A girl who aimed to be an adventurer.
But her tool/weapon level of sword, spear and magic staff was zero.
Because of that, she was called “Donketsu-Hanna” by her classmates, and also dropped out of school.
After she found her true pal which was a hammer, she began to show remarkable performance.

A legendary adventurer who is touted as the “Sword Princess”.
She was also Hanna’s foster parent. Due to taking care of Hanna, she had been on hiatus from adventures for a while, but now, she was back at work.
She is the reason why Hanna wants to be an adventurer.

The number one student in Sortlarc Adventurer Academy and a daughter of a legendary adventurer, Sword Fighting King, Bazel Sortlarc.
With her splendid ability of using rapier as her weapon, she overwhelmed Hanna in a duel.

A magician-class dark elf girl student.
She always bullied Hanna when Hanna was still in school.
She loves her jewelry straps that decorated her magic staff.
She reunited with Hanna in an exam to become an adventurer, and then…

A girl who run “Karlight Drugstore”.
She is expressionless and a poor talker.

At a glance, she looks unfriendly, but actually, she is just not good at talking to other people.
She has a rare talent as a pharmacist, but…

The daughter of the supervisor in charge of Ludley Bridge construction site.
She is cheerful, friendly, and loved by the carpenters working there like their own daughter.
But apparently, she has some secret…

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