Chapter 75 : Girls Gathering


「Say, Akari…」(Ai)

「What is it, Ai?」(Akari)

「It’s about Aoi…」(Ai)

「Aoi-chan? What, what? What’s wrong with her?」(Akari)

「….Why are you excited?」(Ai)

「I can’t stay still if it’s about Aoi-chan! So, what happened to her?」(Akari)

「Well, I feel like she’s been weird lately as if something has been bugging her mind…」(Ai)


「Why are you so silent now?」(Ai)

「Umm… Actually, I also noticed that something’s been bothering Aoi lately.」(Akari)

「You too, huh?」(Ai)

「Rather than me worrying about Aoi-chan, it’s more like Lux worrying about Mallow.」(Akari)

「Ahh, you rarely see her in real life after all.」(Ai)

「….What? You wanna say that you win because you meet her almost every day?」(Akari)

「Huh? What are you talking about?」(Ai)

「’Real distance is equal to heart distance’ is nonsense. I don’t believe it!」(Akari)

「But if that’s true, I wouldn’t have a hard time, you know?」(Ai)

「Ah, you have a point.」(Akari)

「Let’s get back to the topic.」(Ai)


「What Aoi was worried about was clearly ‘that’, right?」(Ai)


「Yeah. She sure loves music.」(Ai)

「I’m a little jealous.」(Akari)

「You’re jealous because Aoi loves her guitar more than you?」(Ai)

「No, it’s just a figure of speech!」(Akari)

「Ahaha! Anyway, I have a suggestion for you.」(Ai)

「I also have a suggestionー no, a request for you.」(Akari)

「Heeー What a coincidence.」(Ai)

「Maybe it’s because we’re thinking about the same thing.」(Akari)

「Looks like we have good chemistry.」(Ai)

「I don’t want to have good chemistry with you, though.」(Akari)

「Eehh… Why?」(Ai)

「It’s because we are love rivals!」(Akari)

「Lo… huh? I feel like you just unilaterally think that I’m your enemy or something…」(Ai)

「No, I never considered you an enemy, I just thought that you got in my way sometimes.」(Akari)

「This girl… You’re so rude.」(Ai)

「Fufu. I can only be rude to someone like you.」(Akari)

「You’ve never been rude to Aoi?」(Ai)

「Of course! I don’t want her to hate me!」(Akari)

「You really love Aoi, huh… Anyway, let’s talk in more detail in game.」(Ai)


「Alright then, chao~」(Ai)

「See you.」(Akari)






Today, Mallow was performing music as usual.

She played her guitar in the Live Venue by herself.

Straightforwardly, yet relaxed.

She played her music freely.

It was natural because she was performing alone.

Without anyone disturbing her, she could play the melody that came to her mind.

She produced a sound that fascinated people.

The more she performed, the more people came to see her.




-In the Ice Jack Bar-


Mallow drank her beverage, sighed, and made a dissatisfied face.

「Can you stop making that kind of face? That annoys me.」(Shigure)

Shigure said that as if she was looking at Mallow’s face, but she was now playing a piano with her eyes were on the tuts.

「Uhh… Shigure-san, can’t you be more thoughtful…?」(Mallow)

「If I could be thoughtful, I would have made friends with a hundred people and eaten rice balls with them at the summit of Mt. Fuji.」(Shigure)

「But, do you really want that to happen?」(Mallow)

「Well… Not really. In the first place, such an event could only happen on a school trip.」(Shigure)

「Haven’t you gone on a school trip when you were at school?」(Mallow)

「Nope. I always skipped school trips.」(Shigure)



The melody that Shigure was playing suddenly changed.

Perhaps it entered the second verse.

「You never skipped school trips, did you? People would usually think that enjoying a trip with friends is better than enjoying it by yourself.」(Shigure)

「Normally, people will think so, I guess.」(Mallow)

「You’re not old enough to talk about what people usually think, are you?」(Shigure)

「I think I’m mature enough, though.」(Mallow)

「Bluntly speaking, if you think you’re an adult, then stop whining and go ask your friends to start a band together already!」(Shigure)

「Th, That’s…」(Mallow)

「You look so fearless when you’re playing your guitar, but why don’t you have the courage to ask them?」(Shigure)

「…It’s quite difficult, you know?」(Mallow)

「Because you once hurt your band members’ feelings? Listen to me. If you really think AiAi and Lux are your friends, you don’t need to worry that they’ll hate you.」(Shigure)

「How can you say that?」(Mallow)

「Well, I don’t have any basis or reasons since I never had friends. I just say what I think.」(Shigure)

「Uhh… I don’t know what to say…」(Mallow)

Kirin kirinー

Suddenly, the bell on the entrance door rang.

It was rare that there were visitors who came at this hour.

Mallow looked at the entrance and was surprised.

Because the visitors who entered the store wereー


「Hello, Mallow.」(Lux)

「Eh…? W, Why are you guys here?」(Mallow)

「I heard from Buncho-san that you often visit this bar.」(AiAi)

「I see… Well, I found out about this place because Buncho-san told me.」(Mallow)

As Mallow said that, AiAi and Lux sat on the seats facing Mallow.

The two were grinning at Mallow for some reason.

「…..You guys are planning something, aren’t you?」(Mallow)

「Not really. Rather, I thought that you were the one who were planning something.」(AiAi)

「What are you talking abouー」(Mallow)

「ーAoi-chan, no, Mallow, you don’t have enough people, do you?」(Lux)

「What do you mean…?」(Mallow)

「You want to start a band, right?」(Lux)


「That’s why we’re here to help you.」(Lux)

「But none of you can play musical instruments, right? Ah, could it be, you guys want to introduce some people who can play music? If that’s the case, you don’t have to. I’d rather play music alone.」(Mallow)

「Puuー Puuー! What Lux is trying to say is we came to start a band with you!」(AiAi)


Mallow was lost for words.

The two were expecting that Mallow would react like this.

They grinned even more at Mallow.

「Hold on. Both of you never told me that you can play musical instruments!」(Mallow)

「Actually, we’ve been practicing secretly since we heard that your band was disbanded.」(Lux)

「One year is enough to learn how to play a musical instrument.」(AiAi)

「But… for what purpose?」(Mallow)

「Well, so that we can start a band with you. Right, Lux?」(AiAi)

Lux nodded.

「So, Mallow, let’s start a band together!」(Lux)


「You want to perform on stage in a band, right?」(AiAi)

「Yeah, but…」(Mallow)

「Then you don’t need to hesitate! Let’s start a band!」(AiAi)

Mallow still hesitated.

She was worried if she would hurt her friends with her selfishness.

However, AiAi and Lux looked so excited.

「…Are you guys really sure you want to start a band with me?」(Mallow)

「Of course!」(AiAi)

「I’m pretty greedy when it comes to music, so I might ask you to do a lot of things.」(Mallow)

「Don’t worry. We’re fully aware of that.」(Lux)


AiAi smiled at Mallow.

「We are friends, right? We won’t abandon you just because you ask us selfish requests.」(AiAi)

(Ahh… Really… These girls…)

Mallow didn’t know what to say.

She could only smile and nod vigorously.




TL : For those who are wondering why Mallow hesitated to ask AiAi and Lux to start a band, you can read chapter 36 in Aoi’s dream part.




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