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Chapter 94 – The Goddess of Love, Passion, and War Rises to Front



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Eros notes:
This is pretty much how Ishuteria talks (green haired girl that shown in the menu select screen):



Chapter 94 – The Goddess of Love, Passion, and War Rises to Front


Renya’s mind short-circuited, unable to think of anything.

The Goddess who has a great pair of forbidden fruits is standing still in front of him with a friendly smile, waiting for his answer.

The rest of the group also fell into panic together with him. But there is one person who manages to recover faster.


“He-hey! Wait a minute! Time! What? How come!? Ishuteria, why and what is the reason that you suddenly request Renya to have sex with you!?”


That’s right! The first one to recover her wits is the first wife, Floria. But even so, this does not mean that she is also not affected by this sudden happening.


“Let see~ In a lake that is under my jurisdiction~ there is some naughty and troublesome stagnation that suddenly appears~. I want to purify that naughty stagnation~ but it will be hard to settle with my current power~ So I need a strong male god to sleep with me~”

“Then why not ask Alberg for that!? That muscle-brained thunder god should also be strong enough, right!?”

“Ehh~ Alberg-kun is too fastidious you know~ He would definitely reject me with something like he can’t have a love affair without falling in love first~”

““Too Fastidious!!””


Renya and Floria let out a surprised reply together.

To think that the stubborn thunder god who had protected his promise to another god who had been exiled for a very long time would also hold such a rigid concept about chastity is really something unexpected. This revelation is something very contrasting with their previous image of him where Alberg could be led on by the nose easily if someone is eloquent enough with their tongue so the shock is magnified.


“And then~ I also managed to witness the place where Alberg-kun and Renya-kun fought before~ that was around the time when the war is still in progress~. And seeing the sign left behind, I start to think that this kid has enough power to help me~ Okay~?”

“Well, no, then wouldn’t it be faster to just let me and Floria go directly to the place of stagnation and purify it?”

“Ee~? Then how can I get to enjoy things~? For a strong goddess like me~ no normal male god could get it up in front of my presence~. Moreover, aren’t Renya-kun still very young as a god, right~? Thinking of having such a good child as my partner really excites me~”

“Yabe, This is bad, Floria. Isn’t this goddess the archetype of a seiso bitch type?”
(Eros: Yabai, yabe: this is bad. Seiso: prim and proper/ pure)

“You don’t have to ask, this goddess is precisely a bitch who loves to collect men”


This goddess looks like a meek, gentle goddess on the outside but she is actually a male carnivore inside.

Moreover, each of her speech and nonchalant conduct seems to be designed to allure men and make them crazy for her which is even worse to deal with. If it was a man who is not yet familiar with a woman then they would soon dance on top of her palm without a doubt. And it is unclear whether she acts like this on purpose or it is her nature.


“I also think that~ Renya-kun will have an enjoy~able time with a richly experienced oneesan~. Don’t you think so~”

“The image I feel from your way of talking and the thing you said does not match each other at all! …… Rather, I feel extremely troubled!”

“It’ll be fine~ I don’t have any intention to steal Renya-kun from the other women~. Giving a momentarily good dream is also one of my works as the holder of abundance~. Let’s feel good together which in turn will make everyone happy and end up with eternal peace~”


Ishuteria’s sect is famous for having a lenient regulation and in this moment, Renya and the girls have an epitome of where this saying comes from. They imagine that the original teaching of the sect would be a lot ‘looser’ to the point of being terrible but its long history seems somehow able to build the figure that everyone knows nowadays.

If it’s not the case then the group don’t think that Rintiez would be a kingdom where moral is highly valued. One wrong move might make this kingdom turn into one where the residents are too free with their love and sex life under the queen’s leadership.

The conclusion that the group could understand from the goddess’ explanation is that she wants a temporary ‘boost’ to help her purify her land by having a one-night stand. In every male point of view, this is the soo called ‘meal served before one eye’ and ‘it will be a man’s greatest shame to not accept it’.


