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Chapter 62 : I Want To Live A Peaceful Life


「Ah, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t run away because I committed a crime or something. Well, there might be people who would come after me, though.」(Bradley)

So he’s also being chased, huh?

「By the way, including me, there are three…. THREE ‘invited people’ in this room! That’s awesome! Hahaha!」(Bradley)

Sara thought that he was the most decent person here, but it looked like she was wrong.

「It’s been more than ten years since I was transferred to this world, and maybe because I had always been a good boy, people in the royal capital started ordering me to do a lot of things for them.」(Bradley)

Bradley sighed as he said that.

「The knowledge from our original world can have a huge impact on this world. Some might be useful, but some others could lead to bad things. The people in this world were not interested in our knowledge at first, but recently, they started using our knowledge to do a lot of things. There are good things, and also bad things… for example, Hart’s paralytic drug.」(Bradley)

「You make it sound like I’m a villain here… Well, that was indeed my idea, though.」(Hart)

Because Hart had apologized about that, there was no one who blamed him anymore.

Bradley sighed reassuringly after looking at everyone’s face.
He was glad that they seemed to accept Hart’s apology.

「I don’t want to answer those people’s questions anymore because I’m afraid they would use my knowledge for something bad, so I ran away by pretending to go on a trip.」(Bradley)

「But sooner or later, they will come to pick you up, right? What are you gonna do about that?」(GM)

The Guild Master pointed out the sloppiness of Bradley’s plan.

「Don’t worry. I told the knights that I would go to a place where they can’t go, so I don’t think they will come after me soon.」(Bradley)

A place where the knights can’t go?
Sara seemed to know about such a place.

「Is it Demon Mountain?」(Sara)

「Ah, ‘invited person’ ladyー」(Bradley)

「Just call me Sara.」(Sara)

「Sara. Yes, you’re right. I want to go to Demon Mountain if possible.」(Bradley)

Everyone in the room was surprised.

Demon Mountain is a dangerous place.
Even hunters avoid that place.

Now that both Hart and Bradley said that they wanted to go there, Vince made a troubled face.

「But it’s too dangerous. I hate to say this, but the knights are actually pretty strong. And those strong people couldn’t even enter the mountain, so I doubt you canー」(Vince)

「ーDon’t worry Vince. I know him. Bradley would be fine.」(Nelly)

Nelly suddenly interrupted Vince.

「I saw him easily killing dragons in the royal capital during the migration of the dragons. In Hart’s case, he might lack stamina, but he also has the power to defeat dragons, you know?」(Nelly)

「If you acknowledged my strength, why did you forbid me to go to Demon Mountain at that time?」(Hart)

Hart pouted, but Nelly just laughed at him.

「Well, if you’re talking about defeating dragons, Sara can also do that easily, you know? She can even kill wyverns without moving a muscle.」(Nelly)

「Hold on… I don’t think I’m a good reference… Besides, I didn’t kill the wyverns. They came after me and hit my barrier. That’s it…」(Sara)

Sara didn’t want to stand out, but everyone looked at her with their mouths open.

「Wyvern, huh…」(Bradley)

「Wyvern!? So cool!」(Hart)

There was one who looked at Sara with glittering eyes, but she ignored him and explained what Nelly was trying to say because Nelly wasn’t good at explaining things.

「Listen. It’s not about whether you can defeat wyverns! In Demon Mountain, there are a lot of monsters. Wolves are always looking for opportunities to eat you alive, slimes that spit acid and poison are everywhere, and there are even big monsters that will ram you like a truck! Not only have to be strong, but you also have to be careful, or else, you won’t be able to live in Demon Mountain. Hart, you might be strong, but you are a bit careless and lack physical strength. That’s why Nelly forbade you to go at that time.」(Sara)

「I see… I can say that my physical strength has improved now, but it looks like I still have a lot to learn.」(Hart)

「Yes. Especially, you have to do something with your careless habit.」(Sara)

「ーAnd that’s also the reason why I’m here now.」(Bradley)

Bradley stepped ahead.

「What do you mean?」(Sara)

「Because Hart is so recklessー」(Bradley)

「ーBradley, please!」(Hart)

「Ahem!….. Because Hart is a little incautious, I will take care of him. I know how to handle him because we have been together in the royal capital for so long, so I don’t think we will have any problems living on Demon Mountain. Besides, I really want to live in a peaceful place where there are not so many people around.」(Bradley)

Said Bradley with a tired face.

It made Sara want to tap his shoulder, but it would be a little awkward so she didn’t do that.

「Is it tough living in the royal capital?」(Sara)

「Well, yeah. The Goddess said I just have to be in this world. I’m happy to have a body that can move freely. Even so, I just want to live somewhere quiet while reading books everyday. However, they kept asking me to fight since I have a lot of magical power. I couldn’t refuse because they took care of me, but eventually, I’m tired from all that.」(Bradley)

「I see. That’s why you ran away, huh? Actually, I’ve prepared some rooms so that more people can live in the hut. But, we don’t have books.」(Sara)

「Really!? Thank you! I brought a lot of books, so don’t worry about that.」(Bradley)

While saying that, Bradley put his hand on his waist pouch.

It wasn’t strange that a quiet person who likes books like Bradley was transferred to this world because he had a sickly body like Sara and Hart in the previous world.

Sara thought that it might be fun living together with them.

Moreover, because they are ‘invited people’, they shouldn’t mind Nelly’s magical power pressure.

「Nelly, what do you think?」(Sara)

「Umu. I don’t mind living with them.」(Nelly)

Nelly seemed to agree with it.

She looked at the Guild Master.

「Will this affect the guild?」(Nelly)

「Not really. But I think it will help this town because the number of hunters in charge of Demon Mountain increases.」(Vince)

Nelly asked the Guild Master, but the one who answered was Vince.

But then the Guild Master denied Vince.

「No, they won’t increase.」(GM)

「Huh? What do you mean?」(Vince)

Not only Vince, but everyone in the room wondered.

「If there’s someone who can be the substitute, I think it’s about time to change the manager of Demon Mountain.」(GM)





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