Yes, My Class is “Lumberjack”, so what? ~The Giant Tree I Cut was a Mass of Exp~

Title: Yes, My Class is “Lumberjack”, so what? ~The Giant Tree I Cut was a Mass of Exp~
Author: ノドグロ 
Translator: Fantazma
Editor: Tryptych
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Tendou Aoi was a normal girl who liked playing games. She was playing VRMMO『Genesis Frontier』when she found a quest to cut down a giant tree. The tree was too big for a person to cut. It took her about a year to clear the quest. The quest that no one thought could be cleared (even the game administrator). The enormous amount of Exp and Titles was granted to her as a reward. In one night, she suddenly got the same power as the top players in the game. But she was really confused, didn’t know what to do. Because until now, she had only been focused on cutting the tree down for one year. Thus she forgot how to play the game normally.


Arc 1 : A lonely Persistent Girl

Chapter 1: How I Become a Lumberjack
Chapter 2: Felling a Giant Tree
Chapter 3: Game Administrators Observation
Chapter 4: She Just remembered, This is The World of Sword and Magic
Chapter 5: Punching Machine
Chapter 6: It’s over
Chapter 7: Consultation?
Chapter 8: Equipment Shop
Chapter 9: Golden Carpet
Chapter 10: Treasure Island, Dragon, And . . .
Chapter 11: Fight Until The Victory is in Your Hands
Chapter 12: New Equipment and The Guy I don’t Know Yet
Chapter 13: BBS and Brief Time
Chapter 14: The Rampager I met at the Wasteland
Chapter 15: At a Coffee Shop With a Couple of Close Friends 
Chapter 16: Towards the Event
Chapter 17: The First Battle Royale Event for Her
Chapter 18: Versus Gray
Chapter 19: Spectators Chat
Chapter 20: Endgame of the Battle Royale Event
Chapter 21: Too Early for The Final Showdown
Chapter 22: Hazard・Dead
Chapter 23: After the Festivities
Chapter 24: AiAi The Streamer
Chapter 25: Streaming With My Childhood Friend
Chapter 26: Scolding
Chapter 27: Before Duel
Chapter 28: A Tangible Battle
Chapter 29: UMA
Chapter 30: Those Lurking Beneath the Ground
Chapter 31: Watch Your Step
Chapter 32: The Old Amber Castle
Chapter 33: Those Waiting Inside the Amber Castle
Chapter 34: The Arbiter of the Netherworld 
Chapter 35: Conquest Battle Against the Arbiter of the Netherworld
Chapter 36: What Hidden Inside My Heart
Chapter 37: The Caretakers Chat
Chapter 38: Alone
Chapter 39: Together with Bolg 
Chapter 40: Two of Us, Together
Chapter 41: With a Cup of Sweet Herbal Tea 
Chapter 42: The Selfish Girl 


Arc 2 : Meteor Girl and Stardust Song

Chapter 43: A Story Fragment and the Girl’s Dream 
Chapter 44: The Girl’s Effort that was for Nothing
Chapter 45: Accident・Keeper  
Chapter 46: Two Girls Talking
Chapter 47: Stream Title : 『Three Noisy Girls Gathered!?』
Chapter 48: The Battle of the Three Girls Along the Way
Chapter 49: VS the Double Head 
Chapter 50: What Touched Her Heart 
Chapter 51: Akari’s Request  
Chapter 52 : A Date?
Chapter 53 : Become a Child Once Again
Chapter 54 : Time to Part