“No thanks. I feel bad for rejecting you, Ishuteria, but I can’t accept that request. Please let me reject that”

“Ara~? Are Renya-kun trying to be considerate with the girls in your harem~?”

“That is one of the reasons. I am not that kind of dry man who would have sex with any woman as long as we agreed on a deal of give and take”


He is feeling repulsed with having a one-night stand because both sides would get some profit from it. Moreover, after he created his harem, he had done many ‘atrocities’ that leaps over the restriction of morality. He just does not feel right to even add infidelity on top of that.


“Because of that, how about you just tell us about the place where this stagnation occurs? Me and Floria here will do something about it”

“Eeh~? How boring that is~. Isn’t it just fine~? Just let me feel the tip~ just the tip is fine okay~?”

“That line should be said by a man though……”

“Come on~ do you see these sexy milk jugs~? And also this fine ass~? You can do whatever you want with it you know~? This body does not give the name abundance any shame, right~?”


While showing off her wares, Ishuteria slowly approaches Renya.


But while Renya is thinking that this problem is quite difficult to solve, fierce support would suddenly appear from behind.


“Renya, move aside. I can’t kill this goddess (bitch) if you don’t”
(Eros: In Japanese novels, there is sometimes a furigana, or a reading aid in the form of hiragana or katakana, which are Japanese basic characters, written on top of some kanji to help readers read. But it is also used in other forms which is not really a reading aid but to showing/hinting the real meaning/intention of a character. Floria here says goddess, but in the furigana, it is read as ‘soitsu’ which means referring to someone in a slightly impolite way. I’ll just put it in that form to keep the meaning)


It is the descent of the incarnation of fury.

Her fury is directed to Ishuteria. The intensity is just a step behind that of pure killing intent. It is indeed a bad thing to kill a god who controls a territory like her so Floria still has a clear mind even in her fury.

Not even Renya has ever witnessed Floria reaching this kind of fury before. Alas, it seems that Ishuteria had touched Floria’s reverse scale.


“A, Ara-ara~? It seems that you goddess-chan is greatly angry~?”

“Uwaa…… Let me tell you, Ishuteria. When Floria’s anger peaked like that, even I would not be able to stop her”

“Wha-what should we do~?”

“I’m sorry but you reap what you sow. In the worst case, I will stop her from erasing you but…… you have already considered receiving her wrath right? If you don’t then you should take this lesson for considering the risk of trying to steal other women’s man when you pick up men”


Actually, Brenda and the other girls are also ready to fight back Ishuteria if she really dares to extend her claw on Renya but because of Floria’s sudden violent outburst, they get stunned for a moment and lose the timing to move forward.

Even when Brenda and the other girls could use divine power now, it is still impossible for them to exert their power in one moment to break through a god’s defense.

That’s why, other than Renya, the only other person who could exercise restrictive power to Ishuteria is naturally the other goddess who is counted as a being from the same rank, Floria.

Looking at the situation, Brenda and the other girls judged that they would only hold Floria back if they joined the confrontation so they obediently moved back to the edge of the room.

Floria on the other hand connects her consciousness with Renya’s world in silence.

First, she takes out a sword.

She activates her skill, Love Evolution. With the power of love and passion, she imitates her loved one sword skill and changes her class into a swordswoman.


“In my mind, the word ‘tolerance’ seems to be out of stock so I would not give you any forgiveness you —- old hag”

“Hey~ that’s not nice~! There are some things that you should not say to a goddess even though we have eternal youth, you know~!”

“Hun! How audacious of you to try making a move at Renya in front of ‘us’. You should have just done your job honestly without trying to court death”

“That’s not a problem right~? Renya-kun had already played with many girls already so why don’t add me to the list~”

“Who said it’s not a problem? There is one decisive thing that made us different from you in the way we regard Renya’s existence. And just to make it clear, don’t try to mix your another place goddess smell into our Renya”

“It doesn’t seem like we can settle this by talking~”

“We don’t have the intention for talking from the start”

“Fine then~. You are called…… Floria-chan, right~? How about I first give you some punishment before tasting Renya-kun~. And maybe let’s taste him in front of the other girls…… Oh my, even just thinking about it already made me wet~”


Ishuteria flicks her finger and with that, the famous barrier that could be done by any god has been placed.

