Chapter 1-23 : Fly To The Moon (part 2)


It’s been four days since the knights escorting Baron Hansen’s caravan arrived.

Various lavender products and dried meat had been exchanged for salt, wheat, and other goods.

There were about a thousand people in Atwood territory, so they needed quite a lot of salt and wheat.

However, because the amount of goods that the caravan could carry was limited, wheat and salt that could be distributed to each house was only 10 kg at most.

Wheat and salt alone wasn’t enough to meet the villagers’ food needs, and that’s why the villagers still went out to hunt and grew millet.

Even so, they always looked forward to getting the goods from the caravan every six months.

「Thank you very much!」
「Thank you very much, knight-sama!」(villagers)

The villagers received wheat, salt, and some bronze coins in exchange for the goods they had delivered to the Atwood’s mansion.

Their facial expressions were bright when they received the goods.

「Can I buy these goods this time? Here is the money.」(Jalda)

「Alright, no problem. You can take them.」(captain)

The only merchant in the Atwood territory, Jalda and his son, Jabel, were carrying salt, wheat, spices, fabrics, and iron into their large cart.

(Geh!….That poor merchant family came, huh…)

Mylia was now looking into the backyard from the reading room.

(The caravan is leaving today, right?)

The distribution of products, which took four days, was almost over.

The large carriage of the caravan was now packed with Atwood’s lavender and meat products.

(Ah, Onee-chan.)

Chloe was helping carry goods from one cart to another cart with a gloomy face.

She has been busy these past four days, so Mylia hasn’t talked much to her recently.

Mylia has told Chloe that she would do something about Chloe’s engagement, but she didn’t tell Chloe the details.

(Tonight… Onee-chan, I’ll do something tonight… Magic circulation… GPS activated… Alright, the engagement letter is in the captain’s chest pocket…)

Mylia then looked at Chloe with determination in her heart.

After about an hour of distributing the goods, the knights of the caravan were finally preparing for departure.

It didn’t take long for them to finish the preparation.
Looks like they already started to prepare last night.

In the corner of the backyard, the captain and Robin were talking with each other.

(…I wonder what they’re talking about… Eagle Eye activated… Microphone activated!)

「Knight-sama, see you again in six months.」(Robin)

「I’m looking forward to seeing you again… Here. This is for you.」(captain)

「Maa, I’m so happy. Thank you, knight-sama~♡」(Robin)

As she said that with a sweet voice, Robin received a bottle of perfume from the captain.

(Yikes! That makes me wanna puke!)

Mylia immediately canceled her magic.

(I don’t know what happened between those two in these four days, and I don’t wanna imagine it…)

After the knights exchanged greetings with Aaron, they finally started moving.

(They’re finally leaving, huh… Alright, all I have to do now is wait till night…)

Mylia started practicing magic to calm her feelings while waiting for nightfall.

And then, she took a nap after practicing magic because she would carry out the mission at midnight.




At midnight, Mylia was woken up by the spell,【Alarm Clock】that she had set up before sleeping

(This is magic that Master uses to wake herself, but I’m glad I learned this… Alright, this is the time.)

As Mylia crawled out of her thin bed, Chloe raised her upper body and looked at Mylia.

「Mylia, are you going?」(Chloe)

Chloe asked Mylia with a low voice.

「Un. Don’t worry, Onee-chan. I won’t let you get engaged to that fat, ugly baron!」(Mylia)

「Mylia…. Thank you, Mylia…」(Chloe)

Chloe got up from her bed and embraced Mylia.

「Chloe onee-chan… I will protect you!」(Mylia)

After hugging for a moment, Mylia gently pushed Chloe’s shoulder and slowly opened the window.

When the window was opened, the moonlight poured down through it and illuminated Chloe’s anxious face and Penelope and Jasmine who were sleeping soundly in their beds.

Mylia looked back at Chloe and nodded with a smile.

Chloe tried to reach for Mylia, but then she stopped and folded her hands in front of her chest.

「Mylia, please be careful… If you think it’s too dangerous, please go back…」(Chloe)

「Un, understood. Well then, Chloe onee-chan, I’m going.」(Mylia)

(Magic circulation… Flying magic….【Fly】!)

Mylia jumped out from the window and flew toward the moon.

While hearing the noise of the wind in her ears, she turned her gaze down and saw the Atwood Family’s mansion that was lit by the moonlight.




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      Honestly I’d be surprised if it’s anything more than shoujo ai rather than yuri in reality but I doubt we’ll see any of that prior to the Girls Royal Academy, unless you count the adorable fluffiness between Chloe and Mylia which, to be honest, could probably cross the line with just a momentary lapse of reason on Chloe’s side.

      I do still hope the yuri tag on NovelUpdates that brought me here is accurate but with this level of fluff, so long as the release schedule remains reasonably reliable, I have enough reasons to stay for now.

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