Chapter 71 : AiAi’s Singing Stream


「Aannー Aa, Aaannー」(AiAi)

『Has it started?』
『It just get started and she made a weird voice…』(caretakers)

「It’s not that I want to make a weird voice, but my voice is kinda off today… Aaaー Aaaaー」(AiAi)

After a while of making “Aaaー Aaaー” voiceー


ーAiAi was finally ready to begin the stream.

「Chao~♪ Hello, Caretakers! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening~ AiAi dayo~♪」(AiAi)

『Here she is!』
『You sound energetic as usual!』(caretakers)

「Always be energetic is my good point after all!」(AiAi)

Today, AiAi is not streaming Genesis Frontier.

Therefore, what was on the caretakers’ screen right now was not AiAi’s game avatar, but her 2D character.

Even though it was 2D, AiAi’s character moved lively because it used the system to trace AiAi’s movements.

「As the title says, today’s stream will be a ‘Singing Stream’, and maybe a little chit chat after that.」(AiAi)

『Ohh! It’s been a long time!』
『I’ve been looking forward to this!』
『AiAi will sing for us!』(caretakers)

「Thank you, everyone! Honestly, I’m not so confident in my singing skills, but I’m happy that you guys like my voice.」(AiAi)

As she said that a “Bon Bon” sound was heard.

Apparently, AiAi was now holding a musical instrument.

「As usual, I’ll be singing while playing a bass!」(AiAi)

Bon Bonー!

The sound of a thick string of AiAi’s bass was heard.

After that, AiAi started playing a random melody for a while, and then stopped.

「Alright, let’s get started! What song should I sing first? Umm… How about vocaloid song, “Melon”?」(AiAi)

『Melon is an old song.』
『Just how old is that song?』
『It’s old, but it’s a masterpiece without a doubt!』
『AiAi, are you really a high school student??』(caretakers)

「I AM! Geez! Anyway, I’ll sing it now!」(AiAi)

And then, AiAi began to sing while playing her bass.

She began with a vocaloid song, “Melon”, and then she sung various songs such as idol songs, JPOP, ect.

Not only is she good at singing, but she’s also good at playing a bass.

After singing and talking for about 20 minutes, AiAi remembered that there was something she wanted to talk about with her ‘caretakers’.

「Ah, I just remember I want to tell you guys something! But before that, let me drink some water.」(AiAi)

『It’s important to stay hydrated.』
『A streamer must take good care of their throat.』
『Drink a lot and grow up to be a good adult.』
『But don’t drink too much water or you will become a slime.』(caretakers)

「Who are you? My mother? And there’s no way I’ll become a slime! Oh well…」(AiAi)

AiAi opened a plastic bottle filled with mineral water and chugged the water.

「Puhaaー! I’ve been living for this drink!」(AiAi)

『Thus, AiAi has changed her class from【High School Girl】to【Drunk Old Man】』
『From now on, we’ll call her, “AiAi ojii-chan”.』(caretakers)

「Oh, please don’t!ーー Anyway, let’s back to the main topic. What I want to talk is about Genesis Frontier…」(AiAi)

As AiAi looked at the distance, her 2D character also looked away from the caretakers.

「Do you guys think I suck at that game?」(AiAi)

『What happened?』(caretakers)

「I played with my friends the other day. I was a dodge-tank. My role was to attract the enemy’s attention, but I got killed so many times and couldn’t do anything useful…」(AiAi)

『Wait, you just realize that you’re useless?』
『You put all your stat points on AGI, and you expect that you can be useful with that crap stats?』
『How the heck could you get killed with your super sonic speed?』(caretakers)

「Uuu~~ Everyone is so mean…. Well, the situation was so unexpected. The enemy was really strong. I got killed and couldn’t see how my friends beat the enemy, but I had fun.」(AiAi)

AiAi started playing Genesis Frontier just for killing times, so she didn’t really care about getting strong.

She thought that it would be unique if she maximized only her AGI.

However, now that she played with her friends, she wanted to be stronger.

She hated to drag her friends down.

Getting killed was so lame, and above all, she felt bad that she couldn’t do anything useful for her friends.

「Ahh… My friends are really amazing players… As you guys know, Mallow is a mysterious newcomer that could fight equally against Bolg at the last battle royale event… Lux too. She could summon a giant robot to fight for her… I kinda envy them…」(AiAi)

『Surely Mallow-chan is really strong.』
『I don’t know about a player named Lux. Are they strong?』
『Huh? You don’t know her!?』
『She’s one of the main attackers in Dark Night of the Round Table Guild! Of course she’s strong!』(caretakers)

「And those famous players are my friends… Haahh…」(AiAi)

As she sighed, Ai (AiAi) recalled her childhood memories when she was playing with Aoi (Mallow) and Akari (Lux) a long time ago.

Aoi who always followed her back, and Akari who was always scared and hid behind her back all the time have become stronger than her before she knew it.

「I want to get stronger…」(AiAi)

『AiAi-chan looks so down now.』(caretaker)

「Ah, I’m sorry.」(AiAi)

『Hang in there! We’ll always be cheering for you!』
『AiAi, you can do it!』(caretakers)

「Thank you, everyone!」(AiAi)

As an entertainer, she shouldn’t make her followers worry about her.

She grabbed her bass and played a random melody again to get rid of the gloomy atmosphere.

「Alright, the break is over! Let’s sing another song, shall we!? I’ll sing “Relief”, the theme song of this season’s anime, “Geo Sect”! I hope you guys like it! Here I go!」(AiAi)

『I love this song!』
『Do your best, AiAi!』(caretakers)

Thus, AiAi’s singing stream continued.




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