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Chapter 26 – Priestess Sisters / Under the Starry Sky

Part D



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Chapter 26 – Priestess Sisters / Under the Starry Sky – Part D




I took a bath alone today. Cleaning yourself before the baptism ceremony is a mandatory custom in this village so the bathtub in our lodging has turned into something amazing.

After I finished my bath, I should return to the watchtower. I need to prepare myself for when the enemy comes. Just in case, I have made a potion to reduce drowsiness and put it in my inventory. I could stay up all night without trouble if I drink that.


“So this is how a critical moment feels……”


I wonder how many soldiers the enemy will send here. Under the head priest sisters command, all of the villagers had taken refuge inside the temple —- they seemed worried but it would be far safer for them to stay there rather than in other places. After all, if the enemy wants to reach the temple that is located on top of the hill, they would need to pass through the village first.

How should I fight them? Just let loose with my fighting skill and reap all the enemies by brute force? Or should I activate my charm skill that I rarely use anymore? …… No, with my Fortune skill currently inactive, my charm skill would be rendered ineffective towards a large group of enemies.

That reminds me, have I turned my charm skill off after I met Mikoto-san? …… And just when I am currently thinking about that —

— With a creaking sound, the bathroom door behind me opened.


“Marle-san? Or maybe Aletta-san? Oh, so you both come together? You have taken a bath before, right? You guys might catch a cold if you take a bath too often, you know?”


I am currently washing my hair so it is kinda hard for me to look back at the newcomer so I just call out my guess —- but something feels weird.


(……E-eh? Why did the two don’t immediately reply……)



– [Charisma] automatically activates! <Fam> and <Aira> are focusing their attention on you.


(…… The-these names are familiar)


Aren’t these names the names of the head priest sisters that I just met before? And just now, they entered the effective range of my skill. I know that fact but, why? That thought overwhelms me and the shock freezes me from moving.

And my hesitation proves to be a lethal mistake. Well, not towards me but towards the sisters that is.



– [Charm] automatically activates! <Fam> had failed to resist and has now fallen into charmed status!

– [Charm] automatically activates! <Aira> had failed to resist and has now fallen into charmed status!


(Whoops —- !?)


This is bad. Doesn’t this make me like a kind of antlion or something? It’s like I have been waiting to ambush the two sisters here. This is not what it looks like Mr. officer! I just forgot to turn my skill off! I’m just about to turn the skill off! ……


(Bu-but, this is actually not a problem. As long as I keep self-control as strong as steel, it does not matter whether they are charmed or not! I will definitely not do anything!)


“Hiroto-sama, please excuse us for visiting this late at night…… We had done some disrespectful things towards you some time ago. We just thought that you were just a normal child before so……”

“I and oneesama had discussed this but…… The teaching of Ishua’s temple is to not take a bath together with a man that is already at the age of 10 or older. But Hiroto-sama is still an 8 years old child…… Be as it may, we can easily cleanse all the ‘filth’ the night before so we could still be permitted to enter the temple”


The voice of the sisters does not seem to be addressed to an 8-year-old boy. Because of my charisma skill, they should see me as a proper male adult.


“Wha-what filth? …… I can take a bath by myself so it’s alright. Or rather, you know…… he-hey, wait……!”

“Pardon my intrusion…… It seems that you are currently washing your hair, correct? Please leave it to me. Hiroto-sama is a heroic person who tries to save us…… so we would like to repay your dedication even with the little things that we can do”

“Oneesama is very skillful in cleaning the hair…… She has been washing my hair since I was a little girl……”


(Fam-san is washing my hair…… S-so, the hands that are touching my back should be…… Aira-san……?)


“This is my first time witnessing the naked skin of a man but it is surprisingly smooth…… Look, oneesama, the stomach, those are such a……”

“Oh my…… Aira, don’t be so gleeful like that. We are simply just here to help Hiroto-sama take a bath after all……”


(I-if I open my eyes, I’ll die! …… I will definitely die. Mainly my sense of reasoning will definitely die……!)


Hearing the sisters’ sweet voices when they are talking to each other in this point-blank range combined with the sensation of touch from soap smeared hands that try to cleanse the filth are really torturing me. Fam-san’s hair washing technique is indeed great. My mind blanked out from the comfortable feeling she gives me…… th-these two women, just from where did they learn such technique……?

—- They might not answer such a question if I were to really ask them so I just whisper it in my heart to take a peek at their status window.



