Chapter 74 : The One Who Manipulates The Prince Is… (part 2)


「During the celebration, Bazel should do something to kill me. I want you to stop him, and if possible, get proof that he is the mastermind behind the attempted murder by capturing the assasin who works for him alive and make them spit out information.」(Marian)

「Fumu, fumu… Okay, I’ll try my best.」(Hanna)

「I’m counting on you.」(Marian)

I have a lot of defensive skills that might be useful to protect Marian-chan.
If the assassin used a bow, I can use【Earth Wall】.
If they are a wizard, I can repel their magic attack with【Physical Counter】.

And when the assassin is trying to escape, I can make a cage or a pitfall with my blunt weapon skill to catch them.

Hmm… Isn’t this job surprisingly suitable for me?

The problem is how I will get them to say the chairman is the mastermind…

「Mira-san, is it possible to interrogate someone using drugs?」(Hanna)

When I asked, Mira-san tilted her head a little.

「There is a truth drug. Do you want the one that makes the victim suffer a lot of pain or not?」(Mira)

「It doesn’t matter which one… So it’s possible, right?」(Hanna)

「Yes, but only if you bring me with you.」(Mira)

Uhh, if I told her, “I only need the drug”, I feel like she would never give me one…

「Alright, alright. Let’s go together.」(Hanna)

「Really? Yippie. I’ll be useful.」(Mira)

Mira-san raised her hands up but still with an expressionless face as usual.

Well, I don’t think there would be a problem if I bring her along to the royal capital.

It’s not like we’re going to fight some monsters in a dungeon or something, so it’s very unlikely that Mira-san will be in danger.

「After I use the drug on the assassin, I’ll use it on Hanna and make her say what she thinks of me. Fufufu.」(Mira)

Mira-san muttered like that but I can hear it.

「What are you planning to do with me!?」(Hanna)

「Don’t worry. I’ll use the drug that doesn’t make you suffer.」(Mira)

「That’s not the point!」(Hanna)


What I think of her is already obvious.
Why does she need to use a drug to make me say it?

Looks like I’m not the only insensitive person here…

「Uuuuu…. So I’ll be the only one staying here…?」(Galle)

Galle-chan’s animal ears hang down.

She looked like a crying puppy.

「Galle-chan, it’s already decided that you will stay here regardless of whether Mira-san comes along or not.」(Hanna)

「Kuuunn… Master….」(Galle)

「Ugh…! Even though you made a face like an abandoned puppy, no means no! They will execute you if they find out that you’re still alive!」(Hanna)

「Uuu… I understand… I’ll be a good girl…」(Galle)

「Un. I’m sorry. Good girl, good girl~」(Hanna)

I stood up and patted Galle-chan’s head.

Ah, poor Galle-chan…

I’ll buy you a lot of souvenirs once my job is done!

Looks like my mind has been poisoned by Galle-chan’s cuteness like Prince Elion whose mind has been poisoned by the chairman’s strength…


Marian-chan suddenly cleared her throat loudly.

Maybe she wanted to get my attention back.

Or… she wanted me to stop patting Galle-chan?

I sat back on my seat and turned to her.

「If Elion finds out that Bazel is an evil man, he will surely wake up and be freed from that man’s threads. But if he’s still being an unreliable man who is easily controlled by others, Hanna, I want you to give him a lesson with your blunt weapon. Otherwise, I can’t trust this kingdom to him.」(Marian)

Looks like it would be a really, really big job for me.

However, it is worth doing.

I will have the opportunity to defeat the chairman and improve the future of this kingdom!

Isn’t that great!?

「Hanna, can you do it?」(Marian)

「’Atabou desu’! Marian-chaー No. Princess, I’m your knight, you can leave it to me!」(Hanna)

I stretched my back and hit my chest as I said that.

If I successfully complete this mission, the chairman will be kicked out from the council, and the royal family will fully support me.

And then… I will be promoted to a higher rank!

「Fufu. I had a feeling that you will say that.」(Marian)

Saying that, Marian-chan stretched out her hand toward me.

Maybe she wants to shake hands with me?

But when I grabbed her hand, she pulled my hand and kissed the back of my hand.


She raised her face and smiled at me.

Hold on! I’m the one who should do that to the Princess, right!?

A surprise move is unfair!

「Well then, I’m going back now. Slad and the others must be worried about me right now.」(Marian)

「Worried…? Wait, you didn’t tell them you would go to my place?」(Hanna)

「Nope. I just tried teleportation magic and ーboom! I ended up sitting next to you. They might think that I disappeared all of a sudden.」(Marian)


Slad-san and the others must be panicking right now.

I feel bad for them…

「Then, please hurry up and go back to them before they die of worry!」(Hanna)

「Haha! I know, I know. Please stand by in this town, I’ll go pick you up with teleportation later. Well then, see you!」(Marian)

After saying that, Marian-chan raised her hand and disappeared.


Teleportation magic is really convenient.

「Wait a minute. If she will come to pick us up, that means we don’t have to travel by carriage!? That’s great! We can save money!」(Hanna)

「Eehh….. I want to enjoy my travel with Hanna in a carriage, though…」(Mira)

Mira-san looked dissatisfied, but for me, who hates long trips, this is awesome.

I mean, sitting in a shaking carriage for 10 days is painful, you know! Especially your butt!




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