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Chapter 92 – Unexpected Invitation



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The next day after the contact with Martina.

After explaining the situation to the members, Renya launches Hlidskjalf away from the island that had given him enjoyment in his short vacation days.

Their destination is Suminiastar.

No one saw them leaving the continent back then so everyone agrees that it would be better to show their faces back in Suminiastar’s governmental office to hide their flying ship’s ability.

The team leaves Hlidskjalf floating in the air in stealth mode like usual while Renya and the girls walk towards Tosuminia acting like they have been on the road for a long time.

The festive mood from winning the war has waned after a few days has passed but the free city is still full of liveliness as usual. The street here is congested with people as always.

As they don’t really know the real intention behind this communication request, they immediately go to the governmental office without bothering to secure lodging first like they usually do.

They meet the usual receptionist lady and after having some idle talks about the recent situation and other gossips, they proceed to ask about the matter regarding the communication request and receive the letter from her.

After they receive the letter, the related file regarding the communication request also disappears at the same time. It seems that the safety measures are rock solid.

They couldn’t tell what the content would be so they went back to Hlidskjalf again. They indeed can put a soundproof barrier with magic and divine power anywhere but why bother wasting energy when you could just push one button to create the same environment in the comfort of their own home base? Moreover, their safety will be perfect too.

Everyone gathered in the living room. Renya, who is sitting on the sofa, cuts the seal that contained the document within like the most natural thing to do.

On his sides are Floria and Brenda. While Elvira, Therese, and Rebecca sit on the opposite side of him. In order to let everyone see the document, he spreads it on top of the table.

And then everyone gets their tongue stolen by cats as the content of the document is overly absurd.


“…… The only words I could think of is maybe ‘it finally comes’?”

“To be honest, I’m actually not that surprised, right~?”

“Well…… it is indeed normal for the people on top of the kingdoms to have their own intelligence work after all”

“It is indeed inside our range of prediction”

“There’s no way we could fool other people with Oniisan’s glamorous display in the laters war after all”

“…… But…… We don’t know much either with just this”

[That’s right. It is not yet clear why they specifically request for master’s power. There is a high possibility that the letter is just an excuse and their actual aim is to have master visit them in person]


The content of the letter is actually very concise.


“To the humble hero who refuses to stand in the light despite the brilliant achievement he gets from the war and leave silently after receiving a modest remuneration, Master Renya: We request for your help”


It is indeed very short and simple.

But when the sender is the Queen of the Rintiez Kingdom, it does not look that simple anymore.


“Rather than that, what is it with this ‘humble hero who refuses to stand in the light’-thing!?”

“Oh, that thing? It seems that rumors about you have been circulating like a plague with the mercenaries and soldiers from Tosuminia as the source. And now, everyone would recognize you with that glorious nickname, Renya”

“Getting the largest merit in the war but being absent in the military conferment ceremony, receiving only the base payment for joining the war with just a bit of an extra bonus then gallantly erases his own presence from the kingdom. That seems to be the description of a person who would be talked a lot by gossipers, right?”

“I thought I could prevent trouble by erasing my presence but it seemed to be doing the reverse instead……”


Floria and the other girls seem to have heard the latest gossip about him in the short time they went to the city. This time, Renya and his party had done many large ‘blunders’ but the matter of the war back then is especially eye-catching and gathers too much-unwanted attention for his taste. Even though he never holds himself back when doing things that are.


“I just stretched my wing a bit wider this time and it has already become so troublesome……”

“…… So that was just a bit nandesu?”


Therese is purely confused by his word.

Is summoning thunders from heaven to smite down upon the black knight brigade and easily carbonize them from the protection of castle walls count as a bit?

Is flying across steep mountains to quickly join the main army count as a bit?

Is making peerless even not enough to describe his combat prowess at melee that causes the enemy to experience hell on earth count as a bit?

And also at the end, is instant killing the enemy’s trump card, the black giant, with an even scarier column of light count as a bit?

