Cover LN vol 1

Original LN Title : 異世界に魂だけ召喚されたので、無能魔女の使い間(ぬいぐるみ)として生きます
Original WN Title : 転移使い魔の俺と無能魔女見習いの異世界探検記
Author : そら・そらら / Sora・Sorara
Translator : Fantazma

I was a normal high schooler, until one day, I was suddenly summoned to another world. Moreover, only my soul was summoned, so I used a doll as my body and ended up living as a witch’s familiar. Not only that, the witch girl who summoned me was an incompetent, stupid girl, who had no capability as a magician. And what made it worse, she was a fugitive on the run!
However, in this unknown world, I could only rely on this girl, and for some reason, I decided to venture this world with this tremendous magical power I had somehow as my weapon.
By meeting with various people and solving incidents we encountered, I learned more about this world.
This is the story of a stupid witch girl and me traveling in this cruel but also kind world.