Chapter 78 : The Talk


-At the room with a big round table in the Dark Night Round Table guild house, Camelot-

「They are here, Gray.」(Assassin)

「Let them in, Shin.」(Gray)

Assassin, the man who was called ‘Shin’ by Gray, guided Mallow and AiAi into the room.

AiAi was extremely nervous while Mallow was surprised to see the silver-haired man who sat at the round table in the room.

Noticing Mallow’s surprised face, the silver-haired man asked her.

「…What’s wrong? Please come in.」(Gray)

「We have metー No. We have fought each other at the battle royale event, right?」(Mallow)

「Yeah. I’m happy that you remember me.」(Gray)

Saying that, the silver-haired man smiled at Mallow.

「We have met before, but let me say nice to meet you. My name is Gray, the guild master of The Dark Night Round Table.」(Gray)


Mallow felt like she had heard that name somewhere before, even long before Lux said the name.

TL : Mallow forgets that Gray was the player who had the highest score in the punching machine before Mallow beat his score (chapter 5)
If I remember correctly, Owata Samurai also mentioned Gray’s name before, but I forget which chapter.

Anyway, Mallow thought that she should also introduce herself.

「I’m Mallow, nice to meet you.」(Mallow)

AiAi also introduced herself.

「M, My name’s AiAi. I’m a streamer by the way.」(AiAi)

「Ah, I know about you, AiAi. I watch your stream sometimes.」(Gray)

「Eh? R, Really?」(AiAi)

「Yeah. Playing Genesis Frontier with maximizing only the agility. That’s a unique way to play a game. It’s very interesting.」(Gray)

「Well, that’s… Thank you very much, I guess?」(AiAi)

「Haha. Let’s take aside this topic for now. More importantlyー」(Gray)

After he said that, Gray looked at Assassin who leaned his back against the wall.

「Shin, can you leave us for a moment?」(Gray)

「Oi, that’s so cold of you. I’m also an important person in this guild, you know?」(Assassin)

「Considering your personality, I feel like the conversation would get confusing if you’re here.」(Gray)

「Tsk. Alright, alright. But treat me food or something later, okay?」(Assassin)

「Okay. I found a nice restaurant the other day. I’ll take you there later.」(Gray)

「Ohh, I’m looking forward to it.」(Assassin)

After he was convinced, Assassin left the room.

The ones in the room now were only Mallow, AiAi, and Gray.

After Assassin left, Mallow and AiAi felt an intimidating aura coming from Gray for some reason.

They thought it would be better if the man called Assassin stayed here.

「Alright, let’s talk. You guys already know why I called you here, right?」(Gray)

「Why do you think so?」(Mallow)

「Lux said she wanted to quit this guild because she has started a band with her friends, and the ‘friends’ she mentioned were both of you… Am I wrong?」(Gray)

「……Why are you so sure about that?」(Mallow)

「Lux once told me that she played together with Mallow and AiAi to beat a boss. Considering her shy personality, I don’t think she has a lot of friends.」(Gray)

「I see. Well, you’re right, it was us. But, why don’t you let Lux quit?」(Mallow)

When Mallow asked Gray with a slightly harsh tone, Gray raised his eyebrows and opened his eyes a little wider.

「Wait a minute, I think you’re misunderstanding something here. In the first place, I have no right to stop a member from quitting this guild.」(Gray)


「Isn’t it obvious? This game sometimes encourages players to play together with the other players, but this is a game, so we have to respect individual freedom. There’s no way a guild can stop their members from quitting.」(Gray)

「Then… Why Lux said as if you stopped her from quitting…?」(Mallow)

「Hahh… I thought she knew about it, but it looks like she doesn’t really understand about the guild system…」(Gray)


So this is just a misunderstanding?

Mallow and AiAi looked at each other with a face saying, “Seriously?”

But they couldn’t blame Lux because they were not familiar with the guild system either.

「Well, it’s true that I don’t want her to quit. Her ‘Arbiter of the Water’ is a valuable force for us after all. That power will definitely be needed to beat the World End Quest in the future.」(Gray)

「World End Quest?」(Mallow)

「Ah, Mallow, the Alter Evil we defeated the other day is a part of World End Quest. Its predecessor, the Evil too. World End Quest is…. Anyway, it’s a big quest!」(AiAi)

「Ahh, I somewhat understand now.」(Mallow)

「Exactly. The Alter Evil is probably not the last World End Quest. I’m sure the next World End Quest will occur soon.」(Gray)

「I see…」(Mallow)

「I heard that a monster called ‘Black Hole’ will appear next.」(Gray)

「Black Hole… that’s a cool name.」(Mallow)

「If possible, I want Lux to fight with us, but there’s nothing I can do if she wants to quit. Well, unless she stops playing this game, she might fight too even if she’s no longer a member of The Dark Night Round Table.」(Gray)

「Whether she will fight or not, I think it depends on the reward.」(Mallow)

「Hahaha! You’re right.」(Gray)

Gray laughed bitterly.

「After all, a game won’t be fun if you don’t have motivation to play it.」(Gray)

「I agree.」(Mallow)

「By the way, Mallow, AiAi, do you want to fight the Black Hole with us? It’s totally up to you.」(Gray)

Mallow and AiAi looked at each other.

「We’ll think about it.」(Mallow)

「That’s good. Well then, let’s change the topic.」(Gray)


Mallow felt that Gray was staring at her with burning eyes.

「Honestly, Mallow, I have interest in you.」(Gray)

「…Umm… Are you hitting on me?」(Mallow)

「Haha. Take a guess.」(Gray)

「I have no interest in that kind of thing, but you mean completely different thing, right?」(Mallow)

「Well, that’s a shame. You’re right, that’s not what I mean.」(Gray)

Gray looked at Mallow’s eyes with a serious look.

「Mallow, would you like to fight me one more time?」(Gray)




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