Chapter 1-23 : Fly To The Moon (part 1)


While hearing Aaron and the knights’ laughter in the living room, Mylia leaned against the wall and contacted her Master with telepathy.

『Hello? Master? Are you sleeping?』(Mylia)


『Master, I’m sorry if you’re sleeping, butー』(Mylia)

『ーFwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh~~ NymMmM~….. I’m not sleeping….』(Titania)

『How can I believe you after that long yawn!?』(Mylia)

『If I say I’m not sleeping, I’m not sleeping… I just feel a bit dull… So? What’s wrong?』(Titania)

Mylia wanted to ‘tsukkomi’ again at first but she stopped because it was an emergency.

『Today, the caravan came with Chloe onee-chan’s engagement letter.』(Mylia)

『Eh? Isn’t it too soon?』(Titania)

『Right!? It seems like Baron Hansen can’t wait any longer!』(Mylia)

『I see… It will be difficult to avoid the marriage once they get engaged, right?』(Titania)

『It seems so. Once their engagement is approved by the kingdom, canceling the marriage will require both of the family heads’ signatures. It seems that it can be canceled unilaterally, but it requires a crazy amount of money.』(Mylia)

If the engagement was approved, Baron Hansen would definitely marry Chloe once she turns twelve.

Even if Chloe passed the exam to enter the Girls’ Royal Academy, the school wouldn’t be able to protect Chloe because she had officially become Baron Hansen’s fiancée.

(I have to do something before the knights leave this territory!)

『Humans do like troublesome things… Really…』(Titania)

『Master, I’m planning to destroy the engagement letter. What do you think?』(Mylia)

『Will Chloe be saved if you do that?』(Titania)

『Yes! It looks like they will give that letter to Baron Hansen first to be confirmed, and then they will send that letter to the church in Hamanulle.』(Mylia)

『Ah, I see. If you destroy the letter, the engagement won’t happen, right?』(Titania)

『Exactly. So… Can I use magic on the knights?』(Mylia)

『Of course, go ahead.』(Titania)


Now that Mylia got her master’s permission, she began to think about what to do.

When she looked around the living room, she saw Robin approaching the captain of the knights, pouring sake into his cup, wrapping her arm around his shoulder, and started touching his body all over.

(Uhh… the hell is she doing? I feel like I’m seeing something I shouldn’t see…)

The captain seemed pleased with Robin’s ‘hospitality’.

(As expected from a woman who was divorced for cheating on her husband….. Don’t tell me… She always does this to the captain every time he comes here?)

Mylia looked away, trying not to pay attention to them.

『…lya…… Mylia… Oーi, Mylia, are you listening?』(Titania)

『Ah, I’m sorry, Master.』(Mylia)

『What happened?』(Titania)

『No, nothing. It’s just… Robin is…』(Mylia)

『Robin? Your divorced older sister? One sec, I’ll use clairvoyance… let’s see… Uwaahh… Your older sister is so shameless…』(Titania)

『I never thought of her as my older sister.』(Mylia)

『Haha. Right…』(Titania)

『…Master, as you know, I have never used magic on people before, so…』(Mylia)

『Fufu. Mylia, you’re such a good girl. I’m glad you told me first.』(Titania)

『Rule number 1 : Make sure to tell Master first if you want to use magic on people. Rule number 2 : Use magic without hesitation if you feel in danger. Rule number 3 : Use magic without hesitation when you want to help someone in trouble. Rule number 4 : Do not use magic carelessly in public. Right?』(Mylia)

Mylia mentioned the rules Titania gave when Mylia became her disciple.

Mylia was happy because it was like family rules.

In her previous life, her family had never had rules like: what time curfew is, what time dinner is, who should clean up the house, ect.

Her good-for-nothing father pushed all the housework to her as if she was the housekeeper.

But now, Titania loved Mylia like her own child.

Mylia was glad that she reincarnated into this world and met Titania.

『Master, I remember all the rules.』(Mylia)

Hearing Mylia’s honest voice, Titania broke into a smile.

『Un! Good girl, good girl! I’m glad you remember the rules. And? What are you gonna do?』(Titania)

『I think I will simply paralyze the captain and steal the letter.』(Mylia)


『Is it no good? Then, I will use gravity magic to slow him down, and use explosion magic to destroy his clothes along with the letter.』(Mylia)

『D, Destroy his clothes!? Do you want to make him stark naked!? I don’t think it’s a good idea… What if you kill him?』(Titania)

『Don’t worry, I will control the vector of the explosion outwards so it won’t burn his body to ashes.』(Mylia)

『O…kay? But… umm…』(Titania)

Sometimes, Mylia’s weird words, such as “Vector”, “GPS”, “Microphone”, “Sonar”, ect. made Titania’s head hurt.

Titania found that Mylia’s way of thinking was interesting, but she thought that Mylia should be more careful about what she was planning to do.

Besides, Titania thought that using offensive magic wasn’t a good idea for this.

『No, Mylia. Let’s use a different method. It would be bad if people knew that you can use magic. Besides, even if you destroy that letter, that fat ugly baron can just send another one. Unlike the caravan this time, he doesn’t need to form a knight order just to send a letter, so it would be easy to do.』(Titania)

『Ah, you’re right… Even if I destroy this letter now, he will probably send hundreds more letters next time…』(Mylia)

『Right? So, Mylia, I have an idea.』(Titania)


Titania began to tell Mylia about her idea with a bright voice.

『…Do this….. And then… That way…..』(Titania)

『Ohh… I see, I see….』(Mylia)

Thinking that it was a good idea, Mylia decided to follow Titania’s suggestion and waited for the knights to leave Atwood’s territory.

For now, she was just observing the knights in the living room while hearing their laughter.




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