Name: Fam Fareina
Human / Women / 19 years old / level 17

Job: Priest

Life: 100 / 100
Mana: 216 / 216



Singing 53, Clergy 42. Missionary Work 23, White Magic 33

Body Strength 5, Magic Affinity 16

Maternity 32, Cooking 42, Handicraft 23


Active Skill:

Praying, Purification, Sermon

Healing Magic level 3

Breast Feeding, Lullaby, Simple Cooking, Cooking

Sewing, Weaving


Passive Skill:

Clergy Equipment, Pries Equipment

God’s Blessing, Healing Magic Effect Up, Cooking Effect Up

Poison Tasting, Child Rearing


(…… Her job is…… a priest? E-eh~? This is my first time seeing this job~)


My thoughts speak in monotone. So their sweet voice is caused by their high singing skill? …… No, I still also like Filianess-san and the other girls’ voices too if I had to say.

Sera-san also has a very sexy voice. Yeah, that is how I felt when I heard her voice…… ‘I’ was the one who makes her let out such voices? No! I am just receiving God’s blessing, that’s all. Milk is a blessing. It is the thing that has led this lost sheep from going astray. Damn that excuse sounds cringy.

And how about Aira-san…… this person’s technique in cleaning the body is masterful. I don’t know whether it is the way she moves her hand or the way she uses the soap but…… is there any extra effect from a skill somewhere I wonder.



Name: Aira Fareina
Human / Women / 16 years old / level 13

Job: Shaman

Life: 88 / 88
Mana: 192 / 192



Singing 53, Clergy 42, Dancing 43, White Magic 27

Body Strength 4, Magic Affinity 14

Maternity 43, Handicraft 33

Kamasutra 32


Active Skill:

Praying, Purification

Dancing, War Dance

Healing Magic level 2

Breast Feeding, Lullaby, Simple Cooking*, Cooking*
(Eros: It is written like this in the raw. I just translate. It might be a mistake from the author)

Sewing, Weaving

Alluring Figure, Enticing Fingertips, Sweet Whisper


Passive Skill:

Clergy Equipment, Dancer Equipment

God’s Blessing, Trance

Healing Magic Effect Up, Cooking Effect Up*

Poison Tasting, Child Rearing

Crafting Quality Up*
(Eros: Again, I’m just translating)


(…… KAMA……!?)


The skill that I thought was only monopolized by the kinds of Ianna-san, the Kamasutra, is actually possessed also by Aira-san, the younger of the sisters who gives out the impression of a meek teenager…… Eh? Wait, she should be the younger sister right? How could her maternity skill reach this high…… Ca-can somebody please explain……?


“Er-erm…… Is Aira-san a shaman? Or rather…… is she a dancer?”

“That’s right. My little sister Aira is the main dancer of the dance move that has been bestowed to us by god. So you remember what I said before about giving offerings to god in the form of singing and dancing. I am the singer and my little sister is the dancer”


So it is a shaman…… and its fundamental skill is [Dancing], eh? These two sisters really have some rare jobs…… Well, maybe not. It might be that I am not lucky enough to meet other people with similar jobs. After all, in Mizell’s church, the ‘priests’ there are all treated in the same way as Sera-san who is a nun.

But even so, it does not explain the existence of the skill Kamasutra…… Don’t tell me that Aira-san is actually those girls who look prim and proper but are actually a bitch? …… No, it is still too soon to judge.


“Aira-san, your body washing technique is…… you know, very masterful, if I have to say……”

“…… As the pious dancer who offers her dance to the goddess, we dancers have to, well……the religious teaching always told us the importance for us to get closer to the goddess’ heart. As the goddess is a being who gives her benevolence to all humans without looking at their genders…… that precept made it so that as Juneve Kingdom’s state religion, it is compulsory for us dancers to learn about how we interact with men from a textbook…… Of course, it is forbidden for us to actually touch them”


(The clergy under the goddess have to be pure girls or they can’t become one, right? …… So she is both a pure girl yet also a technician. How ambivalent……!)


I am aware. I understand my own situation. Why she would still answer my borderline sexual harassment question with bottomless kindness like this is because she is under the effect of my skill.


“…… I will wash the bubble away, close your eyes”


With a splash, a just-right temperature hot water poured on my head —- But it didn’t also pour on my body.


“E-erm…… If you don’t wash the bubbles on my body then I can’t enter the bathtub……”


As I raise my head and ask an obvious question —- the sight I see stunned me.

The two sisters are wearing a kind of simple short-sleeved bath wear. But the cloth it is made from is too thin —- so thin that as soon as it absorbs moisture from splashed water, it clings on tightly on the skin, looking see-through.


