Chapter 77 : Lux’s Circumstances


(I should tell them, but…)

There was something bugging Lux’s mind right now.

She wanted to break through the current situation as soon as possible.

However, she was a shy person. She didn’t have the courage to tell ‘them’.

(No… I have to tell them!)

But, there was something that deeply motivated Lux.

She, who always looked weak, now looked kind of reliable thanks to that motivation.

She has changed since she reunited with her beloved old friend.

(I need to stop being a person who is always swayed by other people!)

She braced herself and approached a man.

「A, Assassin-san…」(Lux)


The man called Assassin looked at Lux a little intimidatingly.

「There’s something I want to tell you…」(Lux)




「…….She’s so late… Looks like she won’t be coming….」(AiAi)


Currently, AiAi and Mallow were waiting for Lux in Mallow’s “Rehearsal Room”.

“Rehearsal Room” was a feature that had been added together with the “Live Venue”.

It was a private space where you could enter by entering the password you had set up on the menu screen.

You could invite your friends and freely use the space to practice musical instruments in private.

Mallow, AiAi, and Lux had planned to meet at Mallow’s Rehearsal Room to practice today.

However, after waiting for a long time, Lux still hasn’t come.

It was unusual for a punctual person like Lux to be this late.

「I wonder what happened to her…」(AiAi)

AiAi and Mallow began to worry.

「Did she get into trouble? Or did she forget the password…? Anyway, I’m messaging her now.」(Mallow)

Worrying about her friend, Mallow decided to contact her.

But when she opened the mail menuー

「Guys, I’m sorry, I’m late!」(Lux)

ーLux suddenly appeared in the Rehearsal Room.

Mallow and AiAi were relieved to see the person they were waiting for finally came.

However, their relieved faces turned back to worried faces after they saw Lux’s expression.

Lux looked like she was about to cry.

Mallow and AiAi remembered that expression.

Lux always made an expression like that when she ran into trouble when she was at elementary school with Mallow and AiAi.

Therefore, Mallow and AiAi immediately asked her with worried faces.

「「What happened!?」」(Mallow & AiAi)

Lux hesitated at first, but then she began to talk.

「Actually… I belong to a guild called Dark Night Round Table.」(Lux)


「…Umm… That’s it? Is that your reaction?」(Lux)

「Eh? Do you want us to say, “Whoa, amazing!”?」(AiAi)

「Not really…」(Lux)

Apparently, Mallow and AiAi’s reaction was different from what Lux expected.

「I’m actually a founding member in that guild. Gray-san, Assassin-san, and I started the Dark Night Round Table a long time ago.」(Lux)

「Whoa… this one surprises me.」(AiAi)

「I never thought a shy girl like you started a guild with other people…」(Mallow)

「…To tell the truth, I just happened to be helped by Gray-san when I was a beginner, and since then, I was being swayed by him and his friend, Assassin-san, and ended up being a founding member of the guild…」(Lux)

「Ah, I see…」(Mallow)

Mallow and AiAi could imagine what had happened to Lux.

「The guild grows bigger and bigger as time goes on. It’s getting stricter, and it’s getting harder and harder for me to meet the daily quota… I have been thinking of quitting the guild since it became an uncomfortable place for me…」(Lux)

「Umm. I understand why you want to quit.」(Mallow)

「What’s good about guild quota? The best thing about a game is that you can play it however you want!」(AiAi)

「Un. I always wanted to quit but I couldn’t tell the leader. But today…」(Lux)

「You were finally able to tell them that you want to quit?」(Mallow)


「Ohh! Good for you!」(AiAi)

「Un! You did great! For a shy girl, you’re very brave!」(Mallow)

Mallow and AiAi applauded, but Lux didn’t look happy at all.

「But… The leader, Gray-san, didn’t want me to quit. When he asked me for an explanation, I told him that I’m now in a band with my friends, so I can’t participate in guild activities like I used to.」(Lux)

「I see. And then?」(AiAi)

「And then….」(Lux)

Lux glanced at Mallow.


「Gray-san said, “Before you quit, I want to talk with Mallow”.」(Lux)


Mallow looked at Lux with a puzzled expression.

Now that she realized that the main topic of the conversation had changed from about Lux to about her, Mallow started to panic.

「Eh? Why? Why me? What does he want from me?」(Mallow)

「I don’t know. He didn’t tell me. But from Gray-san’s expression at that time, he seemed to be interested in you.」(Lux)

「But I’m not interested in him!」(Mallow)

「Haha. Of course.」(AiAi)

「That’s why… I have a request for you…」(Lux)

Saying that, Lux looked at Mallow with a cute upward gaze.

Mallow had a bad feeling about this, but she couldn’t refuse Lux’s request after Lux stared at her with such a cute face.

「U, Uhh… What is it?」(Mallow)

「Would you like to go to Camelot, the Dark Night Round Table guild house, with me?」(Lux)




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