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Chapter 25 – The Road to Ishua’s Temple

Part C



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We are currently close to Ishua’s temple. Yet I still can’t put my guard down so I control the horse to keep walking while I keep watching my surroundings for any possible threat.


(My charm skill has been turned off for like forever. Maybe I should turn it on now…… If I put Luche and Ianna-san in my party then they would not be affected by my charm skill)



– <Luche> is joining the party!

– <Ianna> is joining the party!

– You activated the skill [Charm].

– You are overflowing with [Charisma]! <Mikoto>’s attention is focused on you.


(Whoa…… Si-since when did……!?)


It seems like a third party had entered the effective area of my skill —- When I wonder about how skillful that person’s stealth is, something happened in the next moment.



– [Charm] automatically triggered! <Mikoto> successfully resisted.


“…… If you just obediently take the assassination backstab, you would not feel any pain when I finish with you. Things just won’t go my way wa ne*”

(Eros: desu wa, desu wa ne are the character’s unique way of speaking. It is considered feminine and high class. Male who use such a way of speaking mostly considered as a drag queen)


(This voice, where did…… Is this person using a stealth-type skill to hide……!?)



– You are attempting to use the skill [Detect]!

– You unravel <Mikoto> from her stealth condition!


The moment I made my conclusion, I immediately activated my skill. And when I did, a presence that was not detected by me until now suddenly appeared at around 11 o’clock from my position.

The one that appeared there is a character job that I have never seen again after my rebirth —- which is a shinobi. She is a ninja girl. Her long black hair is tied in a high angle and her equipment sets are all colored black. Her appearance is the very depiction of a kunoichi, a female ninja.

In Eternal Magia, there are a few Japanese-style character jobs available like samurai, ninja, or miko. There is a continent located in the east which consists of kingdoms with a similar situation like Japan back in the Sengoku era. In the game’s setting, those kingdoms build up their own unique culture which of course, similar to that of Japan in the middle age. It is just that when a player-created their in-game character, they must set the game character origin to the eastern continent if they want to play with those jobs so this girl very likely had to cross over the eastern sea to reach this place.


“Hiroto-chan, are alright by yourself!?”

“Marle-san, leave this one to me! Or rather, it would be best if you go ahead first! I will catch up with you after!”


I stand up against the ninja girl like trying to protect the carriage behind. After safely letting the carriage pass by, I get down from Oracion. The ninja girl is actually waiting for me to finish my other business first obediently —- it seems like she is someone who knows the manner of letting the hero finish his transformation scene first.


(Rather than that…… Her name is <Mikoto> and that way of talking…… Could she really be?)


“For them to leave such a small child behind like this…… That is indeed an interesting course of action desu wa ne. I have been watching you guys since a while ago and isn’t it only the holy knight who has been fighting all along?”

“It was because there was not a need for me to fight personally for your information…… If you want a fight then I will be your opponent. But before that, I have a question for you”

“…… First, can you let me see your weapon? By looking at your weapon, I can make a judgment whether you are really strong or not”


I show my axe to the kunoichi. And when she caught a look at my weapon, her eyes instantly turned glittery like when she is looking at a treasure.


“A-are you for real desu no*……!? That has been upgraded into +7 wa yo ne!? How did such a weapon…… Which craftsman helps you out? Please tell me!”

(Eros: again, desu wa, desu no same feminine way of talking)


For the normal resident of this world, the word [+7] would definitely not be used in normal communication. No matter how a weapon got strengthened, their only comment would range from [it seems to be getting stronger] or [the brilliance changed] and that would be the limit —- so in conclusion.


“…… A transmigator…… rather, are you perhaps Mikoto-san……?”

“!!…… No-no way, are you perhaps…… No, I don’t know anyone by the name Hiroto…… And there’s no way that you are only an 8 years old child desu wa. I after all started at my current age……”

“My name is Hiroto Siegrid…… Mikoto-san, I am Siegrid. If you are the Mikoto-san I know then you should also remember that”


The moment I tell her my name, the ninja girl keeps blinking her eyes a few times. And then she dropped the kunai in her hand to the floor.

