Chapter 58 : Who Are There Are…


The next day, after Sara and Nelly saw off the other party members returning to Roza, they headed for Demon Mountain.

「Since people will come to visit, we need to redecorate our hut!」(Sara)

Sara looked excited about this.

「Not only Hart and Allen, but the adults will also come, right? There won’t be enough room, so can I stay in your room when they come?」(Sara)

「Of course.」(Nelly)

The rooms in the hut were originally designed for two people with two beds, and since there were three rooms, the hut could accommodate six people.

「If I sleep in your room, we will have two rooms for the guests. One room for Hart and Allen, and the other room for the adults.」(Sara)

「Umu. And we still have the attic room in case we don’t have enough rooms for them.」(Nelly)

「The attic room… I’ve never entered that room.」(Sara)

Sara knew there was a staircase leading up to the attic room, but she thought that was just a room for storing luggage.

「Do we have a bed there?」(Sara)

「Hmm… I don’t know about bed, but I feel like there’s a small storage bag there.」(Nelly)

Even though Nelly has lived for many years in the hut, her knowledge about the hut was vague.

While they were talking about the hut, they arrived at the entrance to Demon Mountain before they knew it.

They kept walking toward the entrance while being attacked by the horned rabbits as usual, but then Nelly suddenly stopped walking.



Nelly made a face as if she just remembered something.



Nelly looked at Sara with a troubled face.

「We forgot to go shopping…」(Nelly)

「Aaー! The date!」(Sara)

They were planning to go shopping once they were done with Allen and Hart’s training, but they completely forgot and went straight back to Demon Mountain.

「It’s not your fault. I also completely forgot about that. It’s Guild Master and Vince’s fault for forcing us to come along!」(Sara)

「But, if only I remembered our promise… Sara, the next time we come to Roza, I’ll buy the whole store for you!」(Nelly)

「Wait, I just want some clothes, not the whole store!」(Sara)

Sara sighed as she made a face as if saying, “That’s Nelly for you”.

「The next time we go to Roza, let’s stop by the clothing store before going to the guild! I won’t let anyone get in the way of our date next time!」(Sara)

Looking at Sara being so enthusiastic about that, Nelly smiled gently at her.

「That’s right! I’ll try not to forget it next time.」(Nelly)

「But Nelly, I think you should practice to control your magical power pressure like Chris so that you don’t have to worry about other people when we enter the store.」(Sara)

「Umu. You’re right.」(Nelly)

It was difficult for people who had high magical power pressure to live in town, but Allen, Vince, and the Guild Master managed to live normally.

However, Chris was on a whole different level.
Because he could control his magical power pressure really well, many people gathered around him.

「Just because it’s a pain to do, you have no reason not to control your magical power pressure, right?」(Sara)

「Yeah, you have a point.」(Nelly)

After Nelly nodded awkwardly, they continued walking toward Demon Mountain.




After being greeted by the alpine wolves as soon as they arrived at the hut, Sara immediately went to the attic room to check it out.
It was dusty but there were no luggages, and it was quite large.

The storage bag Nelly talked about was in the corner of the room.
Inside the bag were four wooden frames for the bed and four sets of mattresses.

However, Sara thought if she didn’t use the bed frames and only use the mattresses, there would be more space, and a few more people would be able to sleep in this room.

「Three normal rooms on the first floor only enough for six people including me and Nelly, but we can accommodate four more people in this attic room, so this hut will be enough for ten people. If they are okay with sleeping on the floor, perhaps this hut can accommodate more than twenty peopleー No, no. There’s no way that many people will come to visit us here. I think it’ll be fine as long as Hart, Allen, and the adults can stay here.」(Sara)

While mumbling to herself, Sara was thinking about how she would arrange the room.

She took out the mattresses from the storage bag to check its condition, and put them back after confirming that they were good to use.

「Alright. Looks like we can use this room.」(Sara)

Now that she had secured rooms for everyone, all Sara could do was wait for them while hoping that Allen and Hart’s training went well.

「It took me two years to be able to walk from here to town. I wonder how long it will take for Allen and Hart.」(Sara)

Even though she wondered like that, Sara was sure that it wouldn’t take that long for them because they were way stronger than the weak Sara two years ago.

「I’m looking forward to seeing them again when I go to Roza next time.」(Sara)

Since Nelly returned, Sara has been enjoying her life living in the mountain hut.
Of course she also had a lot of fun living in Roza with Allen, but at that time, she always worried about Nelly, so it’s hard to say that she had lived to the fullest while in Roza.



Aside from preparing rooms for the guests, Sara lived her daily life as usual.
Doing chores, collecting herbs, and hunting monsters with Nelly.
And ten days had passed before Sara knew it.

Now it’s time for Sara and Nelly to go to Roza as usual.

After she finished packing her luggage in her backpack, Sara stood up, looked in the direction of Roza Town, and shoutedー

「Wait for us! We will definitely go shopping this time!」(Sara)


And then, the two of them enthusiastically headed for Roza.

After being sent off by the alpine wolves, they kept walking through the mountain road until they reached the resting place in the grassland.

They decided to set up camp there, but there were already three people occupying the place.
One of them was lying on the ground while blocking the sunlight with one hand, while the other two looked back as Sara and Nelly approached them.



The two people who looked back at Sara and Nelly were Allen and Hart.

Sara knew that Allen could definitely walk this far, but she was surprised that Hart was also able to reach the end of the grassland in just ten days.

「I’m not ‘Onee-san’, I told you to call me Nelly, didn’t I?」(Nelly)

「Allen! Hart! And…」(Sara)

Sara looked at the person who was lying on the ground.


There was only one person who took such a rude attitude toward Sara.

「Tedd? Why are you here?」(Sara)

「…It’s none of your business…」(Tedd)

「Where are the adults? Did you guys come without even an adult to look over you?」(Sara)

Sara looked around, but there were only three of them there.

「What are you talking about? I AM the adult!」(Tedd)


Certainly, Tedd was over 20 years old, but Sara didn’t think that he had the capability of being a guardian.

In the first place, Tedd hates Allen’s magical power pressure, so that means he doesn’t have much magical power.

Sara wondered, “isn’t it dangerous for a normal person like Tedd to be in this grassland?”

「Seriously? But despite being the adult who looks over them, you look the most tired here.」(Sara)

「I’m not tired. I’m just looking at the sky.」(Tedd)

Sara felt that there was no point talking to Tedd now.

She then looked at Allen, but Allen made an awkward expression.


「U, Umm… Actually…」(Allen)

Looks like something happened.




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