Well, Renya strictly acts like the last one was not his deeds but looking at Renya’s miraculous achievement in the war, there is no way the higher up of the army could believe it.

The party would never know how much of the rumor those higher up believe if they don’t ask them directly but as the queen of a kingdom, the party believes that the letter sender should have her own channel to see through the truth.

Because of the way she uses the phrase ‘humble hero who refuses to stand in the light’ which is recognized by many as Renya’s nickname and her personal designation in her request had shown it.


“Brenda, can you tell me about the details of Rintiez Kingdom?”

“What do you mean by details?”

“I had Anri collect some intelligence from them before so I already know something major like the kingdom’s custom and policy but that is after all just an objective point of view. I wonder whether you have traveled there before with Martina”

“Oh, about that…… We indeed had gone to that kingdom before but it has already been two years since. If you don’t mind with old news then I will tell you”

“Of course I don’t mind”

“It is a kingdom that always has a queen as the highest monarch and it is also a kingdom surrounded by forest and lakes. Its relation with other kingdoms could be counted as normal and if I have to say the unique feature of the kingdom is that there are a lot more special privileges to women there. But that also does not mean that the kingdom oppress the men living there”

“Hee, I don’t expect they still also respect men’s right there”

“Indeed they are not just simply reversing the other kingdom’s gender’s right system. In reality, they don’t really care about gender when they are recruiting worker for governmental institutes or civil servant”


Renya could only listen to Brenda’s explanation while giving back responses which signified his attention to her. The kingdom is actually not like how Renya imagined it before.


“The reason why they still keep the tradition of having a Queen as their highest ruler is because the kingdom’s first sovereign and founder was a Miko who receives an oracle from a certain Goddess. And I also heard that the royal family has also been unfaltering so far in producing female descendant that inherits the Miko-traits of the founder which add to the reasons”

“An oracle eh? Then does the kingdom have a strong religious facet in it?”

“I don’t really think so. As far as I know, they only declare the faith in their Goddess as their state religion and nothing else. I also don’t know all the details but I heard that the Goddess has authority over abundant harvest and that she also a lenient one with matters regarding human’s faith”

“…… She might be a bird of a feather with Floria”

“Hey! Hold it right there mister! Why did you suddenly drag me out there!? That is upsetting you know”

“I’m just joking, just joking okay. Well, anyway, it seems that heeding the summon and visiting them would not bring us too much trouble”


After all, he is already a harem king who has five women serving him.

The ultimate reason why he doesn’t feel like going to Rintieze in the first place is that he doesn’t want women to crowd him, pointing him, and accusing him as an enemy of all women. He is feeling a bit of apprehension about whether the group could take it easy in the kingdom with that kind of situation.

Added to that, he also worries that the other amazoness in the kingdoms would see his women who fawn on him, a man, with eyes full of criticism. That is the better case while the worst would be having the crowds mocks and throw abuses at them openly.

Women are superior! Men are just livestock!

It is not common but there are some men who treated women as an object so Renya does not find it weird if there is the inversion of that somewhere in the world.

Renya is aware that he is not someone great even with his status as a god so he doesn’t mind being on the receiving end of those little bits of spite. But he doesn’t want to involve the women who are willing to listen to his selfishness to be stranded in such a place and getting hurt because of it.

The girls on the other hand said that he should not worry too much about it but as long as the chances are not zero then there is no real need for them to brave through troubles on purpose. So in the end, they cross Rintieze which is also known as the garden for women from their ‘to go’ list. But with this direct request from their Queen, being hard-headed and rejecting them might also end badly.

So they decided to put on appearance first and visit the kingdom to ask about the request. If things become too troublesome later, they could just escape.


“Anri, how many days would it normally take for people to walk from Suminiastar to Rintieze?”

“If you use the most used main road then it would take approximately three days, Master. It is just that there are no towns or villages, much less lodging could be found in the course. Even if a road has been established there, the area is a severely dry wasteland after all.”

“Then why was such a road being the most used one?”


That question is then answered by Rebecca.