(…… A slight tan on the skin is also…… It coloring hue reminds me of Japan in spring)


It is not the color of sunburn, instead, it is the color of the healthy fertile soil. Both of them have their brown twin mound jutting out from their front…… different from white skins, the contrast is even more distinct here. It could not hide the shape even one bit.


“…… I know that this is not the perfect time to say but…… Hiroto-sama looks very heroic just now…… I now realized that true attractive men are not affected by their age”

“I also thought the same…… I get the feeling that I could entrust everything to you. Even Filianess-sama is also saying the same thing with her bodily gesture”

“Wha-what bodily gesture, did it really that easy to see? …… We-well, it is see-through now, so you might want to cover up……”


I hope that the two just don’t realize their own situation right now —- It was just a faint hope but unfortunately, it was just a far-fetched wish.


“When we are cleaning others from their filth…… we, as the cleaner, must also not wear anything on top of our skin as it is the correct manner”

“…… I am terribly sorry for showing you such a horrendous sight. I beg your forgiveness…… uh, ah~……”


(Why are you suddenly going ‘ah~’ like that…… What do you want me to do……!?)


As Aira-san lets out a sensual sigh, she opens up the front side of the bathing wear which is now completely wet. Fam-san is more bashful than her little sister as she turns her back on me before showing her naked skin.


(…… I am supposed to have a grand battle tomorrow but…… there’s also Luche’s important ceremony…… Wh-why~?)


On top of my mind being in chaos, the hot air from the bathwater also affected me a lot. I feel like getting heatstroke even before entering the tub.

Priest and shaman sister. The older sister Fam-san is the true prim and proper girl while Aira-san who at a glimpse looks docile actually has a bigger pair of dangling fruits. She even added her enchanting looks with the boost from [Alluring Figure]. All you do is just to boost my nosebleed worse.

And I’m also saying the most obvious things but they also don’t wear anything in their lower body. Boy, do they really look like an adult…… I won’t say what though. If I am forced to say something then all my comments are that they have the same hair color respectively.


“…… Well then, let us cleanse the remaining filth away. Oneesama, let us do it together……”

“I, no…… I will leave that part to you, Aira. I already made an oath to offer my body forever to god…… But……”


The two sisters stand side by side while facing me. I still haven’t awakened my male parts and at moments like this, I am actually glad that I haven’t. If there is a skill from the fidelity category, I really want to add it to my status window.

While I am having a conflict inside my head, the sisters seem to be perceptive enough to catch on. While they are still standing in front of me buck naked like that, their eyes start to get misty as they keep on gazing at me…… This, this is bad. I am really weak by this kind of imploring gaze.


“…… If Hiroto-sama were to wish for it then…… I won’t hesitate, everything……”

“…… I agree with what oneesama just said. For us sisters, the existence that we should serve next to the goddess herself is…… you, Hiroto-sama. It is because of you……”


This is not an important question at all but when will I actually use the fundamental skill of the priest and shaman? …… But there is no skill in this world that is useless! Each skill definitely has its own good points.

The priest’s fundamental skill [Missionary Work] would give me the active skill [Sermon]. I don’t think it is a good skill in any way but if it was Fam-san who did the sermon then I feel like it has the meaning to give guidance to the people. Added with my negotiation skill, my ability to persuade other people would get a big advantage with the combination of both —- For [Dancing], it would definitely have good use in social life even if it looks rather plain.


(…… There is more reason to save this village no matter what. Well, I have actually decided to save this village from the start anyway)



– <Fam>, and <Aira> has given their permission to let you do [Suckling] on them.
Would you accept? YES / NO


I once again realized that it is very dangerous for me to take a bath alone. The girls had been charmed before they entered the bath so they should be still in their right mind at the time but…… The village has the custom to cleanse oneself the night before they enter the temple. And that custom is the main culprit of today’s incident. Viva custom, banzai custom! —- No, I should make tonight’s accident the last one.

Before the session of cleaning my ‘filth’ truly begins, I have the two sisters stand side by side and then I touch their breasts in turn while I stand on my tiptoe. From my glowing hands, the fundamental skill of a priest and a shaman are being absorbed —- When I get a new skill, why do I always feel greatly satisfied from the process I wonder?


“The exchange seems to end here, right? …… Oneesama, after this is……”

“Yes, it would only be possible when Hiroto-sama grew bigger…… It would be great if he still remembers about us at that time though……”


The sisters show a satisfied expression as they give each of my cheeks a kiss simultaneously. After that, they once again expressed their gratitude and left the bathroom.

After the sisters left me alone, I suddenly had a thought.

If the goddess that the sisters serve is the same goddess who transmigrated me into this world then —- I could meet again with the goddess far faster than from what I once planned to.


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