Chapter 59 : Hart and Tedd


Unlike Allen, who made a troubled face, Hart answered energetically.

「Guild Master asked us if we could look after Tedd.」(Hart)

「No, Iー!」(Tedd)

Tedd raised his upper body up, but then laid back down.

「I have business that requires me to go to the grassland, and I met Allen and Hart outside the town.」(Tedd)

「So that means YOU are the one being looked after…?」(Sara)

Sara sighed as she put her hands on her waist.

He’s been bullying Sara and Allen, but look at him now. Relying on Allen.

「Actually, it’s not “us”. Guild Master only asked Hart, and I’m here just to look after Hart. Not Tedd.」(Allen)

「Ahh, I see… But you guys really amazed me to come this far! I believe Allen can make it, but I didn’t expect Hart, and even Tedd, to make it here, too.」(Sara)

Because Sara had been practicing for a long time to be able to walk to town, she was very impressed that they were able to walk this far in just 10 days.

Hart stretched his chest, looking proud of himself.

「So, how many days did it take you guys to reach this point?」(Sara)

「Because we have Tedd this time, it took us two days and one night.」(Allen)

「Is it my fault we slowed down!?」(Tedd)

Everyone looked at Tedd and thought, “Of course, it’s your fault”.

「But to be honest, I still feel like my feet became like jelly as I walked. This training is quite tough.」(Hart)

The people in the Hunter Guild in Roza didn’t change their attitude toward Sara even after they learned that Sara was an ‘invited person’.

Since Hart now lived with those people, he probably felt like he was treated as an ordinary boy for the first time since he came to this world. Not as an ‘invited person’.

He has become more careful and listens to what people say.

「Anyway, let’s take a break, too.」(Nelly)

「You’re right.」(Sara)

Sara nodded at Nelly, and they sat down on the ground.

「By the way, Tedd, why did you suddenly want to start training? You don’t have much magical power, right?」(Sara)

「None of your business!」(Tedd)

「Are you sure you want to take that attitude against me? I won’t make you tea, then.」(Sara)

Tedd raised his upper body slowly, bowed at Sara and saidー

「It’s none of your business, my lady.」(Tedd)

「Are you teasing me…?」(Sara)

Watching Sara and Tedd, the other three laughed a little.

「You know what? I went to Tedd’s house and had a meal there the other dayー」(Hart)

「Hart, shut your mouth!」(Tedd)

「Eh? Hart went to Tedd’s house!?」(Sara)

Sara was surprised.

She didn’t think Tedd was the type to invite guests over to his house.

「What? I also have a house, you know!?」(Tedd)

「That’s not what surprised me!」(Sara)

For some reason, Hart alternately looked at Sara and Tedd with a smile on his face.

「Actually, Guild Master also went to Tedd’s house with me. It was like a formal dinner because Tedd’s dad, the mayor of Roza, wanted to talk with me because I’m an ‘invited person’ー」(Hart)

「ーHold on…」(Sara)

Suddenly, Sara stopped Hart from talking.

「Tedd’s dad is the mayor…?」(Sara)

「Yep. I thought you know.」(Hart)

「Tsk. I told you to shut your mouth…」(Tedd)

Tedd murmured to himself.

「At first, I didn’t know either because I wasn’t interested in Tedd.」(Hart)

「I see…」(Sara)

Hart then looked at Allen.

「Sorry, Allen. I went without you.」(Hart)

「It’s okay. I’m not an important person after all.」(Allen)

「Honestly, I hate that kind of formal thing, but I had to go as a matter of courtesy.」(Hart)

Sara wondered if she would also be summoned to have dinner with the mayor since she was also an ‘invited person’.

At first, she thought that it would be wonderful because she could eat delicious meals, but then she didn’t feel like going after knowing that the place would be Tedd’s house.

「Tedd, you acted like a young master in your house, but why do you always act differently when you’re outside?」(Hart)

Hart asked Tedd with a curious face.

「Shut up and don’t call me a young master! I just want to be free when I’m outside.」(Tedd)

「Hee… So bullying a child is your freedom, huh.」(Sara)

「That’s…. Tsk! I know, I’m sorry!」(Tedd)

Sara smiled a little as she looked at Tedd who turned his face away.

「By the way, last night after we set up our camp, Tedd said that he would make Allen and me dinner since he used to handling fire to make potions. I thought he could cook, but he failed us…」(Hart)

「Oi, can you just shut up!?」(Tedd)

Apparently, Hart and Tedd get along well.

While watching over them, Sara decided to start making tea, but then she thought of making something else because the air was kinda hot.

「Hmm… Ah, maybe ‘that’ will be a perfect drink here.」(Sara)

Sara took out a jar containing something like red jam from her storage pouch.

Allen raised his voice as soon as he saw the jar.

「Sara, isn’t thatー」(Allen)

「Fufufu. You’re right! This is yabu-ichigo juice we drank after we got a lot of money from selling monsters!… Alright, everyone, give me your cups.」(Sara)

Ever since she drank yabu-ichigo juice in a town cafeteria with Allen (chapter 32), Sara had been wondering if she could find those fruits on Demon Mountain.

In the spring, she found out that yabu-ichigo fruits were also growing on Demon Mountain.

She collected them, put some sugar on them, boiled them, and stored them in jars.

After everyone handed Sara their cups, including Tedd who gave her his cup shyly, Sara put two spoons of the yabu-ichigo jam and poured cold water into each cup.

She then stirred them one by one and handed them to everyone.

「Here you go. Enjoy~」(Sara)

Allen’s eyes were glittering as he received his cup, while Nelly was just smiling.

But Tedd and Hart made curious faces as they received their cups.
They took a sip at first, and stopped moving for a moment.
And then they drank it very quickly.

It wasn’t a strong juice, but it had a refreshing taste, and was best drunk after a workout.

Sara smiled, watching everyone happily drinking the juices she made.


After he drank all the juice, Tedd held his empty cup to Sara.

「Jeez. Can’t you just say, “More please”?」(Sara)

「More please!」(Allen)

「More please!」(Hart)

「Sara, more please.」(Nelly)

「…..M, More… please…」(Tedd)

「Okay, okay.」(Sara)


After enjoying the juice for a while, Sara suddenly noticed something.

「Tedd, don’t you feel anything even though Allen and Nelly are here?」(Sara)

「Come to think of it, I don’t feel anything. Maybe I’ll be fine as long as they don’t release their magical power too much.」(Tedd)

Does Tedd actually have the same level of magical power as them?
But why did he tell Allen to don’t get closer when Allen came to the pharmacist guild?

「And how can you get here? Even the knights from the royal capital got injured from coming here, you know?」(Sara)

「By using body strengthening, of course.」(Tedd)

「So you can also use body strengthening, huh… But why don’t you ever collect herbs yourself, then?」(Sara)

「My job is making potions, you know?」(Tedd)

Sara wanted to ask “Then, why are you here if you have that job?”, but then she stopped because Tedd looked like he didn’t feel like talking.

「Oh, well. I’m not that interested in Tedd anyway.」(Sara)


Unfortunately for Tedd, there was no one like Vince here who would have made a tsukkomi like “Oi, Sara, that’s too terrible” or “Poor Tedd”.

Without a care about Tedd’s irritated face, Sara was thinking about what kind of clothes she would buy when she got to Roza.

She was really looking forward to her date with Nelly.




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