Chapter 60 : Chris’ Problem


Even though he stumbled sometimes, Tedd managed to reach the town of Roza the next day.

What surprised Sara was that Hart didn’t look tired when they got to Roza.

「In the first place, I’m just simply not used to walking a long distance. I often go to dungeons, so it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any muscle strength, you know?」(Hart)

Saying that, Hart bent his arms, trying to show his arm muscles, but his biceps were almost flat.


When they reached the east gate, the gate had already been opened.

「That’s weird. Usually, they will open the gate after they see me… Hm? There’s someone’s standing by the gate.」(Nelly)

「That’s Chris-sama! ーーChris-samaー! Did you wait for me?」(Tedd)

Even though he was really tired, Tedd shouted energetically.

Noticing Tedd’s voice, Chris approached us with a troubled expression on his face.

「Tedd, huh? Ah, come to think of it, you went to the grassland.」(Chris)

「C, Chris-sama…」(Tedd)

Chris didn’t seem to be waiting for Tedd here.
That means, there’s only one reason why Chris is here.

As soon as Sara found out the reason, she facepalmed.


「I knew it!」(Sara)

However, Chris’ voice sounded a little sad.

Chris approached Nelly and suddenly hugged her.

「W, What are you doing!?」(Nelly)

Nelly raised her fist, trying to punch Chris, but then she stopped after seeing Chris’ face.

「Oi, Chris, what happened? Why do you look so desperate?」(Nelly)

「I don’t wanna leave you!」(Chris)

「Huh? Anyway, can you let me go first!?」(Nelly)


「What the heck is wrong with you!?」(Nelly)

Nelly was so confused because Chris suddenly acted like a child.

Looking at them, Sara sighed, looked up at the dusk sky, and muttered.

「…Looks like we can’t buy clothes today….」(Sara)

「Then, should I go with you? Like when we bought tents together.」(Allen)

「Thank you, Allen, but…」(Sara)

Sara was grateful to Allen, but she wanted to go with Nelly.

「I also want to buy Nelly some clothes.」(Sara)

「Ah, I see.」(Allen)

「If I only bought clothes for me, I have a feeling she would say something like, “Now that you got your clothes, we don’t have to go anymore.”」(Sara)

「Is that so?」(Allen)

Sara approached Nelly and Chris.

「Nelly, Chris!」(Sara)

Sara had a feeling this wasn’t going anywhere, so she called them both.
However, she only talked with Nelly.

「Nelly, you’re tired, right?」(Sara)

「Hm? Not really.」(Nelly)

「You are tired… right!?」(Sara)

「Huh? Aaー」(Nelly)

After looking at Sara’s eyes, Nelly hurriedly restated her words.

「A, Actually, I’m really tired! Aahh~ walking from Demon Mountain to this town is really tiring!」(Nelly)

「You want to go to the guild inn as soon as possible and take a nap, right?」(Sara)

「That’s exactly what I’m thinking right now!」(Nelly)

Obviously, they were just acting, but Chris seemed to be fooled by that.

「Ah, you’re tired? I’m sorry for stalling you here. Let’s go to the Hunter Guild, then! But why do you always stay in the guild inn? I told you my house is always open for you, didn’t I?」(Chris)

「Why should I stay at your house?」(Nelly)

As always, Nelly was very insensitive to Chris’ feelings.

After they passed through the gate, Tedd went straight to his house, and the rest of the members went to the Hunter Guild.

While looking at the scenery of the shopping district with regretful eyes, Sara kept walking, heading for the guild.

When they entered the guild, there was Vince, sitting at his counter desk as usual, and the guild master who was leaning against Vince’s counter.
They seemed to be talking with each other.

「Yo! So you come together, huh.」(Vince)

「Where is Tedd? Didn’t he go with Allen and Hart?」(GM)

「He went home. Ah, by the way, he was able to walk all the way to the entrance to Demon Mountain.」(Allen)

「That young master? Really? Hee… I’m impressed. It’s difficult even for the knights.」(GM)

The one who asked the guild master to look after Tedd was Chris, but Sara wondered how could the guild master of the other guild was kinder toward him than Chris, the guild master of the guild he was in.

「When Tedd was in the royal capital, he used to look for rare materials. He even dove dungeons for that. But since he moved here, he has become a little lazy, so I told him to walk to the grassland to train his body.」(Chris)

New facts about Tedd came out one after another from Chris’ mouth, but there was one fact that Sara already knew: he was kinda lazy.

「Well, gladly, he managed to come back to this town safely. If he still didn’t come back until tomorrow, I’m sure the mayor would send a search team to look for him. Hahaha!」(Vince)

Vince laughed, but it was too black humor to laugh at it.

「Chris, since you came with these guys, have you told them about ‘that’?」(Vince)

「Not yet. We need a room to talk.」(Chris)

「Oi, I told you my office is not a meeting place!」(GM)

Ignoring the guild master, they all went to his office.

And then, Chris began to talk with a serious face.

「Actually, I got a request from another town.」(Chris)

「A request? Is it a special request like dragon subjugation quest that addressed to Nelly?」(Sara)

That reminded Sara about the quest that made her apart from Nelly.

「I’m the head of the Pharmacist Guild, so I’m not in the position to accept such quests. But… Hahh….」(Chris)

「What’s wrong? Just say it quickly that you got a request to work in another town.」(GM)

「Jay! Can you just shut up!? I can say it myself!」(Chris)

「Because you took too long!」(GM)

So Chris will move to another town, huh?

「I think you should go.」(Nelly)

Said Nelly without knowing Chris’ feelings.

「Which town?」(Nelly)

However, Nelly seemed interested.
She asked as she leaned forward.

「…Camelia Town.」(Chris)

「Ah, a big town in the west, huh? Come to think of it, the breeding season of swamp poisonous frogs will begin soon.」(Nelly)

「Yeah… They are good materials to make detoxifying potions, but they have been multiplying too much lately.」(Chris)

「I see. But if the people there just don’t have enough manpower to deal with the frogs, they can just call some ordinary pharmacists to come, right? Why Chris?」(Nelly)

「They want me to educate beginner pharmacists in Camelia. For now, there’s only one pharmacist school in this country which is located in the royal capital, but it looks like they want to create another pharmacist school in Camelia.」(Chris)

「So you’re going to become a school principal!?」(Sara)

The one who responded was Sara.
She didn’t even know that there was a pharmacist school in the royal capital.
She thought that anyone could become a pharmacist after knowing that even a jerk like Tedd could become one.

「Yeah. They most likely will appoint me as the principal.」(Chris)

Nelly stared at Chris with her mouth open.

「Do you hate that kind of job?」(Nelly)

「I don’t hate it. In the first place, a guild master like me has the role of managing and educating people.」(Chris)

「Then, why are you complaining?」(Nelly)

「…Are you seriously asking me that?」(Chris)

Chris hit the desk and stood up.

「It’s because… Nef! I don’t wanna leave you!」(Chris)


「Why do you think I want to stay in this boring town of Roza? It’s because you always come here!」(Chris)

「I, I see… I thought you stayed in this town for a laudable purpose. Looks like I was wrong…」(Nelly)

The guild master and Vince were looking at Chris with pitying eyes.

「So you will refuse the request?」(Sara)

Sara asked curiously.

「No, I will refuse. I know we are short of pharmacists in this country, butー」(Chris)

ーKnock knock

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door from outside.

「Guild Master, there’s a guest for you.」(guild receptionist)

「Geez. Why do they come at this timing?」(GM)




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