Chapter 57 : Did We Forget Something?


「I left the royal capital and went to Roza without telling anyone.」(Hart)

「I’m sure people from the royal capital will come for you. Invited people are precious for them after all.」(Vince)

Hearing Vince’s words, Sara frowned.

「’Precious’, huh?」(Sara)

Sara remembered the reason why she didn’t tell anyone that she is an invited person.

「That’s right! I wanted to freely travel around this world since I can live normally without feeling tired anymore. That’s why I kept silent about my identity because I don’t want to be restrained by anyone.」(Sara)

「That’s nice. I was always swayed by everyone… That’s why… Sara, Iー」(Hart)

「ーYou want to apologize to me again, don’t you? I said just let’s forget about it. Besides, I don’t think it was your fault that I was separated from Nelly.」(Sara)

Hart might be the one who suggested the knights use a paralyzing drug on Nelly.
However, Sara thought that the bad one was the people who manipulated Hart in the royal capital.

If possible, Sara didn’t want to be involved with such people for the rest of her life in this world.

「Hm? Wait a minute…」(Vince)

Vince made a face as if he just noticed something.

「Not only will they come for Hart, but I think they will come for Sara as well…」(Vince)

「Ah! That’s possible. Sara, you told the knights that you’re an invited person, didn’t you?」(Hart)

「Oh, crap! I should’ve kept quiet about it! At that time, I was really mad at the knights, so I just wanted to threaten them a little…」(Sara)

Sara regretted what she did.

「There’s nothing to worry about. When they come, we can just fight them back like we did before, right? Hart, you too. You don’t have to listen to them if you don’t want to.」(Nelly)

Nelly looked at Sara and Hart with a face of a reliable person.

「But I also think that I have to do something for them because they took care of me…」(Hart)

「That’s what they want. The Goddess said we just have to be in this world. She didn’t say that we have to listen to people in this world.」(Sara)

Sara thought that Hart was such an honest boy.

「Hart, you’re still a child. You don’t have to think about returning the favor. You, and also Allen, always acted as if you have to return the favor toward my wife, didn’t you? But you know? My wife actually wants you and Allen to think of her as your mother and rely on her more.」(GM)

「I see… I’m grateful, but I’m not a child anymore.」(Allen)

Allen and Hart lived with the Guild Master for now.
And from what the Guild Master said, Sara could take a guess that Allen and Hart were being childs who try to act like adults toward the Guild Master’s wife.

When Allen declined to be spoiled by the Guild Master’s wife, Hart also raised his face.

「I’m also really grateful to her, but for me, my only mother is the one who gave birth to me in my original world, so I can’t think of any other woman as my mother. Besides, like Allen said, I’m also not a child anymore.」(Hart)

Both Allen and Hart made a face as if saying “I’m not a child!”

「Hmm… if you say so, maybe it’s time for the both of you to live independently. I’ve taken care of you two for a couple of months, and I know that you two will be just fine by yourself.」(GM)

Hart, a 14-year-old child who didn’t originally live in this world, got excited after hearing the word “Living independently”.
In Japan, children his age normally didn’t live by themselves after all.

However, it was a normal thing in this world.

Allen for example.
He had been living by himself for several months after his uncle died.

「In that sense, living in Demon Mountain is like living alone independently. Even though I live with Nelly, I have to do the cleaning, the laundry, and the cooking myself. I also have to collect herbs to make money for myself.」(Sara)

「Umu… Looks like the one who can’t live independently is me now…」(Nelly)

「Oi, Nefeltally, you depends on Sara too much.」(Vince)

Vince made a tsukkomi, but Nelly completely ignored him.

「Say Sara, you’ve been living in Demon Mountain for more than two years, right? Are you not bored living in a place without people?」(Hart)

「No, I’m not bored at all. At first, I was afraid of monsters and couldn’t get out of the hut for a while. However, I live a fun life with Nelly everyday. Indeed it was tough at the beginning, but then I can go hunting gargoyles, golden trouts, and cockatrice with Nelly. Besides…」(Sara)


Sara hesitated to continue talking.
She wasn’t sure if she wanted to include ‘this one’ in her ‘fun life’.

However, Nelly laughed and told Hart before Sara could change the topic.

「You know what? Recently, Sara began to feed the alpine wolves around the hut.」(Nelly)

「I’m not feeding them! I’m just throwing away our leftover food at them!」(Sara)

「Fufu. Is that really so?」(Nelly)

Sara turned her face away from Nelly.
And what was in her sight next was Hart’s face with his sparkling eyes.

「Wolves!? So you’re friends with wolves!? So cool!」(Hart)

「They’re not my friends!」(Sara)

「How many wolves are there?」(Hart)

「….Umm… I think there are about ten…」(Sara)

「Ten!? Ten wolves!? Do they all live in your house!?」(Hart)

「It’s not my house. It’s Nelly’s hut. And they live outside the hut’s barrier, not inside.」(Sara)

「Kuuh! It makes me want to go to Demon Mountain even more! Besides, If I stay in Demon Mountain, the people from the royal capital won’t be able to come after me, right?」(Hart)

Certainly, the only knight who was able to go to Demon Mountain was the leader of the platoon that had been sent to search for the girl Nefeltally left alone (Sara).

「Well, I don’t mind if you want to come. Looks like you and Allen can withstand my magical pressure no problem.」(Nelly)

Nelly then looked at Sara and asked her.

「You don’t mind either, right?」(Nelly)

「Un. Friends coming to our house to play is a wonderful thing after all!」(Sara)

「No, it’s not a house! Demon Mountain is a dungeon full of monsters!」(GM)

Sara thought Vince would make a tsukkomi, but this time, the one who did that was the Guild Master.

「If you really want to go to Demon Mountain, you have to focus on building your strength. That’s why we’re here now.」(GM)


Hart nodded obediently as if he had completely forgotten that he said he wanted to go back to town to buy camping equipment earlier.

There’s a saying, “Once your goals are set, you will focus on working towards them.”

「Allen, looks like I can’t go to a dungeon with you for a while.」(Hart)

「You want to practice long distance walking in the grassland for a while, right? But we have to hunt horned rabbits on our way home. We have to get enough money to live properly everyday.」(Allen)

「’We’? So you will come with me?」(Hart)

「Hart, you might not realize it, but you’re easy to get distracted. It will be dangerous if you walk in the grassland alone.」(Allen)

「Th, That’s…. Uhh….」(Hart)

Hart turned his eyes away.

Perhaps, he remembered the time he got distracted by the horned rabbits and left the formation when they were running on the grassland.

「Besides, I also want to go to Demon Mountain. I won’t let you go there without me.」(Allen)

「So that’s your true intention, huh…?」(Hart)

Watching them from the side, Sara was looking forward for them to come to play with her in Demon Mountain.




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