Chapter 74 : Piano Bar『Ice Jack』


There were two new features added with the implementation of musical instrument weapons in the game, “Tossing Coins” and “Live Venue”.

“Tossing Coins” is a system that allows players who perform music to receive money and low-grade items from other players during and after their musical performance.

Of course, just playing your musical instrument will not activate that feature.
You have to perform in “Live Venue” in order to activate the “Tossing Coins” feature.

“Live Venue” is an area where you can perform your music skills.

There are many Live Venues in the game which are located at the square in Area 1, the park in Area 2, the theater in Area 3, and many other places.

If you want to perform there, you have to make a reservation first, and then you can perform within the specified time.

The merit of performing music in the Live Venue areas is you can activate the “Tossing Coins” feature and receive money and items from other players.

In addition to getting other players to see your musical skills, you can also get items and money from them.
Isn’t that awesome?

Therefore, most of the players who can play musical instruments wanted to perform at Live Venue areas and made reservations there.

As a result, you have to wait at least 3 days to be able to perform at popular areas, and several hours at less popular areas because there were a lot of players who made reservations.

Mallow was not an exception.
She also had to wait until her turn came.

However, she wasn’t so interested in the “Tossing Coins” feature, as her purpose was just to play a guitar in game.

She made a reservation to get a place in Live Venue area because she thought she would get in other players’ way if she played guitar in the middle of a safe zone.

She didn’t care about the popularity so she chose the most unpopular area because she didn’t have to wait long to be able to perform there.

After making a reservation, she had to wait about an hour.

The performance time was about 10 minutes, so she could only perform 3 songs at most.

Even so, after several days of performing, Mallow got fans.

Compared to the performers who perform at popular areas, the number was small, but her fans were steadily increasing.

And today, Mallow also came to the Venue Area to sing for the people who came to hear her song.




「Well, I’d be lying if I said I had no complaints…」(Mallow)

There was a bar called “Ice Jack” in Area 2.

It was a bar managed by a player and was one of the Live Venue areas.

Although this bar had only a few customers, it was a good place with delicious food and drinks.

It was like a secret place where only a few players knew.

The store owner wanted to keep this place quiet, so she never advertised this place to other players.

And now, there was only Mallow and the store owner in the store.

「I see…」(Shigure)

The store owner, Shigure, who was sitting in front of the piano, nodded a little at Mallow without seeing her face.

「You have a guitar with the finest materials and you always play it perfectly, yet you feel somewhat unsatisfied, huh?」(Shigure)

「I know I shouldn’t feel this way, still…」(Mallow)

「I guess you’re just lonely to play music alone.」(Shigure)

Because Mallow had performed at Shigure’s bar a couple of times, Shigure knew what Mallow thought.

「I want to form a band in this game…」(Mallow)

「It’s not like performing with a single instrument is bad, but if you have more instruments in music, the sound will become more colorful, right?」(Shigure)

「Exactly. My guitar is lonely to sing alone…」(Mallow)

「No, no. It’s not your guitar. It’s you who are lonely.」(Shigure)

「Ahaha. I can’t deny it.」(Mallow)

Mallow nodded awkwardly.

「When I see other players performing in a band, I was thinking that it would be fun to play music together with someone like that.」(Mallow)

「I don’t think so. Looks like we have different thoughts.」(Shigure)

「Well, it’s because you’re a loner.」(Mallow)

「Yeah, right. It’s hard to imagine myself playing music with someone. Speaking of loner, if loner has a plural form, will it be ‘loners’?」(Shigure)

「I think that will deny the definition of ‘loner’ itself.」(Mallow)

「So if two loner sitting together, they can’t be called ‘loners’?」(Shigure)

「Ahem. Let’s not talk about loner and get back to the topic.」(Mallow)

「Haha, I’m sorry. But Mallow-san, you’re not a loner, right? You said you have friends. Umm… what’s their name again? AiAi and Lux? Why don’t you ask them to join your band?」(Shigure)


「…Why do you look confused? They are your friends, right? Just ask them.」(Shigure)

「Well, there are two problems before I can ask them.」(Mallow)

「Ho? Like what?」(Shigure)

「First, I’m not sure if I can ask them something like this.」(Mallow)

「Why not?」(Shigure)

「Well, I had a problem with my band in school a long time ago. So, I’m still not sure if I want to ask my friends. Anyway, the second problem is I don’t know if they can play any musical instrument or not. Well, maybe they can, but a recorder or a castanet at best.」(Mallow)

「I think it’s good enough. You have a stringed instrument, a percussion, and a wind instrument. It’s kind of unique, but I think you can make it work.」(Shigure)

「With a castanet and a recorder? Oh, come on. We will look like third graders performing music in an elementary school…」(Mallow)

「Ahahaha! But third-grader little girls playing musical instruments are cute!」(Shigure)

「But those third-grader little girls are actually teenagers! It would just disgust people!」(Mallow)

「No problem. There are some disgusting ‘chuunibyou’ bands in this game, so I think you’ll be just fine.」(Shigure)

「But the level of disgust is different! Teenagers who perform like third-graders is more disgusting!」(Mallow)

「Eh~ Is that so?」(Shigure)


Mallow sighed and laid her face down on the table.

「Will I be able to ask them…?」(Mallow)

「Dunno. But moaning while resting your head on a table like that won’t fix the problem.」(Shigure)

「Geez. I know.」(Mallow)

Mallow fell silent, while Shigure turned to the piano and started playing it.

The tone of the piano was very cheerful, contrary to Mallow’s feelings right now.




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