Chapter 74 : The One Who Manipulates The Prince Is… (part 1)


「In the royal palace, everyone is fighting over who will be the heir to the throne.」(Marian)

Princessー Marian-chan explained about the current state of the center of the kingdom.

『Princess Marian who has strong magical power, even stronger than her predecessor, is fit to become the next king!』(princess faction)

『Fools! Prince Elion who has high intelligence, charisma, and sword talent will be the one who leads this kingdom!』(prince faction)

The aristocrats who had different arguments were split into two factions and berating each other.

Marian-chan, who was born first, has the advantage to be the heir to the throne, but she has no intention of becoming the king.

That’s why she tried to make the aristocrats in ‘princess faction’ give up by pretending to be a bad-mannered woman.

However, her plan didn’t go well.

After all, the fight between two factions has been going on since Marian-chan was a child.
Therefore, she couldn’t change the aristocrats’ minds so easily.

The aristocrats of the ‘princess faction’ are really stubborn.
Even though Marian-chan changed her personality, they insisted on making her the king.

「There’s a celebration called “Moon Viewing Party” which is held once every thirty years after someone from the royal family recreated the barrier. If I go home now, that celebration will be held, and I’m sure the aristocrats of the princess faction will encourage my father, the king, to choose me as his successor. I have a feeling they will say shits like “It’s time to give the throne to Princess Marian, the hero who saved this kingdom”.」(Marian)

Marian-chan sighed with a face as if saying, “What annoying people”.

They call themselves the ‘princess faction’, but from Marian-chan’s story, I can tell that these people don’t think about Marian-chan even in the slightest.

All they think is to win against the opposite faction and hope to gain wealth and a higher position once Marian-chan becomes the king.

Well, even if she became the king, I don’t think she would give those people any position in the kingdom.

「However, the prince faction won’t let that happen. They won’t just bite their fingers and watch. They will definitely try to get rid of me before the princess faction can make contact with my father.」(Marian)

Get rid…
In other words, they try to kill Marian-chan…?

「But, are you sure they will do that? If Prince Elion found out, he would punish them, right? Even though you are his rival, you are still his older sister after all.」(Hanna)

After the adventure in the underground labyrinth with her, I found out that Marian-chan has a habit of thinking things in a bad direction.

That’s why I think that she’s just thinking too much this time.

However, Marian-chan looked at me with a serious face and saidー

「I wish I was just thinking too much.」(Marian)


「Hanna, since you live in this city, you know the Sword Fighting King, Bazel, right?」(Marian)

What an unexpected name to hear right now.

Does the chairman have anything to do with this?

「Of course. I know him very well. He’s the person I hate the most after Cecil. He bullied me, kicked me out of the school, spread bad rumors about my store, and he even tried to kill me. To be clear, he is my natural enemy.」(Hanna)

「I see. It’s tough to be you… So you know how bad that man is, right? The one who leads the aristocrats in the prince faction right now is that terrible and cruel man.」(Marian)


The chairman’s fame as a great adventurer has spread throughout the kingdom.

But not only because he was an adventurer, he became famous also because he founded the adventurer school and managed business in Tiaret.

And now, he’s entering the world of politics, huh?

After that, Marian-chan told me that he is also Prince Elion’s sword master.

The Prince was fascinated by the chairman’s strength, and willing to do whatever the chairman said.

If Prince Elion becomes the king, the world where the chairman rules this kingdom with Prince Elion as his puppet will begin.

Uhh… I get chills in my back just by imagining it…

He will definitely burn Egg Tart to the ground for sure if that happens.

「I was thinking of giving up the throne to Elion, but I changed my mind after I found out about this fact. I can’t leave this kingdom to Elion who will definitely become Bazel’s puppet. I have to do something to cut his threads from my brother.」(Marian)

I see.
Now I know why Marian-chan wanted me to give her brother a lesson.

He probably has a really bad personality since his mind has been corrupted by the chairman.

「I can only use blunt weapons which may not be suitable for cutting threads, butー」(Hanna)

「ーbut you might be able to crush the fingers controlling the threads, right?」(Marian)


This is my chance to see the chairman’s miserable face after being defeated!

That alone is enough to motivate me to help Marian-chan.

「But how are we gonna do that specifically? I don’t think using force right away is a good idea.」(Hanna)

Even if Marian-chan, the Princess herself gave me permission, I don’t think I’ll be able to go home in one piece after that.

「During the celebration, Bazel should do something to kill me. I want you to stop him, and if possible, get proof that he is the mastermind behind the attempted murder by capturing the assasin who works for him alive and make them spit out information.」(Marian)

「Fumu, fumu… Okay, I’ll try my best.」(Hanna)

「I’m counting on you.」(Marian)




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