The round-shaped ceremony room is quite spacious with almost nothing that can be used as an obstacle. On one side the fighter would have a lot of freedom in movement but on the other side, it will be very hard to tilt the balance if one of the fighters is far superior compared to the other.

The smell of gunpowder can be felt wafting out from the two goddesses. It is impossible to end this matter with compromise.

Facing Ishuteria who is not willing to take a step back is Floria who baring her full animosity. Even when facing such a dangerous air head-on, Ishuteria could still keep up with her happy-go-lucky attitude and cat-calling Renya with such a pink-colored voice tone.


“Renya-kun~ If I beat Floria-chan then let’s spend a hot night together okay~?”

“But I refuse! Even by force!”

“Eeeh~!? Then why did I even bother fighting for~?”

“Isn’t that to fight back against the calamity that befalls you because of your own conduct?”


Renya just replies back in monotone. Since when did this battle is a bet for having one night with him he wondered.

So far, Renya has already acknowledged that he is a perverted man that is quite amorous with the ladies but he doesn’t even feel anything from Ishuteria’s advances.

Or rather, when a certain line has passed, it inversely turns people off. Women that are too carnivorous in regard to sex will also be avoided by men.

That’s why Renya just put himself as an onlooker for the battle. He also does not forget to put himself on standby in case danger would befall Floria so he could immediately support her just in the worst-case scenario. He immediately entered spectator mode to calmly watch the progress of the battle.

In front of the battle-ready Floria, Ishuteria still has the composure to smile. Her divine power then formed into a luxuriously decorated staff that appeared in her hand.

Sensing the powerful divinity hidden inside that staff, Renya is now 100% sure that she is a goddess who has lived for eons. In terms of divinity, he believes that he and Floria are not that far behind but he does not really know what the god’s governed over would affect them in battle.

The collision between divine power would surely harm others close by so in order to protect the girls from harm, Renya moves back to the place where Brenda and the other girls are.


“Well then, it has become quite a hassle. I have decided to cleanly reject the offer but I never imagine that Floria would run out of patience first”

“Looking at how furious Floria-san is, I thought that we would only become a hindrance if we try to join the fray”

“…… But Oniichan, could Floria-neechan…… win?”


Hearing Rebecca’s question, Renya starts to analyze the difference in battle power from an objective point of view.

Renya quickly makes a conclusion that it would be a battle to see which one would triumph over the other, Floria’s multiple governing power that has more flexibility, or Ishuteria who only has one focused governing power. This would be the key to the battle.

From Ishuteria, he could only feel one uniform divine power.

She is, without doubt, a ‘pure’ goddess who only governs over the power of [abundance]. But Renya still holds some concern over how abundant the meaning of the word abundance is.

The fact that she is a territorial goddess could also affect the battle greatly. Territorial god/goddess could not leave the territory that they declared as theirs but in exchange, they could borrow the power from their territory and have near-infinite energy inside. That is one advantage of becoming a territorial god.

In short, Floria is forced to play the away game here. No matter what kind of battle it is, when the opponent has the home advantages, their potential danger is not something to scoff at.

After having all of those in consideration, Renya boldly declares his judgment.


“Because I am the war god, I know that there is never an absolute in competition. But even when I am a god who is aware of that fact, I will still say this”


He is saying this towards the woman who had been with him the longest, who had fully entrusted themselves to each other, to the woman that is his partner cum lover.


“Floria would never lose. She is —- my goddess, after all”



Author notes:

Floria is magnanimous to the girls who are willing to join their group, treat Renya dearly, and also willing to befriend the other women in the harem.

But she is unforgiving to any bitch who tried to one-sidedly devour.

Floria’s love is very complicated.


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