“…… It is impossible to get lost because of the road…… and as the surrounding area is clear…… there are not many places for magic beasts to hide…… It is very easy to avoid ambush there”

“Hee, I see. Having a wide field of vision is indeed a good thing. But I still have a strong image of a wasteland having rough sandstrom all year long though”

“…… It is rare to have strong wind in that area…… but…… just like what Anri said, it is very dry there…… It rarely rained there…… Not many would bother living in such a place, maybe”

“So in short, just passing by the area won’t really bother much but living in the place is another thing altogether”


Rebecca replied to his conclusion with a nod and Renya pats her head as a sign of thanks for telling him the information. He then takes a sheet of paper out and starts writing this world characters into it in a skillful manner.


“I will bring this to the office and ask them to send it to Rintieze. This time there is no guarantee that no one is watching so let’s just get there the normal way”

“That seems appropriate. Perhaps the kingdom had already dispatched their spies and they already sniffed our movement here”

“Floria is quite perceptive in that regard so we should be okay”


Even when he said that, Renya is also someone who is very perceptive with other people’s gazes. Not to mention dividing between gazes with evil intention or harmless, he can perceive any kind of gazes as long as they come from mortals. And yes, that also includes indirect gazes that come through via magic, making any clandestine movement futile.

When Renya realized that this matter has a connection to someone who governs over a kingdom, Renya had already turned on his awareness of his surroundings. And it is because he does not feel anything that he easily decided to return to Hlidskjalf first to talk.

He will obediently take lodging to discuss the matter there if he feels he is being observed.


“I feel bad for Brenda and Elvira but could you two please set up some stuff to show that we are going on a journey. You can take anything you need in the ship’s warehouse”

“I hear you”

“We will finish our preparation as soon as possible”


It is good to leave this kind of task to the two girls. They are skilled in this kind of logistic preparation in which they would bring the optimal amount of luggage for everyone with great efficiency be it the quality, the quantity, weight, and necessity. There is no one other in the party that could do the job better than them.


“Rebecca and Therese will be checking the equipment. You two are especially dependent on your equipment when battling so I want you two to make some preparation. I honestly could not guarantee that our journey will be perfectly safe so just to make sure, okay?”

“Okay! Leave it to me desu!”

“…… I will strictly oblige”


After the other members receive their work allotment, they leave the living room to start working with their task, leaving only the two gods behind in the room.

After listening to Brenda’s story, there is only one thing left that becomes a seed of worry for them.


“A kingdom that the queen can receive oracles from generation to generation is it?”

“The chance of that Goddess being a native deity is quite high. Doesn’t seem like the type who would meddle too much with the mortal’s affair though”

“But then again I feel some discrepancy with what you said before we came to this world, Floria. You said that the gods are not very active in this world, right?”

“Well, many of the gods would just spend their time sleeping all the time after all. It was also the case with a certain Thunder God before. I never said that there are no gods in this world”

“There are chances that this event is orchestrated by that goddess after all”

“So something like [Summon Renya for me~] suddenly reverberates inside the brain……! Such kind of oracle coming scenario is not that weird either”

“Oi, you make it sound like that goddess is a really lax one”

“Whatever it is, we can’t act like this is a walk in a park sightseeing trip, aren’t we? Need to keep our guard up”

“That is rare coming from you. I rarely see you being this vigilant Floria”

“When I think that this matter is related to a goddess, the back of my neck would feel prickly all of the sudden. This is a sign of a bad omen so you know”

“……… I don’t know if you notice but, did you know you have raised a bad flag yourself……?”

“For that, I can only hope for your flag breaker power to work”

“Then, okay. All I can do is to do my best so that bad feeling won’t become reality then”


Ending their discussion, Renya gets down from Hlidskjalf with a letter in hand heading towards Suminiastar.

While having a mixed feeling of apprehension and expectation towards the thing waiting for them when they meet the Queen of Rintieze.



Author’s note: Flag: being called in by a distinguished person and get involved in trouble.


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