After a long silence, the ninja girl’s jet-black pupils started to get blurred. After a moment of quivering breathing…… She runs up straight towards me.

And then —- faster than I could react, she has already put me in her embrace.


“Siegrid…… of [Stairways to Heaven]…… desu wa yo ne……!?”

“Uwa…… That is correct, but…… the-there’s no need for hugging……”


I feel soft all over and I also smell something nice…… No, keep your focus, me! I then managed to calm her down after patting her arms a few times (Because my arms are not long enough to pat her back). After that, I put my hands on her shoulder and we look at each other from point-blank range.

She has a cute and tidy face…… her eyelashes are long with big round eyes underneath. Those eyes are now moist with her own tears. Large drops of tears keep dripping on her cheeks.


“Guild Master…… How I miss you so much desu wa……!”

“…… Even in this world, Mikoto-san still keep using the [desu wa] way of talk”


I take out my handkerchief to wipe her tears. She let me wipe her face while her cheeks slightly became feverish.


“Of course…… I will always be thorough with my roleplaying masu mono. I will keep on using this way of talking to the end masu wa”

“That’s amazing…… My character was too blurry to begin with so there’s no chance for me. I was after all still communicationally challenged back then”

“You did say the same thing back then…… But I don’t see any problem with you though”


There’s quite a height difference between me and Mikoto-san. After she stands up, she then gazes at the kunai that she dropped on the floor.


“Dropped item would vanish after two minutes…… That was the rule back in the Eternal Magia game but, it doesn’t work that way in this isekai world. Don’t you think such a system is fascinating?”

“It is indeed fascinating. And with saying such a unique topic that we both understand, there is no more room for doubt, right? …… It’s been a while, Mikoto-san”

“Yes, It’s been a while desuwa…… By the way, is ‘Hiroto’ guild master’s real name desuno?”

“Haha…… I never have any intention of introducing myself before so I indeed feel a bit ashamed now that you know it. That’s right, my name before was Morioka Hiroto”


When I use past tense to introduce my past name, Mikoto-san’s expression turns cloudy.


“It is good if you live a good life desuwa…… But then again, it indeed feels complicated desuwane”

“…… How about we talk about how we came to this world while walking? I am actually in the middle of doing an important job together with Filianess-san”

“Filianess….. The strongest from the NPC knight right? Are you in the middle of an event involved with her?”

“That’s right…… It is a quest that is never implemented in the game. Or rather, I think Mikoto-san should also have realized by now that this world is not a direct copy-paste of the world in Eternal Magia. Our starting point starts is from way before the event implemented in the game starts”

“In that case please explain it in detail desuwa. So far, I only get quests that are only related to a personal character and it has been hard to grind my level and skill level desuno”


Personal character quest, or charaque, is like the quest I got from Neris-obaba to learn spirit magic from her. All requests coming from a person (character) that are not related to the main quest, or a sub quest, are all categorized as charaque.

(Eros: charaque is directly translated as it is a Japanese slank which uses two English words character and quest shorten)


“…… Since we happen to meet each other then I will accompany the Guild Master on your journey for a while desuwa. There are still a lot of things I want to ask but it is not good to delay your important quest, right? If another enemy appears then I will help you repel them away desuwa…… That being said, facing such weak fake bandits would never quench my thirst”

“Ah, I will be in your care then…… Wait, my way of talking doesn’t sound like a child anymore the more I talk to you, Mikoto-san. Do you find it strange that my speech is mismatched with my outer appearance?”

“Fufu…… Did you feel troubled because of such a thing? Wasn’t it a norm back in the game to have a player with a little girl avatar sometimes letting out ‘her’ inner old man persona from time to time? Then again I was always a girl both in avatar and real”


Mikoto-san has high-angled eyes that make her look like a typical headstrong beautiful girl but since knowing my true identity, she has been showing her cheerful expression all the time while talking to me. In her past life —- Well, let’s assume it that way since there are also examples like Hina before so I know that coming to this world is not limited to dying and getting transmigrated here —- she might have always been this kind of person all along.

