Chapter 73 : Blue Crimson


ーーI had a dream.

A dream about my past a long, long time ago.

The memory when I was just a crybaby.

A recollection of an era when I hated everything.

The experience when I had always been haunted by fear.


I was always alone.

I had never gotten involved with other people.

….There was no particular reason.

It was just, I wasn’t good at dealing with other people.

I didn’t know what they were thinking.

But I knew some of them had malicious intent toward me.

Their words were full of hypocrisy and deception.

Ah, they were really scary.

Even now, I still thinkー

ーPeople are scary.

I couldn’t resist the fear of people, and that’s why I chose to hide.

I hid in a dark place.

It was pitch black like a dark night.

But I thought it was better than the outside.

I was assimilated with darkness before I knew it.

People usually avoided darkness.

Thus, I ended up being estranged from people.

But that’s fine.

That was what I wanted.

I was used to being alone.




At that time, 〇〇〇’s mechanical hand reached me.

The one who brought light into the darkness wasーー




「A dream, huh…?」

Aoi woke up from her sleep.

She got up and looked around.

All she could see was the sight of her boring room.

It had been only a few seconds after she woke up, but she already forgot about the dream.

「Oh, well…」

She decided not to try to recall it, and crawled out of her bed.

It was 9 o’clock in the evening.

She was a little drowsy after dinner so she decided to take a nap, but she ended up sleeping for quite a while.

However, she was glad that she woke up in time because she promised Buncho that she would see her tonight to pick up the ‘goods’.




Yesterday, after Mallow and the others defeated Alter Evil, Mallow finally got the last material to make a guitar, the string.
It was called “Evil Chord”.

Other than that, she also got an accessory called “Evil Soul”.

The items’ name was a little suspicious, but Mallow didn’t really care about it.

After Mallow said thank you to the members who had gathered to help her, she immediately went to Buncho’s shop.

「Howdy, Mallow-chan. I had a feeling that you would come.」(Buncho)

「Are you an esper…?」(Mallow)

「I just had a premonition.」(Buncho)

「Premonition, huh? I didn’t know such a skill existed…」(Mallow)

「This is what so called ‘woman’s intuition’!」(Buncho)

Buncho raised a thumbs-up and winked at Mallow as she said that.

「I don’t think it has something to do with ‘woman’… Anyways, I’ve got all the materials.」(Mallow)

「Hooー! All of them are items of the highest quality! Amazing! If I sell them, I’ll be the richest player in the game!」(Buncho)

「If you sell them, I’ll turn this store into dust with my axe.」(Mallow)

「Haha! Relax, I’m just kidding.」(Buncho)

While laughing, Buncho started operating the menu, working on making a guitar.

「Ahh, Mallow-chan.」(Buncho)

「What’s wrong?」(Mallow)

「It will take some time for the guitar to be finished.」(Buncho)

「I see. How long?」(Mallow)

「A day at least. So it will be finished tomorrow.」(Buncho)


Mallow blatantly dropped her shoulders and made a disappointed face.

「I see… Well, there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll come again tomorrow, then.」(Mallow)

「Ui~ See you tomorrow~」(Buncho)




After getting up from her bed and logging in to the game, Mallow hurriedly ran to Buncho’s shop.

She slammed open the shop’s door and shouted.

「Is it finishedー!?」(Mallow)

「O, Ou… Mallow-chan, you’re so energetic today.」(Buncho)

While looking at Buncho’s surprised face, Mallow walked toward the counter.

「You came at the right time.」(Buncho)

「What do you mean?」(Mallow)

「Your guitar has just been completed.」(Buncho)

「Uwoo! Really? Really!?」(Mallow)

「Yup. I’ll send it to you now. Make sure to receive it.」(Buncho)

As soon as Buncho said that, a message appeared in front of Mallow saying,『Buncho sent you【Blue Crimson】, do you want to receive it? [YES] [NO] 』

Mallow immediately pressed the ‘YES’ button, opened her item box, and took out a guitar-type weapon called “Blue Crimson”.

It was an electric guitar with a blue flame pattern drawn on it.

It had a beautiful shiny body and silver strings.

It was like a kind of work of art.

Mallow nervously put her finger on the strings and strummed it.





Mallow was impressed by the beautiful and clean sound that was beyond her imagination.

「It will require some DEX, but it can strengthen your offensive and defensive power when you use it. You can also give your enemies a weakening effect. Well, you said that you won’t use it for battle since you never spent your stat points on DEX, so it’s an unnecessary explanation for you, huh.」(Buncho)

「Haha. Right.」(Mallow)

「By the way, would you like to play a song for me?」(Buncho)


Mallow put her fingers on the strings and started playing a melody.

It was a warm-up melody that she composed herself.

She usually played this melody to check the tone of her guitar.

After about three minutes of playing guitar, Mallow ended the melody with a strum.



Buncho applauded with an impressed face.

And then, Mallow bowed at Buncho.

「Buncho-san, thank you very much for the guitar!」(Mallow)

「Un. You’re welcome! I’m glad to have heard your song. You’re really good at playing a guitar.」(Buncho)

Saying that, Buncho once again applauded.


Mallow strummed her guitar and made a cool pose to hide her embarrassment.




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