Chapter 63 : The Place I Want To Go To


「Nefeltally is doing a good job managing Demon Mountain, so why do you want to replace her? Isn’t it too sudden!?」(Vince)

It was surprising that Vince opposed the Guild Master.

「No. It’s a good opportunity. We can see how capable the ‘invited people’ are. Besides, Nefeltally can be free from this town.」(GM)

「But, Jay!」(Vince)

「Just shut up, Vince! Do you forget that Nefeltally came to this town because she was sick of the royal capital!?」(GM)


「ーThat’s why I somehow understand Bradley’s feelings.」(Nelly)

Nelly awkwardly interrupted the exchange between the Guild Master and Vince.

Sara was a little surprised because it was rare for Nelly to express sympathy for others.

「Not only Sara, but apparently all the ‘invited people’ are not affected by my magical power pressure. It will be a little cramped, but I think we can live together in the hut just fine. But, Sara…」(Nelly)


「You once said that you want to go to various places because you now have a healthy body, didn’t you?」(Nelly)

「Come to think of it, I once said that to you.」(Sara)

Since Sara now has a body that doesn’t get tired easily, she wants to do everything she couldn’t do in her previous world.

「Your first goal to go to Roza was completed long ago. Then maybe you want to go to another place next?」(Nelly)

「Another place? Hmm…」(Sara)

Sara has no idea where she wants to go next.

「For example, the town of Camelia, maybe?」(Nelly)


Chris suddenly stood up after listening to what Nelly said.

「I said “For example”! Geez… Actually, I was planning to take Sara to the royal capital for sightseeing, but it looks like it’s not a good time for that. If Sara went there now, she will…」(Nelly)

「She will definitely be chased by the knights, right?」(Vince)

Vince’s voice was mixed with sympathy.

「Say, Nefeltally, you’re from an aristocratic family, right? How about you ask your family to take care of Sara? That way, I think the people from the royal capital will give up on Sara.」(Vince)

「Hmm… I have to tell my family about the situation first, but unfortunately, my parents’ house is no longer in the royal capital. They live in a city far to the south now. Sending a letter and waiting for the reply would take a long time.」(Nelly)

「Ah, come to think of it, you once told me that your brothers didn’t want to live in the royal capital.」(Vince)

There’s a lot about Nelly that Sara doesn’t know, especially about her family.

「Sara, why don’t we go to Camelia before the people from the royal capital come?」(Nelly)

「Eh? But, how about your work here? And how can we live there if we don’t have a job?」(Sara)

Sara and Nelly make a living by selling monster materials and herbs they got from Demon Mountain.

However, Sara didn’t know what to do to make a living in Camelia.

「Ah, you don’t have to worry about that. You just need to make me food and do chores.」(Nelly)

「Right. Sara is the only one who can take care of Nefeltally after all.」(Vince)

Nelly glared at Vince who made a tsukkomi all of a sudden.

「There are dungeons, lakes, and marshes full of monsters in Camelia, so there will be so much work I can do there. Well, we’ll be fine even though we don’t work, though.」(Nelly)

「Ahh, because you have a lot of savings?」(Sara)

「Yup. I think it would be enough for us to live without working for a while. Even if we don’t have money, I believe we would be able to survive. Sara, when you went to Roza for the first time, you were able to survive even though you couldn’t sell herbs, right?」(Nelly)

「Yeah… If only Tedd wanted to buy my herbs, I wouldn’t have to struggle living in this town at that time.」(Sara)

「I’m sorry… You had a hard time because of my absence…」(Chris)

Chris bowed to Sara and Nelly who looked at him with cold eyes.

Suddenly, Vince clapped his hands.

「Anyway, we can decide what to do after seeing these two invited people’s capability.」(Vince)

Saying that, Vince looked at Bradley and Hart.

「Alright, I understand.」(Bradley)

「We can finally go to Demon Mountain!」(Hart)

Bradley and Hart looked so excited.

Now that the conversation was over, there was one thing that concerned Sara.


Hart had Bradley, and Sara had Nelly, but Allen was alone.

That said, the Guild Master would look after him, and he also had a job as a hunter in this town, so there was no reason for Sara to worry about Allen.

Still, she thought that Allen must be lonely.


However, the feeling of loneliness couldn’t be seen in Allen’s bright eyes.

Allen seemed to realize why Sara looked worried.

「Don’t worry about me. I just need some time to think about what to do.」(Allen)

「I see.」(Sara)

Sara then decided to think about herself.

She did want to go to various places.
However, she had no complaints about her life with Nelly in Demon Mountain.

When Nelly asked Sara if she wanted to go to Camelia, she wasn’t very excited about it.
One reason why she wasn’t excited was she didn’t want to be separated from Allen.

「Anyway, we’re done talking, aren’t we?」(Allen)

When Allen asked that, everyone nodded at him.

「Then, Sara. You’re going to buy clothes with Nelly, right?」(Allen)

「Oh, that’s right!」(Sara)

For Sara, Allen was the most considerate person in this roomーNo, in this town.

Sara was now finally able to go buy clothes with Nelly.




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