Chapter 72 : Two Men Sitting At A Round Table


Dark Night Round Table had a guild houseー No, a castle called ‘Camelot’ in Area 1 which was the largest guild house in the game.

No one knew how much money the guild members had paid to buy such a large guild house, but it wasn’t weird if they could buy it because Dark Night Round Table was the strongest guild in the game.

And now, there were two players sitting at the huge round table inside the Camelot.

One was a man wearing a black and white coat, and the other one was a man wearing a ghillie suit.

The man with black and white coat was sitting on a chair with a serious look on his face while the man with a ghillie suit was sitting on the table while crossing his arms and grinning at the man with coat.

「Shin, is it true?」(man with coat)

「Yeah, Gray. If Lux’s report is true, the player named Mallow is without a doubt The Arbiter of the Netherworld owner.」(man with ghillie suit)

Listening to Shin, the man with ghillie suit, Gray, the man with coat, sighed.

「I’m not really sure if we’re lucky or not, but I finally have a chance.」(Gray)

「What do you mean?」(Shin)

「I’ve been wanting to invite her to join our guild but I couldn’t find the right timing. Now that I got a chance, I feel like this is my destiny.」(Gray)

「Oi, oi. We’re in a game world. Everything is digital, so I don’t think there’s something like fate or destiny here.」(Shin)

「It’s just a figure of speech. Anyway, did Lux say anything else?」(Gray)

「Nope. Well, she looked like she wanted to tell me something though.」(Shin)

「Is that so? I wonder what she was trying to say…」(Gray)

「Since she didn’t tell me, perhaps it wasn’t important. Let’s talk about that Mallow guy for now.」(Shin)

「You’re right.」(Gray)

The man who Gray called Shin, looked away and muttered.

「Well, I already have an idea what you’re planning to do with her…」(Shin)

Gray could tell what just Shin said from his mouth movements, but Gray didn’t ask him anything.

At least for now.

「I think we should approach her soon. Originally, I should be the one who approaches her since I’m the guild master, but… what do you think?」(Gray)

「If you don’t want to, I’ll go see her. Actually, I have personally been interested in her since the last battle royale event.」(Shin)

「No. I can’t allow you to go. Anyone but you.」(Gray)


「If you meet her, I have a feeling that everything will go wrong.」(Gray)

「Cih. That’s too bad.」(Shin)

「The Arbiter of the Netherworld can become a powerful force for us. I’d like to get Mallow’s approval before the next World End Quest occurs if possible.」(Gray)

「Is it really true that there will be another World End Quest in the near future?」(Shin)

「According to this guild’s game story research team, there’s no doubt it will occur soon.」(Gray)

「Such as ‘world story’ or… ‘grand story’, huh?」(Shin)

「Yeah. The God of CreationーNo, should I call it The God of Destruction instead? Either way, it seems that the World End Quest has been decided since that god created this world.」(Gray)

「So you mean that god created this world so that he can destroy it later? Well, I don’t hate that kind of plot, but as a player, it would be hard to play this game if all the safe areas were destroyed.」(Shin)

「And as the players, our duty is to prevent that destruction. Am I wrong?」(Gray)

「Haha! You’re absolutely right.」(Shin)

Gray was still expressionless, while Shin was laughing.

「If we’re really going to fight in a great battle, I think you should be the successor to The Arbiter of Water. I mean, Lux has talent, but her personality is just… you know…」(Shin)

「Well, she’s a shy person. However, she always accomplished her tasks well. The weapon she used also matched the ability of The Arbiter of Water, so I think she’s the right person to use that ability, not me.」(Gray)

「If you say so. But I do think that a great player like you should have an ‘Arbiter’ ability.」(Shin)

「You’re exaggerating. But I hope I will get an opportunity to fight an Arbiter boss monster in the future.」(Gray)

「I hope so too. If the leader gets stronger and stronger, the underlings like me can have more time to relax.」(Shin)

「…You’re kidding, right?」(Gray)

「Nope. I’m serious.」(Shin)

「Hahh… You just want to slack off, don’t you? But that’s too bad. I’m planning to order all strong players, including you, to fight on the front line.」(Gray)

「Eeeehhー Oh well, I got your back, Boss. But why are you always being so serious? This is just a game, you know?」(Shin)

「No. Because it IS a game. It will be boring if I’m not taking it seriously, right?」(Gray)

Shin could only shrug his shoulders seeing Gray saying that with a straight face.

He seemed to have predicted that Gray would say something like that.

It looked like they both were probably friends in real life.

「Anyway, the point is we’re going to recruit strong players while making a plan to fight in the World End Quest, right?」(Shin)


「In the end, we’ll just do the things we usually do, huh?」(Shin)


「Hahh… So I can’t relax for a while, then. Well, it looks like the battle will be fun, so I won’t complain.」(Shin)

「It will. As you said, this world is a game, and we’re here to have fun.」(Gray)

「Haha! I can’t agree more!」(Shin)

Gray then looked at his cybertic great sword that was leaning against the wall and muttered while remembering his fight against Mallow at the battle royale event.

「I wish I had met you a little sooner… Mallow…」(Gray)




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