But she mentioned before that she is having a hard time grinding her level and skill. If her playstyle is still the same as before —- then it is not weird for her to search and challenge any strong people she met.

Even among many others, she was one of the leading obsessed players. She was known as one of the strongest in PVP matches where a player fights against another player. Her fame also led her to earn the nickname [Dark Shadow] from the community and revered as the best kunoichi player. Perhaps the person Nameless-san reminds me about in her information back then was in fact, Mikoto-san herself —- She is after all a battle maniac who could not let any strong people go without challenging them. She is a bonafide berserker.


“You are addicted to battle as usual, Mikoto-san”

“But of course. No matter what game I play, I always think that battles are the flower, the entirety of it desuwa…… But then again, in this isekai world, I can’t irresponsibly use all my high lethality skills which are major pain wane. I never thought that the unpopular Shinobi’s skill [Hand Chop] back in the game has become the skill I used the most here”

“But then again, Shinobi’s [Hand Chop] could still chop a person’s head off, right?”

“Fufu…… You don’t have to worry about that desuwa. Because I already learned [Body Blow] also”


If you learn the [Body Blow] skill and turn it active, then all of your unarmed combat skill would not decrease the opponent’s hp to zero even when the damage you dealt is supposed to be lethal. It is similar to the skill [Mercy] but [Body Blow] would still have a great chance to knock your opponent unconscious even when you only dealt light damage.


“Different from the game, punching people’s stomach returns back a satisfying real sensation and I like it very much desuwa. Of course, using one hand chop on an enemy’s neck to instantly make them unconscious is also very neat wane”


That’s right —- even when she has a neat nickname like [Dark Shadow], her battle style is actually emphasized as being offensive and nothing else. Her speech and conduct also have the natural taste of a sadist. But even with such a personality, her character strength and personal skill are among the best in the game and she was also an excellent sub-master of the guild with great popularity. There were even a few masochistic people who entered the guild back then because they wished to be beaten by her.


“Other people would have been struck unconscious by you with that attack just now…… It doesn’t work on me though”

“I can see that. This situation brings back old memories…… To think that I have been in this world for 5 years”


Just like what the Goddess said, it is possible for Eternal Magia players to transmigrate to this world.

The first other ex-player that I met in this world was actually the sub-master of my guild that had given me her assistance before —- not to mention, she is actually a beautiful woman herself.

And the most important thing is that, just from a glance, I know that she is fully enjoying the life she had in this new world after her transmigration here. That fact made me feel happy like it was me who received the happiness.


“Yes, let’s slowly talk about the details after but let me say this first. I actually died a few months after Guild Master was gone for a few months”

“…… Eh, dead? …… What happened……?”

“I was sick. In that one year that I was waiting for my eventual death, I decided to fully spend my time playing game desuwa. I was thinking that if I were to die anyway, I would use all my power to enjoy the most interesting game I find as the ending for my life. Thanks to that, I could fulfill my cherished wish as a gamer desuwa”


She told me her story while letting out a very satisfied smile. I don’t know whether she is telling me the truth as I don’t have a way to ascertain her words…… But then again, with her indifferent tone when telling me her story, it is indeed very boorish of me to doubt her.


“I was really satisfied…… Well, if you asked me whether I still have some regrets then there is one. I could not draw the final conclusion with you, Guild Master. That’s why I can’t reject the chance to be transmigrated here desuwa…… Of course, I pray hard in my heart to the Goddess so that I could be spawned close to the Siegrid. It just that the Goddess didn’t tell me that you have transmigrated earlier here”


I see…… It is as I expected that the Goddess won’t just easily fulfill the transmigrator wish as they are. She will fulfill it in the long way around. And I kinda suspect that the Goddess is actually having fun with us. Not in a bad way of course.


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