Chapter 61 : Being Alone Once Again


「Excuse me.」(?)

As soon as the guest came into the Guild Master’s room, Hart stood up and approached him.


Sara remembered that she had heard of that name before.

「Hart, I’m sorry I’m late.」(Bradley)

「Don’t worry about it. Everyone here is kind to me.」(Hart)

「That’s great.」(Bradley)

As he heard Hart’s reply, Bradley flashed a smile of relief.

Bradley had pale brown hair and green eyes like Allen
He looked older than Tedd but younger than Vince.

Bradley took his eyes off Hart and glanced at Sara for a moment, but then he looked at the others without saying anything to Sara.

「I’m sorry for the sudden visit. I’m Bradley, an ‘invited person’. I came from the royal capital. Which one of you is the guild master?」(Bradley)

「I am. Welcome to the Hunter Guild of Roza.」(GM)

The Guild Master stood up and spread his arms, making a ‘welcome’ gesture.

Sara has never seen anyone shaking hands, so maybe this is how people in this world greet and welcome other people.

「I hope Hart didn’t cause you too much trouble.」(Bradley)

「Well, he doesn’t for now.」(GM)

「What do you mean by that? I’ve always been a good boy, haven’t I?」(Hart)

「See? He’s not even aware of it.」(GM)


Bradley laughed at the Guild Master’s honest words.

「If only we lived together, I could have taken care of him. Unfortunately, there’s a rule where each ‘invited person’ has to live with a different aristocrat. You know, the people in the royal capital have started discussing which aristocratic family will take care of the ‘invited person’ girl they found in Roza.」(Bradley)


「So the knights told them about Sara, huh?」(Nelly)

Nelly made a serious face.

「Yes. It’s rare for an ‘invited person’ to live outside the royal capital, moreover she’s a girl. We thought that she was under the protection of the mayor of Roza, but looks like we were wrong.」(Bradley)

Sara made a disgusted face imagining herself living with Tedd under the same roof.

「Well, the thing is we don’t know that Sara is an ‘invited person’.」(GM)

「That’s right. She never told us about herself.」(Vince)

Sara was surprised at the Guild Master and Vince’s words.

「For the Pharmacist Guild, she was just a normal girl who is good at picking herbs, so we also didn’t know about that, and I don’t think the mayor knew that she’s an ‘invited person’ either.」(Chris)

Chris said something like that, but Sara knew that the Guild Master, Vince, and Chris have already found out that Sara was an ‘invited person’ long ago.

Sara wondered why they said something like that as if they just found out about her identity.

「I see. I understand.」(Bradley)

Bradley nodded unsuspectingly.

Nelly then asked him with a worried look on her face.

「So… Does that mean there will be people who come to pick up Sara from the royal capital?」(Nelly)

「Yes. They should be ready to go to this town by now. If I’m not mistaken, the aristocratic family that will take care of her is…. Umm…」(Bradley)

Allen, who had been quiet until now, suddenly remembered something.

「Ah, speaking of knights, do you mean the Chancellor’s house?」(Allen)

「Oh, yes, that’s what I’m trying to say. They are a powerful aristocraー」(Bradley)

「ーWait wait waaaait a minute! I don’t wanna go! Not in a million years!」(Sara)

Suddenly, Sara shouted unhappily with an annoyed face.

「Even if you don’t want to, they will still come to pick you up soon. The country has a rule not to leave an ‘invited person’ alone.」(Bradley)

「But I WANT them to leave me alone! Besides, I have Nelly as my guardian!」(Sara)

「Still, you have to be under the protection of an aristocratic family at least until you become an adult. Well, it’s still difficult to leave the royal capital even if you have become an adult, though.」(Bradley)

Sara turned to Nelly, hoping that she would help her.

「Nelly, at what age are we considered adults in this world?」(Sara)

「16 years old.」(Nelly)

「So I have to live in the royal capital for four years!? Hell no!」(Sara)

Sara held her head with her hands.

It wasn’t that she didn’t have admiration for living as an aristocrat.
She loved to wear a beautiful dress everyday.

However, the only aristocrats she had met in this world were the knights, and Tedd, even though he wasn’t from an aristocratic family, he was the son of the most powerful man in Roza.
And Sara didn’t have a good impression of people like them.

She thought that Chris was the only one who had a problem here, but she also had a big problem right now.

「Sara, looks like we both have a big problem… Don’t worry about me and just think about yourself. After I told you all about my problem, I feel a little calm now. Being honest is a good thing. Also, I was able to hug Nef thanks to my problem.」(Chris)

Sara was turned off by what Chris said at the end.

Chris then looked at the Guild Master.

「Jay, enough talk about my problem. I think we should prioritize this ‘invited person’ guest now.」(Chris)

「But Chris, what are you gonna do with that request?」(GM)

The Guild Master seemed to be worried about Chris.
He has been working together with Chris for a long time after all.

「I want to stall it for now. Well, they might forcibly take me to Camelia Town eventually.」(Chris)

「I see… And Nefeltally, what are you gonna do?」(GM)


Nelly was surprised because she wasn’t the person with a problem here.

「Well, I want to consult with Sara first.」(Nelly)

Sara was happy to hear that.

Vince, who was silently listening, looked at the guest.

「Say… Bradley, was it?」(Vince)


「For what purpose did you come? If you want to bring Hart back to the royal capital, then forget it.」(Vince)

「Ahaha… Well…」(Bradley)

Bradley laughed with a slightly embarrassed face.

「Actually… My purpose is the same as Hart’s.」(Bradley)

「Huh? What do you mean?」(Vince)

Everyone was confused.

「I also ran away from the royal capital.」(Bradley)

「Say what?」(Vince)




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