He taught me a lot about this world. He also sent me to a kind aristocratic family. He even prepared a mansion for me.」(Hart)

「Hee… I don’t know what to say anymore…」(Sara)

Sara was a little envious of him, but considering that she was a 28-year-old adult woman and Hart was a 10-year-old sick child, she thought that it was fair enough.
Besides, thanks to the Goddess sending her to the mountain hut, she met Nelly.

「I was told that I should decide my future carefully, but after I heard about adventure stuff like dungeons, monsters, and hunters, I got excited and decided to become a hunter when I turned 12.」(Hart)

「I also registered with the Hunter Guild at the age of 12 to make an ID card.」(Sara)

「Because it was too dangerous to go to a dungeon alone, I began to look for people to form a party with, and learned various magics while killing monsters in a dungeon. Sometimes, people asked me if I could use some kind of spell to restrain monsters’ movements.」(Hart)

「Umm… Like sleep or stun?」(Sara)

Hearing what Sara just said, Vince responded to her.

「Sara, how can you come up with magic so easily?」(Vince)

「Well, because there are many video games, books, and movies about fictional stories in my previous world.」(Sara)

「Huh…? Video games…? Movies…? What the heck is that?」(Vince)

In games, magics or spells have their own name, like “fireball”, or “wind slasher”, but Sara didn’t remember all of that since she didn’t play games much.

「Me too. But I can’t use the mental interference type of magic… I just can’t imagine how to control the other person’s mind.」(Hart)

「I can’t do it either. It’s certainly difficult to do. Besides, it might be dangerous.」(Sara)

「Yeah….. I wasn’t aware that it might be dangerous for the victim….. Like when I suggested the knights to use a paralyzing drug….」(Hart)

For some reason, Hart looked down with a serious face.


Sara remembered when she and Nelly were about to leave Roza, they were attacked by a group of knights.

「I heard that Nelly was abducted to the royal capital, leaving a child alone in Demon Mountain…… It was my fault…」(Hart)

「…….Umm…. How should I put this…..」(Sara)

After listening to Hart’s confession, Sara wasn’t sure what to say because she didn’t feel anger with Hart.

She felt like there was someone who manipulated Hart and the other ‘invited people’ in the royal capital from behind.

「When I knew that the child Nelly left was you, I felt a great sense of guilt in my heart…」(Hart)

Hart turned to Nelly and bowed deeply.

「I’m sorry! Both of you had a painful experience because of me. I’m really sorry…! Actually, I tried to tell you earlier… but…」(Hart)

Nelly made an indescribable expression at first, but then she smiled a little.

「But the one who had the hardest time was Sara, you know?」(Nelly)

Hart then turned to Sara and bowed.

「Sara, I’m sorry!」(Hart)

「…..Well, actually I had a feeling that it was you. I accept your apology, so let’s just forget about it.」(Sara)


Hart clenched his fists.

「I regretted what I did this time, but I still don’t know what’s good and what’s bad, what I should and shouldn’t do. If I stay in the royal capital and continue to listen to people around me, I might harm someone again, so……..」(Hart)

「ーSo you ran away to Roza, right?」(Allen)

Allen spoke in place of Hart who was being silent all of a sudden.




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